Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1013 – Xiao Mo Awakens

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Chapter 1013: Xiao Mo Awakens

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Wanbao City was chilly in the middle of the night.

It was June and it was early in the summer in Wanbao City. It was almost 27 degrees Celsius during the day but the temperature dropped to 20 degrees at night. Nonetheless, it was a comfortable kind of coolness for most people.

In a hotel room, the balcony door that was facing the living room was completely open, so the breeze blew in with fresh air.

The light in the living room was still turned on. A young man with short, puffy hair in a white printed t-s.h.i.+rt and thin beige linen pants sat on the couch barefooted while crossing his legs.

He seemed to have just taken a shower as his hair was still damp. A pair of bright, black eyes peered out from under the few strands of wet hair. A square screen was reflected in the eyes at the moment.

There was a little white cat sleeping on the young man’s shoulder. Only half of his back was leaning on the couch while his body was leaning forward slightly as he looked down at the projected page on his Emperor’s Heart Ring.

There was a monster that looked like a young sharp-toothed tiger sleeping on the couch on his left. With a pillow under its head, its trunk leaned on the young man’s thigh.

Naturally, the young man was Lin Huang. However, he did not disguise as Lin Xie at the moment; he was in his own skin now.

He would usually sleep in the room after he was done practicing his sword skills and had taken a shower. However, it was past 12.30 a.m. now and he was still reading the news on the living room couch. There was no other reason why he was doing that. The 24-hour period of Xiao Mo being unconscious was coming to an end and he would awake anytime soon.

He had the Nightmare Tapir and the Ninetails Lynx with him mainly to defend Xiao Mo just in case his consciousness was replaced by the Crow G.o.d.

Lin Huang smirked all of a sudden when it was 12.42 a.m. He sensed Xiao Mo’s finger moving a little in the living room within the range of his territory.

A moment later, Xiao Mo opened his eyes slowly.

The surroundings changed from blurry to clear as he looked around in confusion.

“Where is this place? Aren’t I being transformed by the Crow G.o.d?” Xiao Mo soon recognized that he was in a hotel room. Moreover, it looked like an expensive, luxurious hotel and he guessed that he was not in the master bedroom.

‘Could the transformation be completed and I’m officially the Crow G.o.d’s Crow Spirit now?’ The thought flashed in Xiao Mo’s head after he sensed that his body had improved many times while his combat strength had elevated to perfect-stage imperial-level purple gold-rank. However, he dismissed the thought a moment later because he did not sense the slightest hint of a Crow G.o.d’s will remnant in his body. He looked horrified. “Could the final integration have failed?!”

He shot to his feet immediately. He just realized that he was wearing beige pajamas and had a significant change in his height and body size.

He took a step and arrived before the full-sized mirror to see a completely different self.

The young man in the mirror was approximately 1.85 meters tall with a slender body. Although he was still a little skinny, he could clearly see the lean muscles on his arms.

The biggest change was on his face. His old face that was once so ordinary that one would not notice him among a crowd had sharp features now. It complemented his rather tanned skin and he now looked like a tough, mature man. He even had stubble growing on his cheeks and above his lips.

Xiao Mo touched his own face in excitement. “Is this me? Man, I’m so good-looking now!”

Looking at the muscles on his arms, he could not help but pull his pajamas up. He soon saw eight packs bulging in the mirror.

“Is this really me?” Xiao Mo thought it was a little unbelievable. All of a sudden, he seemed to have recalled something. He pulled his pants down even further while flus.h.i.+ng a little. When he looked down between his legs, he could not help but exclaim, “Gee, it’s huge!”

Xiao Mo, who was a little upset because of the failed integration with the Crow G.o.d, soon became happy again after seeing that his body had undergone a significant change.

“Delighted, are we?” A voice came to Xiao Mo’s ears all of a sudden as he was drowning in joy.

He turned his head immediately to see a young man in slippers looking at him while leaning against the cabinet at the door.

He had his guard up as soon as he saw the person. However, his expression subsequently changed to one of surprise. He recognized Lin Huang immediately even though three years had pa.s.sed.

“Lin Huang?!”

“It seems like you still remember me, little guy.” Lin Huang smiled while nodding.

“Aren’t you dead?” Xiao Mo soon snapped back to his senses and could not help but take a step back. He looked terrified as he stared at Lin Huang. “You’re Lin Huang’s ghost…”

Lin Huang could not help but chuckle out loud. He did not expect Xiao Mo to have such a reaction.

“If I’m a ghost, would I have a shadow?”

Xiao Mo held his head down immediately and looked at the ground. He noticed Lin Huang’s shadow.

“There’s a shadow! So, you’re really not a ghost?” Although he saw the shadow, Xiao Mo was still unsure.

“You’re on imperial-level now. Although you still have no Life Palace yet, you should have Territory sense now. Sense with your Territory, then you’ll know whether I’m a human or a ghost,” Lin Huang continued.

Xiao Mo got familiarized with his body and soon expanded the range of his territory. He sensed Lin Huang and the two G.o.d Figurine’s Combat Souls.

He then widened his eyes as he looked at Lin Huang. “You’re really still alive?!”

“I didn’t die. I faked my death so that I could leave the Purple Crow,” Lin Huang confirmed while smiling.

Xiao Mo walked to him slowly but he still had disbelief written all over his face.

Lin Huang knew he was unsure, so he stretched his hand. “You’ll know whether I’m alive by shaking my hand.”

Xiao Mo walked to Lin Huang hesitantly. He stretched his hand out slowly, scared and ready to bolt anytime.

As Lin Huang held his hand, he felt how real and warm his palm was. He was very relieved.

“So, do you believe me now?” Lin Huang let go of his hand and asked while smiling.

Xiao Mo then nodded.

“I know you have many questions. Let’s talk in the living room.” Lin Huang turned around and brought Xiao Mo to the living room.

Xiao Mo looked around anxiously when he arrived in the living room. “Where’s this place?”

“It’s the hotel that I’m staying at.” Lin Huang gave a short explanation.

“Where are the rest of them from the Purple Crow? Where’s Master Crow G.o.d?” Xiao Mo knew he and Lin Huang were the only ones in the hotel room.

“The Purple Crow’s Crow Ceremony failed and the Crow G.o.d’s will projection collapsed. Crow Leader Yan Ping is dead. I suppose the rest of them have returned to the Purple Crow headquarters,” Lin Huang explained, “I’ll tell you more about the details of what exactly happened later.”

Xiao Mo was overwhelmed with anxiety when he heard what Lin Huang said. He had never thought the Crow Leader would be dead or that the Crow G.o.d’s will projection would have collapsed.

“You’ve been unconscious for a day. Let’s get some food. We’ll talk later.” Lin Huang brought Xiao Mo to the couch.

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