Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 2479 – Distress and anger

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Chapter 2479: Distress and anger

Translator: Misty Cloud Translations Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

The person he adored and cherished had been hurt so terribly!

Her blood-dyed azure robe was a horrifying sight!

She was covered in wounds, each one stinging his eyes and tearing his body apart. He was distressed to see her wan and exhausted face light up with a happy smile when she saw him.

Did this foolish woman know how to look after herself? Why would she risk her life to save other people’s lives?

Didn’t she realize that she was more precious to him than the whole world? Didn’t she realize that she was the most valuable treasure in the world, deserving of his protection?

He desperately wanted to hug her in his arms, but after seeing the horrific wounds on her body, he couldn’t because he was frightened of pressing her wound and causing her pain.

He walked up to her, one step at a time. He softly touched her cheek with his palm, but he didn’t dare to touch the cut on her cheek caused by a vital energy blade.

“Does it hurt?”

The low voice radiated his distinctive magnetism, containing his pity, heartache, and guilt.

“It hurts.” Feng Jiu smiled as she gazed at him. “But I don’t feel any pain when I see you coming back,” she added.

His heart was tense as he heard her answer and his deep voice was remorseful and guilty. “It’s entirely my fault. I should have returned sooner.” He should not have left her behind and gone to the land beyond the seas for more than a year.

He would never, ever have let anyone hurt her like this if he had been by her side.

‘When he saw her injury, the tenderness and angst in his deep and dark eyes turned cold and icy. Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s eyes flashed with killing intent as he turned around to face the Demon Lord, who was staring at them with a frown.

“Please step aside and apply a simple bandage to your wounds while I eliminate the devilry cultivator!”

His low voice carried a ferocious breath, and his physique radiated killing intent and rage. Even the Demon Lord, who had been observing him closely from afar, could not help but narrow his eyes once the mighty pressure was released.

Feng Jiu looked at the Demon Lord and told Xuanyuan Mo Ze, “This man is the lord of the Demon Clan. His power is unfathomable.”

“It doesn’t matter, I’m going to kill him!” Xuanyuan Mo Ze spoke in a low, domineering tone.

While the two of them were talking, the Demon Lord noticed Feng Jiu’s closeness to the bearded man, and his blood-red eyes burst into flames. His vicious blood-red eyes locked on Xuanyuan Mo Ze, and his voice was filled with killing intent. “How dare you compete with me for a woman? Are you looking


“Hiss, aah!”

The bearded man, who was talking to Feng Jiu not far ahead, suddenly shot forward and came to him at an unusual pace before he could finish his words. Before he knew it, a fist slammed down on his chest, full of rage and power.


The punch landed hard, accompanied by a loud bang, the snap of ruptured bones, and a gasping scream.

The people were stunned for a moment, and all they could see was the Demon Lord being shot down from mid-air to the ground by the bearded man, and his body leaving a large hole in the ground

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