Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 2473 – She advanced again

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Chapter 2473: She advanced again

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As the cultivators retreated, Fire Phoenix appeared, flapping its wings and spewing flames from its beak. The Demon Lord’s black robe was singed as he was unable to dodge the attack. When his robe started to catch on fire, he decisively used his palm to cut off its corner.

As he watched the flames that Fire Phoenix spewed out transform into airflows, his palm released a black breath that enveloped and extinguished the flames ina flash.



The flames flew through the air. Fire Phoenix scurried away from the attack, but the Demon Lord’s palm had already reached its side, grabbing a clump of its feathers.


Fire Phoenix let out a hiss. When it saw the Demon Lord toss the clump of feathers into the wind, it was stunned for a moment before becoming even more enraged.

“How dare you pluck my feathers? Outrageous!”

Fire Phoenix was incensed. Boiling with rage, it rammed into the Demon Lord. From a distance, the crowd could only see a beast and a demon fighting back and forth. Their surging airflows filled the air.

While engaged in combat with Fire Phoenix, the Demon Lord sustained multiple blows to his body, eventually tearing his black robe to show the clothes inside.

Feng Jiu pursed her lips as she watched the battle between the Demon Lord and the Fire Phoenix. Blue Edge flew back into her hand with a command in her mind. One of her hands drooped, while the other grasped the sword, ready to join the fight.

No one stopped her this time. They simply stood there quietly watching, their hearts heavy with worry.

She was only a woman, no matter how strong she was. But now they’ve asked a woman to protect them

They soon realized, however, that something was not quite right. One by one, they returned to their senses and exclaimed, “Look, the mystical energy breath surrounding Feng Jiu seems to be transforming?”

“It’s not just her mystical energy breath, her spirit energy breath is also transforming. Is she going to advance again?” Sage Hun Yuan pulled his beard and exclaimed, staring at Feng Jiu in awe, as if he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

How long had it been since she attained the level of Immortal Emperor? And now she’s going to advance again?

The clouds billowed in the sky just as his voice faded. Half of the sky was obscured by a dark cloud and a faint rumble of thunder could be heard. When Feng Jiu pointed her sword to the heavens, a bolt of lightning struck the Blue Edge Sword she was wielding.

Along with the sword’s attack, the lightning’s power struck the Demon Lord with ferocity. n.o.body antic.i.p.ated that she would be able to summon the might of heaven and earth to hit the Demon Lord, who then flew away tens of meters away with a bang,



The roar of the two lightning bolts echoed as if they had been sent from the Heavens. The sound was so loud that it made the earth tremble. The two flashes of lightning struck Feng Jiu one after the other, releasing a powerful mystical energy breath. Feng Jiu, who had attacked the Demon Lord earlier,

closed her eyes. She just stood in the air while being tempered by the lightning tribulation.

“Hiss! She’s advanced in the midst of the battle?”

Those sect’s people gasped in astonishment. What shocked them even more was what happened later.

They couldn’t help but sigh when they observed the might that Feng Jiu displayed at that moment. “What a genius. It was because of this that she had been called Ghost Doctor Feng Jiu.

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