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Chapter 2468: I Want You Translator: Misty Cloud

Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

When the Demon Lord saw this, he looked up into the clouds in the sky, his blood-red eyes flas.h.i.+ng with anger. He must have noticed the floating land above the clouds.

He had heard of Feng Jiu’s prowess and the mighty cultivators she led, but it had never occurred to him that she had even reclaimed the floating land along with the cultivators who lived there.

After all, those people were not ordinary cultivators. He couldn’t help but gaze at the sect gate, thinking that those people came out of the floating land, unrivalled in their killing intent and battle strength.

Sure enough, his subordinates withdrew, leaving a slew of casualties in their wake. One of those cultivators could be said to be capable of dealing with ten enemies, while the mightiest among them could deal with a hundred. Half of the devilry cultivators under his command were dead in the s.p.a.ce of a few breaths.

He had no regrets and simply stared at Feng Jiu with surprise. “How did you conquer people of that nature, and so many of them?” He was surprised that she had succeeded where others had failed.

After all, he had the idea of reclaiming this floating land at that time, but it didn’t succeed. As a result, this scene was quite a shock to him.

Above all, he had the impulse to capture the woman named Feng Jiu for his own use.

If he possessed and used such a person, let alone the continent, the whole world would be in his pocket!

His eyes lit as this thought crossed his mind and his figure flashed to Feng Jiu’s side in a blink. “Feng Jiu, I want you to be mine!”

Only his people will give their all for him! Only his people would never betray him!

Feng Jiu was taken aback as the words reached her ears, first because the voice resonated in her ears, and then because of his words. She couldn’t understand how the Demon Lord could move so quickly.

Before she could react, her body had already moved and averted the hand coming for her in an instant, as if by instinct. After retreating a few meters away, she looked at the devilry cultivator with a frown. Seeing that the look in his blood-red eyes was not fake, her heart sank. It’s horrible to be targeted by such a powerful and twisted individual.

“That’s just your wishful thinking!” She calmed down and snorted coldly at him. The pressure of her real strength burst out from her body and a powerful airflow materialized. The pressure from her cultivation strength as well as the ancient sacred beast intertwined, so strong that n.o.body dared to approach. With the blow of her Blue Edge sword, a figure in azure swooped out like lightning.

This time, she moved so fast that the Demon Lord couldn’t see her clearly. When he saw the cold glint accompanied by a fierce blade intent swept towards his neck, his eyes narrowed. He stepped back quickly and fought back. “You’re already an Immortal Emperor?”

The Demon Lord stared at Feng Jiu who had released all her spirit energy breath. The pressure on her body was very powerful, but he could tell at a glance that it was the pressure of the Immortal Emperor. An Immortal Emperor Strong Exponent in her twenties? Oh! Feng Jiu was truly a genius!

However, he remembered that the woman was rumoured to be the Phoenix Star who came into this world…

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