Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 2477 – His arrival

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Chapter 2477: His arrival

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor:Misty Cloud Translations

Feng Jiu’s eyes flashed with cold killing intent. She slightly tuned her Blue Edge Sword, transferring the spirit energy breath from her palm to the blade. Blue light flared from its blade and a ferocious and icy sword intent erupted from the sword’s tip.

The crimson flame scuttled from the blade, merging with the blue sword intent. The figure in azure swept ahead with the inclined sword carrying Feng Jiu’s fire source in her wake. She let out a loud shout and leapt into the air while swinging the sword.

The sword intent on the Blue Edge Sword and the flame emitted a monstrous breath in that blow, and the sword intent soared, das.h.i.+ng towards the Demon Lord quickly and fiercely.

The Demon Lord’s cold eyes narrowed as he noticed the fire source. Without hesitation, he deflected Feng Jiu’s attack. Her a.s.sault, on the other hand, never stopped. She unleashed one attack after another, each one swift and ruthless, each one bearing a fierce and cold bloodthirsty intent.

The Demon Lord was taken aback by the sword’s blade, as well as the killing intent and battle intent that erupted from Feng Jiu’s body. Feng Jiu, who had been wounded, surprisingly still had a powerful combat strength.

Suddenly, a sword intent combined with flames attacked him while he was too late to evade. With his sleeve, he immediately blocked the attack. The airflow, however, snipped off the sleeves, and the sword intent hit him right on the shoulder.

He stared at Feng Jiu with his menacing blood-red eyes narrowed. Like lightning, his figure swept up and landed in front of Feng Jiu. A powerful impact struck her before she could react.


Feng Jiu spat blood from his mouth. She fixed her somewhat shaky form after being knocked back tens of meters and stared at the Demon Lord, who slowed down and approached her step by step.

“Feng Jiu, I will give you one last chance. Follow me obediently and be my woman! Then I’ll be able to let go of the people below as well. This is your last chance!” The blood-red pupils stared at the beautiful woman who was still standing proudly in front of him with the determination to win. After this

fight, he had an impulse to take her for himself.

“She’s my woman. Why does she need someone else to give her a chance?”

A fierce and domineering voice suddenly came from the horizon….

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