Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 2467 – : Coming From All Directions

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Chapter 2467: Coming From All Directions

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Even though she intended to test him with the sword, she didn’t expect him to solve it so easily. The Demon Lord didn’t even make a move to avoid the sword. As soon as he raised his hand, Blue Edge was s.n.a.t.c.hed from her hand. She had to say that the Demon Lord’s strength was greater than she had imagined.

“I heard that Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu possesses remarkable alchemy and medical skills, dressed in an enchanting red robe with an outstanding bearing, magnificent and uncommon. It’s a pity that I can’t witness all that and only see you in a simple and unremarkable azure robe.”

He paused and his gaze lingered on her lovely face. A gleam flashed in his eyes. “Nevertheless, your appearance surprised me. I haven’t seen a woman as dazzlingly beautiful as you in a long time, especially one who dared to look me in the eye.”

Feng Jiu’s lips curved up as she heard his compliment. She moved her gaze away from him and toward the cultivators who flew down from the clouds on their flying swords. Her speech reached the ears of those around her in a clear voice carrying spirit energy breath.

“Any devilry cultivators who attempt to intrude into the Nebula Immortal Sect will be killed without mercy!”

Like ripples of water, the voice containing spirit energy spread out in the air. The cultivators descending from the clouds on their flying swords immediately responded, “Yes!”

Their voices were sonorous and powerful, filled with the pressure of each cultivator’s strength. The voices that mingled and resonated in the air were as powerful as the mountains and rivers. Both the devilry cultivators and the Nebula Immortal Sect’s people were taken aback when they heard it.

When they looked back and saw the throng of cultivators coming from mid-air, the devilry cultivators were terrified and exclaimed, “How can there be so many cultivators? What’s more, their strength…”

They said nothing more because before they finished speaking, the devilry cultivators had already attacked them. For a moment, a mighty killing intent pervaded the air and meld with the devilry cultivators’ killing intent to form a fierce blade intent that slashed at the crowd.



“d.a.m.n it! These people’s strengths are too…”


The screams and wails came in varying pitches. The devilry cultivators who had rushed forward with great momentum were like ants scattered by the flood. They ran around in disarray, utterly defeated.

The situation was abruptly reversed due to the powerful cultivators’ unexpected appearance. The devilry cultivators neglected to attack the Immortal Sect. They were preoccupied with defending themselves and avoiding death.

Disciples of the sect couldn’t help rejoicing and immediately joined the battle. In the chaotic battle, some of the devilry cultivators who had rushed into the gate of the Immortal Sect were killed while some retreated and fled from the sect’s gate.

Just then, an eerie flute sounded, followed by the violent vibration of the ground and the roar of beasts.

“Aaah! d.a.m.n it!”

‘How can there be so many beasts?

“Help! Aaah…”

Those ferocious beasts who suddenly turned up only besieged the devilry cultivators and paid no attention to cultivators who had no devilry energy in their bodies. The Nebula Immortal Sect had already gained the upper hand due to the cultivators’ arrival. With these ferocious beasts joining in, the situation stabilized quickly.

After driving all of the devilry cultivators out of the sect’s gate, the sect’s elders hurriedly arranged a formation array to guard the entrance gate….

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