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Chapter 1590: Teacher Domain

Translator: CKtalon

Zhou Wen carried Demonic Neonate back to Guide City. The Holy Land probably wouldnt cause him any trouble so soon after G.o.dsfall’s death.

After all, there weren’t many existences like G.o.dsfall and Jiuyang in the Holy Land. Otherwise, the Holy Land would have long controlled the entire Federation.

However, with high speeds at which anomalies happened on Earth, troubles would only become more prevalent in the future. Zhou Wen also felt that he had to find a dimensional zone to establish a city as soon as possible. Otherwise, any Calamity creature that came might destroy all the humans in Guide


I wonder how Li Xuan and company are doing. Have they found the dimensional zone that Xia Xuanyue mentioned? Zhou Wen played with the Connate Insight in his hand.

From Zhou Wen’s point of view, it was a stone talisman. He could sense the mysterious energy within, but he didn’t know how to trigger it.

He attempted to use the power of the Dao Sutra to drive the stone talisman. After all, the Dao Sutra’s Zone Core was lured out by the stone talisman.

Zhou Wen was quickly disappointed. He realized that the stone talisman rejected the Dao Sutra’s Essence Energy.

The reason the stone talisman could trigger the Zone Core fragments wasnt because of the attraction between them, but because of their repelling forces. To put it simply, it was like the meeting of two enemies.

Therefore, the Connate Insight could draw out the core fragments, and the core fragments immediately targeted the Connate Insight-wielding G.o.dsfall. He died quite an unjust death.

He had not expected to find himself in a dimensional zone that perfectly restrained him and the Connate Insight.

If the dimensional zone was intact, G.o.dsfall would have long discovered this problem. Unfortunately, the dimensional zone was ina half-crippled state with its core shattered. G.o.dsfall never expected such a situation.

Zhou Wen tried a few more Essence Energy Arts, but he was unable to activate the power of the Connate Insight. All he could do was put it away before taking out his phone to study the new domain.


Calamity Zone: Teacher Domain (Human Realm)

Teacher Domain: Domain of Education


What kind of domain is the Teacher Domain? Could it be the domain for being a teacher? Zhou Wen looked at the information on the Teacher Domain and still didn’t understand what kind of domain it was.

He knew the word “education, ” but he couldn’t figure out how a domain could educate others.

Could it be that the domain also teaches physics and chemistry, as well as singing and dancing?Zhou Wen imagined the scene and a dark cloud immediately appeared over his head.

No, I have to figure it out. Just as Zhou Wen was about to switch on his phone and find a dungeon to study the power of the Teacher Domain, he heard the door open.

The baby bear extended its tongue and ran over excitedly. It pounced on Zhou Wen and licked his face, slathering him in saliva.

Zhou Wen hurriedly hugged the baby bear and calmed it down before wiping the saliva from his face.

‘When the baby bear saw Zhou Wen, it appeared abnormally excited. It would occasionally nudge Zhou Wen, preventing him from using his phone. All he could do was put it away.

“Has Jiuyang’s matter been resolved?” Li Xuan walked in and said with a smile.

“No, I don’t know when they will come again, so you have to speed up. Find a dimensional zone that’s suitable for building a city. I’s best if it’s the kind of dimensional zone that even Calamity creatures can’t enter without our permission,” Zhou Wen said.

Li Xuan’s expression immediately fell. “It’s not like you don’t know how odd the dimensional zones near Guide City are. I recently explored all the nearby dimensional zones that I could enter. I nearly lost my life, but I failed to find a suitable place to build a city. Do you think Xia Xuanyue is joking with us?

Perhaps there’s no such dimensional zone at all. It’s impossible for there to be no clues if it really exists!”

Zhou Wen shook his head. “I don’t think so. She’s here to cooperate. There’s no benefit in lying to us, and we don’t suffer any losses.”

“If there’s really no other way, give her some benefits. If it’s really suitable for the building of the city, it won’t be a loss. It’s better than being in such a disadvantaged position, right?” Li Xuan said.

“That’s the only way if you really can’t find anywhere suitable. By the way, which dimensional zones can’t you enter? Make a list of them. I’ll visit them.” Zhou Wen still planned on taking a look himself.

Furthermore, if he visited more dimensional zones, he might be able to find a Zone Core.

“Thave it saved. I’ll send it to you now.” Li Xuan took out his phone and sent a message to Zhou Wen.

Zhou Wen took out his phone and took a look. Wow, there were more than ten dimensional zones with their names and addresses listed. From the looks of it, Li Xuan had worked hard.

“These can’t be entered?” Zhou Wen was somewhat puzzled.

With Li Xuan’s abilities, was it that difficult to enter a dimensional zone? It wasn’t as though he wanted him to conquer the dimensional zones.

“Don’t you know how odd the dimensional zones in this c.r.a.ppy place are?” Li Xuan rolled his eyes at him and said angrily.

“Alright, I’ll visit them now.’ Zhou Wen got up and prepared to leave. When he reached the door, he seemed to think of something as he stopped and looked at Li Xuan.

“Why are you looking at me? Have you never seen a handsome guy before?” Li Xuan felt a little uncomfortable being looked at by Zhou Wen as he shouted.

“Do you know this thing?” Zhou Wen took out the Connate Insight and held it in front of Li Xuan with his fingers.

Li Xuan’s cultivation foundation was also the Invincible Connate Divine Art. Although it was incomplete, he could be considered half a member of the Connate Holy Temple. Perhaps he could use it.

“This thing looks a little familiar. Let me think.” Li Xuan pondered for a moment before slapping his thigh. ‘T’ve seen this before.”

“Where have you seen it?” Zhou Wen was alarmed, imagining that Li Xuan knew what the stone talisman was.

“You still want to test me? Don’t you know that I’m well-versed in everything from astronomy to geology? This thing is a magatama, right? It’s something from overseas. In the past, Li Mobai had brought some back from overseas. Although he called them divine artifacts, they were actually useless—nothing

more than an accessory,” Li Xuan said.

“Have you seen such a mark on the magatama?” Zhou Wen pointed at the horizontal marks on the Connate Insight.

Li Xuan took a closer look and said in puzzlement, ‘I’ve never seen such magatama. Typical magatama should have a hole at the head. Why is this spot empty?”

“This is called yao. The long lines are Yang, while the short lines are called Yin. Together they form hexagrams. You know about the Eight Trigrams, right?” Zhou Wen threw the Connate Insight to Li Xuan. ‘I got it from a Saint from the Connate Holy Temple. It seems like only Saints who cultivate the

Invincible Connate Divine Art can trigger its power. Try and see if you can use it.”

“”Thave to give it a try then.” Li Xuan caught the Connate Insight and circulated his Essence Energy Art, attempting to inject Essence Energy into it..

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