Martial King’s Retired Life Volume 11.5 Chapter 75 Zhuxing Wuchang

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Volume 11.5 Chapter 75 Zhuxing Wuchang

Though not even she saw how Zhuxing Wuchang took her comrades’ heads, Yungu didn’t let it displace her composure. “Divine Moon Cult and Sky Palace are called the heads of the unorthodox sects. We have always stayed in our own lanes. Are you not worried you will incite a war between us?”

Zhuxing Wuchang clapped his hands to signal for Yungu to stop, compelling Yungu to jump out of Zhuxing Wuchang’s range; however, no matter how she tried to run, she couldn’t increase the gap between them. To her, it felt as though it was quite a long chase. In reality, Zhuxing Wuchang already had his hand on her neck only a second after he moved.

“n.o.body will find out if there’s n.o.body to report,” replied Zhuxing Wuchang.

Yungu could tell Zhuxing Wuchang wasn’t making an empty threat even without him squeezing. Sky Palace seldom dispatched combat-specialist apostles because strategizing was their chief purpose.

Before she was completely subdued, in a last-ditch effort, Yungu cried, “Help!”

Thirty-three people from the audience vaulted onto the platform and charged at Zhuxing Wuchang with reckless abandon. They came from different groups, were at different levels and didn’t recognise each other, yet they had impeccable coordination and were more dangerous than they would’ve been any other day. They would happen to be created from Sky Palace’s art “Heartless Puppet”.

Yungu wasn’t naïve enough to believe the thirty-three puppets she planted in the crowd could stop Zhuxing Wuchang; all she wanted was a window to speak and utilise her skills. “Great Guardian…”

Zhuxing Wuchang was no longer visible, but Yungu still felt his hand around her neck, indicating he was moving in the direction of the grunts and groans. It wasn’t her confused puppets that were being hit but Miguo’s disciples below who were exploding.

Catching sight of Zhuxing Wuchang’s imminent arrival, Leng Jingliu narrowed his eyes. “You must be eager to die.”

Zhuxing Wuchang: “Hahaha, your s.h.i.+fu might be qualified to say that, but you’re nowhere close.”

No more than five people could keep up with Zhuxing Wuchang and Leng Jingliu’s movements. Nevertheless, they didn’t need to strain their eyes for too long as Zhuxing Wuchang rolled backwards and then retreated several metres, leaving a trail of blood not long after they commenced.

“Hahaha, nice, nice, splendid swordplay.” Zhuxing Wuchang rotated up to his feet, sp.a.w.ning a rotational force that severed the Heartless Puppet’s limbs. Paying no heed to the headless bodies and blood, he smiled at Leng Jingliu. “You might really demolish me if you have another ten years to train.”

Leng Jingliu wiped his mouth since he felt something there, only to discover it was his blood that left the trail along the ground when Zhuxing Wuchang disengaged.

The Great Guardian had built up a reputation from challenging others in the Western Regions and was considered equally as dangerous – if not more – than the other Great Guardian of Divine Moon Cult who was known for his blade work. Whether Zhuxing Wuchang would take a life or not was predicated solely on a wish to do so or otherwise; there was never any emotional attachment to killing.

Yungu reactively gulped.

“You lot aren’t enough to entertain me.” Zhuxing Wuchang turned to those on the ground below. “League of going to help Sky Palace?”

Master Le leapt up onto the platform. “Hahaha, opposing you would be quite thrilling. What do you say, Ol’ Ku?”

Joining Master Le on the platform, Master Ku replied, “Go.”

Zhuxing Wuchang s.n.a.t.c.hed a sword from one of the severed arms to intercept the two who closed in from either side.

Master Le looked amicable in contrast to his straight, violent attacks.

Master Ku tried to create openings with his dual dagger feints.

Zhuxing Wuchang had no trouble fending off the two despite their styles being polar opposites that complemented each other.

Bai Tianbin commented, “I thought I could outmuscle him, but he seems capable of adapting to anything with his swordplay. Watching him execute ‘Lawless Twelve Stances’ I must admit he has surpa.s.sed me.”

“Hargh!” As if he flipped some switch, Master Le went from a Buddhist to a possessed Buddhist, scowling whilst starting to swing aggressively.

Meanwhile, Master Ku adopted Master Le’s previous style, advancing and retreating orderly to tackle any a.s.sortment of attacks offered.

In spite of Zhuxing Wuchang’s prowess, he couldn’t dismantle the two contrasting styles any longer, resulting in his defence gradually crumbling.

“What are you lot worried about?” Bai Tianbin rhetorically asked of their followers. “He’s one of our cult’s three guardians for a reason.”

Upon looking at Zhuxing Wuchang’s face, they saw him smiling.

“Twelve Sword Stances.”

Zhuxing Wuchang’s blade glowed sky-blue.

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