Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1016 – Perfect–Stage Immortal–Level Rank–10!

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Chapter 1016: Perfect-Stage Immortal-Level Rank-10!

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Of the two missions Lin Huang a.s.signed to Xiao Mo, the first one might have been very difficult for ordinary people, but Lin Huang figured it should be easy for him.

Although he was a.s.signed to cultivate a different cultivation system, to an imperial-level powerhouse, it was easy to elevate to transcendent-level. The difficult thing was to break through transcendent-level. Getting him to cultivate a brand new cultivation system was a practice for him to master his power again. After all, he did not get to his current combat strength by himself. He needed a certain time to familiarize with his power.

As for the second mission, Lin Huang noticed through their conversation that most of Xiao Mo’s values influenced by the Purple Crow. The one that influenced him the most was interacting with people.

If Xiao Mo were to maintain the old habits he had when he was with the Purple Crow, it would be a disadvantage no matter whether it was to him as a person or to the organization Lin Huang would be establis.h.i.+ng in the future.

Therefore, b.l.o.o.d.y suggested Lin Huang do this. He could get Xiao Mo to talk to harmless, ordinary people to give him a brand new view to learn about this world and break the strange values the Purple Crow had instilled in him.

The reason why b.l.o.o.d.y suggested that was because it had actually gotten the Nightmare Tapir to read Xiao Mo’s memory secretly. It had done so earlier to take precaution against this unknown little guy who might be dangerous. After learning about Xiao Mo, b.l.o.o.d.y realized that this kid had a naive nature because he had been living in a terrible environment which affected him.

However, b.l.o.o.d.y hid the fact that it had checked on Xiao Mo earlier from Lin Huang.

The ancient cultivation method Lin Huang gave Xiao Mo was called the Unrivalled Combat G.o.d. It was a combat cultivation method which happened to be compatible with Xiao Bo’s body. Moreover, there was a combat skill set called Unrivalled in it.

Apart from this method, Lin Huang also picked thousands of close-range combat skills in his head and shared them with Xiao Mo.

“You’ll be focusing on the Unrivaled Combat G.o.d throughout this month. Of all the combat skills, just focus on Unrivaled. The remaining battle skills are mainly for your reference. You can learn them if you come across any that you’re interested in, but know what to prioritize.”

After Lin Huang was done making the arrangements, he left b.l.o.o.d.y and the Ninetails Lynx behind while he got to a cultivation room to focus on his closed-door cultivation.

He had gotten the last three G.o.d Figurines much earlier and even completed the integration.

However, considering that the visualization would take a long time, he had been putting visualizing the last three G.o.d Figurines into True Spirits aside.

He finally had some time to do this.

The first among the three G.o.d Figurines was the Coffin Carrier.

This monster was entirely red with bulky muscles all over. Its body looked like a skinned bullfrog that had just been scooped out of a spicy hot pot. It looked slightly humanoid but its head appeared like a combination of a dog and a bull. It had sharp fangs and two buffalo-like horns on its head. Its feet had hooves but its hands had sharp claws like a devil.

It had two thick, black chains behind its shoulders, and a black coffin was tied at the very end of the chain. The coffin was clearly heavy since its back was hunching a little from the weight.

The monster was a fallen Abyssal Protoss. Even the stone tablet was a little surprised when it saw this monster manage to form into a G.o.d Figurine. It was the stone tablet’s first time seeing a dead Abyssal Protoss being consolidated into a G.o.d Figurine.

The stone tablet had explained the True Spirit’s choice to Lin Huang earlier.

He decided to follow the stone tablet’s suggestion which was to visualize this Coffin Carrier as a Death b.u.t.terfly.

The Death b.u.t.terfly mastered the Yin Yang Gate. Only such a True Spirit could travel freely within the material and spirit realms when it was on true G.o.d-level.

Although its beginning combat strength was not considered powerful compared to other True Spirits, it had great potential for growth. According to the stone tablet, it was one that was worth training among the True Spirits that mastered the Death Rule.

After finding the Death b.u.t.terfly in the True Spirit Guide, Lin Huang crushed an Epiphany Card and soon fell into visualization mode.

Lin Huang finally visualized the Death b.u.t.terfly successfully after 13 restless days. By then, he had officially consolidated his eighth G.o.d Figurine.

After a day of rest and adjusting himself, Lin Huang went into the second round of visualization.

The G.o.d Figurine took on the form of a lady.

The lady wore a thin purple dress that was almost semi-transparent while hovering in the air barefooted. Her jade-like skin that was vaguely exposed underneath the thin, purple dress made her seem like she had a great figure. However, she had long, black hair that touched her waist but no face or features. She was horrifying to look at.

Her long, black hair that looked like countless little snakes with their own consciousness were writhing in the air. They were moving without any wind and they looked gravely menacing.

This monster was called the Hair Demon which was an evil spirit among Protosses and mainly mastered the Sealing Rule.

According to the stone tablet, the monster that had the highest compatibility was the Shackle Serpent. It was a formidable sealing-type of True Spirit. Legend had it that the ancestor of the Medusa Tribe, who had the most powerful sealing ability among the Protoss, obtained the ability from a Shackle Serpent.

Soon, Lin Huang found the Shackle Serpent in the True Spirit Guide. He crushed an Epiphany Card and went into visualization mode immediately.

The visualization went on for a total of 12 days before it was completed.

After a day of rest, Lin Huang looked at the last G.o.d Figurine in his body.

This G.o.d Figurine looked like a toy doll. It had short limbs and its face looked like a clown with makeup on. Its tummy was made of a mechanical clock. Not only the hour hand, but the minute hand, the second hand, and the timescale that could be seen clearly, and even the big and small gear wheels within were also clear.

It was a Time Spirit, a unique species among the Protoss with a limited number. This monster mastered the Time Rule and it would control the flow of time in a specific area and even stop time.

The True Spirit Lin Huang wanted to visualize through this Time Spirit was called the Creation Clock.

Legend had it that such a Creation Clock was the world’s stopwatch. By changing the hour hand on the clock, It could control the life and death of all creation. Such a True Spirit could even control the speed of time.

The Creation Clock was on the first page of the True Spirit Guide. Lin Huang had seen this True Spirit information more than once when he flipped through the guide. Now, he finally had the chance to officially visualize it.

As he crushed another Epiphany Card, Lin Huang soon went into visualization mode.

The visualization of the third True Spirit lasted for a total of 18 days. It was the True Spirit that took the longest time to complete the visualization among the ten True Spirits that he possessed.

Lin Huang let out a long sigh of relief when he saw the tenth G.o.d Figurine’s Combat Soul that had finally consolidated into a True Spirit.

However, the consolidation of ten G.o.d Figurine’s Combat Souls was not the end.

Lin Huang took out a sea of soul crystals and began feeding his last three G.o.d Figurine’s Combat Souls. He spent almost half a day to finally feed them until they reached imperial-level white gold-rank.

Since he was unsure if the remaining soul crystals could elevate an imperial-level white gold-rank Combat Soul to imperial-level purple gold-rank, he put aside the elevation of Death b.u.t.terfly that was poor in battles compared to the rest.

He took out the last two demiG.o.d-level soul crystals he had and fed the Shackle Serpent and the Creation Clock respectively. The duo then elevated to imperial-level purple gold-rank.

Subsequently, Lin Huang fed the remaining soul crystals to the Death b.u.t.terfly. When the sky was turning dark, the Death b.u.t.terfly finally elevated to imperial-level purple gold-rank after digesting a ma.s.sive amount of soul crystals. At the moment, less than 1,000 soul crystals were left in Lin Huang’s storage s.p.a.ce.

At that point, all ten of his G.o.d Figurine’s Combat Souls had elevated to imperial-level purple gold-rank while he had finally arrived on perfect-stage immortal-level rank-10.

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