Martial God Asura Chapter 5061: The Great Army Has Arrived!

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Chapter 5061: The Great Army Has Arrived!

Chu Feng and the others confidently stepped onto the soil of the realm where the Nine Souls Sacred Clan was located, knowing that they now had the means to deal with their enemies. They were in a concealed state, such that outsiders wouldn’t be able to see the army they had with them.

“Wait here first. I’ll go check out the situation. If Sima Xiangtu isn’t done with his preparation yet, we should hold our position here so that Chu Feng can have some time to deepen his control over the puppet army. Otherwise, we’ll have no choice but to take a risk and strike,” Yao Cheng said.

With those words, she began making her way toward the Nine Souls Sacred Clan alone. She possessed special concealment means, which made it much safer for her to infiltrate the Nine Souls Sacred Clan by herself.

This was something they had agreed on earlier.

Yao Cheng soon returned, but there was an awful look on her face.

“Elder, have they already begun making their move?” Chu Feng asked.

He could hardly remain calm after seeing Yao Cheng’s complexion. After all, the Ox-nosed Old Daoist’s life was at stake here. He could turn a blind eye to everything else, but he couldn’t let anything happen to his master.

“They haven’t started killing any of the cultivators yet, but the Pill Dao Immortal Sect’s Immortal Cauldron is already activated and ready to go. I’m afraid that we can’t wait any longer,” Yao Cheng said.

“Since that’s the case, let’s head there straight away. Given the formidable prowess of the puppet army, our chances of victory are still quite high even if we don’t have full control over it yet,” the Lady of Dao Sea said.

“Chu Feng.”

w.a.n.g Yuxian turned to Chu Feng to seek his opinion.

While she had control over the puppet army too, she was more inclined to heed Chu Feng’s judgment on this matter.

“Let’s head into the Nine Souls Sacred Clan. We’ll make a move as soon as Sima Xiangtu attempts something,” Chu Feng replied.

“All right, let’s go with that.”

Having made up their minds, Chu Feng and the others quickly set off. They carefully made their way into the Nine Souls Sacred Clan together with the puppet army, making sure to keep everything hidden.

The Nine Souls Sacred Clan was currently sealed off by a barrier, such that it was impossible for anyone inside to come out. However, the transparent nature of the barrier allowed those outside to see the situation inside.

There were far more cultivators gathered in the Nine Souls Sacred Clan than they previously remembered, but what caught the attention of Chu Feng’s group was a ma.s.sive cauldron spanning a length of over tens of thousands of meters floating in the sky.

A light s.h.i.+mmered around the cauldron, making it obvious at a glance that it was an incredible treasure. Without a doubt, this was the treasure of the Pill Dao Immortal Sect, the Immortal Cauldron.

Right above the cauldron stood Sima Xiangtu. He was planning to turn the cultivators in the Nine Souls Sacred Clan into cultivation resources using this Immortal Cauldron.

Chu Feng felt a rush of anger when his eyes fell upon Sima Xiangtu, but he chose to suppress his emotions. He knew that it wasn’t time to make a move yet.

Sima Xiangtu stood on top of the Immortal Cauldron, which made him look no different from a speck of dust due to the difference in sizes. However, his eyes were glowing with ambition.

All of a sudden, another person appeared beside Sima Xiangtu. It was Jiang Taibai.

“Sima Xiangtu, our clan members have helped you activate the Immortal Cauldron, but it’ll take a huge amount of power for you to channel it. I’ve already told you that I won’t be helping you on that,” Jiang Taibai said.

“Milord, please rest a.s.sured. I have my ways,” Sima Xiangtu said.

“You have your ways? It has already been two days since the cauldron has been activated. You have less than twenty days left. You won’t have an opportunity to use it anymore if you fail to channel it within this period of time. Know that our Pill Dao Immortal Sect has no intention of activating it for you a second time.

“It doesn’t matter to us whether you achieve your goals or not; we have already fulfilled our promise to you. You’ll have to help us find the Soul Fog by hook or by crook,” Jiang Taibai emphasized once more.

Sima Xiangtu revealed a meaningful smile upon hearing those words.

“Milord, aren’t you just curious about how I could possibly have the power to channel this Immortal Cauldron?” Sima Xiangtu asked.

“Of course. The Immortal Cauldron is already right in front of you. You should be able to tell the tremendous amount of energy that would be required to channel it. Pardon my frankness, but I don’t think that you possess the means to use it. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have needed the help of our Pill Dao Immortal Sect in the first place,” Jiang Taibai said.

“Milord, I’ll be frank with you too. If you wish to know what I’m capable of, I can show it to you right now,” Sima Xiangtu said.

Jiang Taibai widened his eyes. He noticed that even though Sima Xiangtu was still calling him ‘milord’, his att.i.tude and aura were vastly different from before.

Sima Xiangtu took out the cage where the Ox-nosed Old Daoist was confined and dragged the Ox-nosed Old Daoist out from within. Then, he whipped out a sword and swung it to slice the Ox-nosed Old Daoist’s neck.


A ma.s.sive explosion suddenly echoed.

The barrier sealing off the Nine Souls Sacred Clan suddenly shattered. It astonished everyone, and their shock only deepened when they looked in the direction of the commotion.

An army of powerful puppets could be seen there. The terrifying auras they emanated were frightening not just to those from the Nine Souls Galaxy but even those from the Pill Dao Immortal Sect.

Over a thousand of those puppets emanated the auras of a Half-G.o.d level cultivator, making them appear no different from heavenly soldiers to the crowd despite their shabby appearances as wooden puppets.

“Sima Xiangtu!”

Chu Feng sharply glared at Sima Xiangtu. He couldn’t hold himself back anymore upon seeing Sima Xiangtu making a move on his master, so he ordered the puppet army to launch an attack.

“Thank you, Chu Feng.”

However, Sima Xiangtu didn’t lose his patience upon seeing the puppet army. Instead, he revealed a gleeful smile.

Chu Feng felt a clench in his heart. He had a strong feeling that something was about to go awry, and his prediction was spot-on.

To his horror, he found himself losing control over the puppet army.

“Chu Feng?!”

w.a.n.g Yuxian looked at Chu Feng with fl.u.s.tered eyes too. That made it apparent that she had lost control over the puppet army too.

“Chu Feng, you must have heard the story from the Monstrous Spirit Clan by now?” Sima Xiangtu asked.

“What do you mean?”

Chu Feng was finally realizing that something was amiss.

With a smile, Sima Xiangtu raised his palm and revealed a military palm.

Chu Feng and w.a.n.g Yuxian were shocked. They knew that the military seal symbolized the power to control the puppet army. To make things worse, the military seal Sima Xiangtu had in his hand was different from that of Chu Feng and w.a.n.g Yuxian. The two of them only had imprints of the military seal, but what was in Sima Xiangtu’s hand was the real deal.

In other words, they had lost control over the puppet army because Sima Xiangtu had overwritten their control.

“You must be shocked. Why don’t you let Yao Cheng tell you who I am?” Sima Xiangtu said with a chuckle.

It was only then Chu Feng realized that Yao Cheng had unknowingly taken her position by Sima Xiangtu’s side.

“Chu Feng, Sima Xiangtu is the guest who visited our Monstrous Spirit Clan eight hundred years ago to create this puppet army,” Yao Cheng said.

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