Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor Chapter 2480 – Retreat

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Chapter 2480: Retreat

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The crowd simply felt a mighty pressure come out of the hole, generating a forceful airflow that caused everything within around a hundred metres, no matter people or things, to fly out.

Feng Jiu looked on with a hard-to-conceal shock in her eyes. She had no idea Mo Ze had the ability to punch the Demon Lord down from the air.

After the dust cloud dissipated gradually, the scene in that hole became visible to everyone.

The Demon Lord, who was now laying on his back inside the pit, was struck in the chest by the bearded big man in black. The Demon Lord’s face was pale and blood was gus.h.i.+ng out from his mouth. He was unable to stand and could only grunt and gulp for air.

That enraged black-robed bearded man pounded his fist at the Demon Lord’s chest. His eyes were bloodthirsty and cold, and a strong spirit energy airflow swept up. Without giving the Demon Lord a chance to catch his breath, his fist slammed down once more.

He struck his fist savagely at the Demon Lord’s right chin. The Demon Lord spat blood. Several teeth knocked out by Xuanyuan Mo Ze’s punch were mixed in with the blood.

However, when Xuanyuan Mo Ze was about to pinch the Demon Lord’s throat and kill him, a powerful pressure erupted from his body. Xuanyuan Mo Ze instantly removed his hand and retreated after seeing the sudden change in the breath.

A crimson spark struck the ground where he had just stood as he retreated. At the sight, his deep eyes narrowed. The Xuanyuan Sword emerged in his palm with a burst of light.

The Demon Lord rose to his feet, one hand covering his wounded and aching chest and the other gripping a b.l.o.o.d.y sword. Following a quick glance at Xuanyuan Mo Ze, his figure flashed and swept forward at the speed of light.

The sword intent on the b.l.o.o.d.y sword manifested itself as a pillar of blood. He continued attacking at the same speed after Xuanyuan Mo Ze blocked his attack with the ancient divine Xuanyuan sword.

Two black figures, both equally powerful, fought back and forth in the air. The Strong Exponent’s breath was diffused and the formidable pressure became even stronger

Perhaps the Demon Lord’s internal organs were injured after being punched in the chest by Xuanyuan Mo Ze, so after trading dozens of moves with Xuanyuan Mo Ze, his speed gradually slowed and his attacks became weaker.

The Demon Lord knew he couldn’t kill his opponent because of his severe internal injury and the unyielding strength of the bearded man in front of him. He stabbed his sword fiercely after blocking the Xuanyuan Sword, then withdrew hundreds of meters before finally stopping in midair and staring at

Xuanyuan Mo Ze and Feng Jiu.

“I won’t let it end this way! Wait for me, Feng Jiu! I shall return!” The figure rushed away to the skies as soon as he uttered these words. In time, the sound subsided as the figure faded from view.

The wounded devilry cultivators who remained saw the Demon Lord flee and quickly followed him.

The people below were astounded to see those devilry cultivators receding like a tide….

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