Martial King’s Retired Life Volume 11.5 Chapter 70

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Volume 11.5 Chapter 70

The big tree at the front door had grown taller than last year. More moss crowded the stone steps than yesterday. Look as one may, the location of the ringing bell remains unknown. The sight never rubbed him the wrong way as a child, but, at some point in time, the sight of the temple inflamed him.

“This is the master I’ve been waiting for.”

Ever since that child was born, the tree, the moss, the warm bell chimes, people and even Buddha changed.

Miguo opened his eyes to greet the dark forest and crowd, then slowly got to his feet. “Amitabha,” he recited in a booming voice.

At this point in time, the four unorthodox factions were on the tail of the seven Champion White Princes in terms of power, but neither side attempted to cross into the other’s lane, preferring to build their power instead. Since it gradually dawned on them that they didn’t have anything against each other, the tension between them naturally reduced. Unless there was a heinous criminal, seldom did orthodox sects condemn them. Likewise, unless there was a man so obsessed with upholding justice that he’d provoke them, the unorthodox sects would turn a blind eye. If they ever crossed paths, they’d greet each other with a nod or chin lift, then go their own way. As such, the martial arts community was in an era of “peace”.

The meeting and interaction of members in the martial arts community at Lotus Convention could’ve been considered a small scale version of said situation. Miguo had no qualms inviting people from both sides of the community precisely because of the status quo.

The monk with prayer beads around his neck expressed, “Greetings, ladies and gentlemen.”

Notwithstanding Lotus Cult’s immense fame across the lands, they weren’t very active in the Central Plain. For that reason, Miguo Branch didn’t have enough influence in the Central Plain to invite many big names from orthodox factions, and the majority of attendees hailed from unorthodox factions. Those predominately active in the Central Plain, therefore, didn’t expect Miguo to be as advanced as he was as a martial artist. “Under-levelled” folks jolted upon hearing Miguo’s voice despite him not trying to give them a fright.

Miguo granted the crowd a moment to calm down, then continued, “This one is the Western Region’s Lotus Cult’s second-in-line monk – Miguo. As a foreign group trying to build up in foreign land, and as people who have not been in the Central Plain for long, we did not want to make you listen in to our domestic affairs. It pains this one to say this, but a nefarious fiend has emerged from our ranks to wreak havoc inside and outside our sect. This one vows to purge the miscreant and restore our honour. This one invited you here to act as witnesses for he had no choice. Henceforth, this one shall rebuild Lotus Cult in the Central Plain, purge the fiend and take back Pure Land’s Ten Courtyards.”

“There’s no issue with acting as a witness. In saying that, don’t tell us you called all of us here to watch you swear an oath and curse,” Master Le jibed.

Miguo amicably shook his head. “To honour his teachers and do justice to our cult, this one shall develop our cult once he has rebuilt it. Everyone here is from a martial arts sect. Let us not beat around the bush. This one impudently invited you here with the intention of recruiting new blood for Lotus Cult.”

Attendees expected Miguo to say he was recruiting new blood for Miguo Branch, not Lotus Cult. Firstly, why would anyone want to leave home for some faraway land? Secondly, why leave behind their days in the Central Plain to weather tough days as monks? Thirdly, switching affiliations was frowned upon in the martial arts community. Last but not least, why should they serve him just because he needed help? Attendees definitely wanted to ask what he could offer, but they’d have to raise their voice to reach the monk on the lotus platform, and n.o.body was ready to embarra.s.s himself.

Master Le: “Ahahaha, I mean, props to you for coming up with a plan that takes care of two birds with one stone. With that said, all I see is losses – loss of hair, loss of privileges to drink, eat meat and enjoy women. Look at all our handsome brothers here. Why should they ruin their appearances? What joy is there in life if there’s no alcohol and meat? We can’t kill as monks; how is that any different to putting our lives in other people’s hands in the pugilistic world? If I can’t indulge in any of that, I’d rather kill myself here and now than join your group.”

“Pardon this one for the oversight. You can join the sect without becoming a monk or observing the stipulations. You may continue to live as you currently do. The Western Regions is very far from here. Therefore, we can’t ask you to journey there. We can talk about moving again once we have developed to a certain point in the Central Plain. This one has already planned to spend a decade building the sect here; this is not an impulsive decision.”

Master Le: “Heh, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re trying to profit without investing anything. There are people who will kill for profit, but there’s n.o.body who will work for a loss.”

“By no means does this one have any intention of exploiting your efforts for nothing. This one a.s.sumes you have heard of the discipline he learns. He can utilise it to help you overcome your plateaus. He is willing and able to help any recruits raise their levels.”

Suffice to say, Miguo had many hook, line and sinker by this point.

On the surface, Master Le was disputing Miguo. Howbeit, if one were to a.s.sess the situation now compared to the start, they would see that Miguo had erased a lot of the doubt that people had and answered enquiries they would’ve liked to make in a way that drew them in. In essence, Master Le brought up the doubts and questions, granting Miguo opportunities to deal with them.

Voice m.u.f.fled, Bai Tianbin said, “That fatso usually doesn’t act until he sees the opportunity. For him to be cooperating in tune with Miguo, he’s acting strange.”

Wen Wudao: “Us?”

“Don’t give a toss. Could he possibly be stranger than us?” Switching to a loud voice, Bai Tianbin jeered, “Oi, Fatso, you lot can switch to performing skits instead of You deserve an award for your effort.”

Master Le grinned. “Master Bin, Let us not poke each other when we are in the same boat. Divine Moon Cult is here support him, as well. Else, you would be stooping down.”

For some, it was their first time putting a face to the names Bai Tianbin and Master Le.

“As martial artists, we have teachers and schools of our own already. Even in the event that our skill is not up to your standard, we take it on the chin and show respect. There is no honour in switching schools just to raise our level.”

Bai Tianbin: “Who the heck is he?”

A follower answered, “He is Cha Hao, master of Hangzhou’s Tea Lake Manor. He is quite well-known in the pugilistic world for being decently strong and very upright.”

“Heh, someone who gets it.” Bai Tianbin laughed. “Monk, the man is right. You can’t force people into your group when they have a school and teacher, right?”

Ironically, for the last decade, Divine Moon Cult and Liu Shan Men were notorious for forcing people to join their ranks.

“This one is not imparting martial knowledge, recruiting a disciple or forcing anyone to leave their sect. All he asks is that we share the goal of restoring our sect’s glory. Once the fiend has been purged, we will return to the Western Regions. We dare not and will not force anyone to dishonour their teachers and ancestors. Of course, this one will not force anyone to join him against their will. Everything is voluntary.”

Even if one became a famous adept, they would be blasted for eternity if they were dishonourable. Serving temporarily, however, would be the equivalent of working at Liu Shan Men, learning martial arts whilst serving the imperial court. Why not?

Soon enough, there were people voicing their support, except n.o.body knew it was people Miguo planted into the crowd. Either way, their support convinced outsiders to accept the offer.

“Thank you.” Miguo spoke over the crowd, demonstrating the fact that he had leaders.h.i.+p qualities they could trust in. “Men, bring him in.”

Two of Miguo’s followers brought in Wugou and effortlessly hopped up onto the platform.

“This here is the fiend under our respected leader – Wugou.”

While the uninformed were asking around for details on the unknown face, Bai Tianbin remarked, “He’s the leader of Wugou Branch? No wonder why this Miguo guy was so insistent on holding this convention.”

The old rival of Wugou, Wen Wudao, commented, “Coot sure did a lot without us knowing.”

Miguo waited for everyone to return their attention to him, then elaborated, “To convey sincerity, this one shall slay this villainous monk here in your presence.”

Wugou looked up at Miguo, ignoring the clamouring beneath them. Miguo sauntered over and whispered, “Senior Brother, do you have any last words?”

From Miguo’s perspective, it was impossible to tell if Wugou was looking at him or through him, to the forest behind him. Unlike the noise introduced in this area, though, the forest was as silent as ever.

“… Deer are born in the forest. They drink water, feed on gra.s.s, sleep under trees and don’t have to fret.” Wugou looked up again and smiled at Miguo’s scowl. “You can kill me now.”

“… As you wish.”

Miguo raised an arm, began reducing the temperature in the vicinity using his qi, then lunged forward to deliver the finis.h.i.+ng blow.

“Stand down!” He zipped through the forest and used the heads of the attendees as footholds to cross over, then vaulted onto the platform, landing as light as a feather. “Release him!” demanded the tall young man.

n.o.body, including Miguo, could put a name to the young man’s face, prompting Miguo to question, “Who are you?”

The young man smiled. “Hua Feihua!” The venue fell silent after hearing him announce himself, compelling him to look down for answers.

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