Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1021 – Arriving At Division 1

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Chapter 1021: Arriving at Division 1

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The conversation with Huang Tianpu was better than what Lin Huang expected. Clearly, Dynasty had no other choice than begging him, an outsider, and even agreed to implement reformation.

To Lin Huang, taking over Dynasty would actually do more merit than harm.

Although he knew very well that the agreement he had with Huang Tianpu was promising, a reformation of Dynasty would not happen overnight. He might even experience many obstacles along the way. However, as long as he had his ident.i.ty as a Royalty, most people in Dynasty would not turn their backs on him.

He could use Dynasty’s power to fight G.o.d Bless and conveniently build an organization that belonged to him.

After Huang Tianpu left, Lin Huang visited the Wanbao Auction and the black market in Sweep City disguised as Lin Xie. He counted the elevation materials that he had gotten them to collect for the past two months or so.

There were quite a number of materials that were enough to elevate five imperial monsters. They were enough to elevate Grimace, b.l.o.o.d.y Robe, the Eclipse Boa, the Death Knight, and the Fallen Knight. He was only lacking a few materials to elevate Bing w.a.n.g and the Witch.

Figuring that the Emperor installation ceremony would be happening soon, Lin Huang put aside elevating Grimace and the rest. After all, he would need at least ten days to elevate his imperial monsters while the installation ceremony would happen in a few days.

Throughout the few days, Lin Huang had nothing else to do. He stayed in the hotel room to practice his sword skills.

Huang Tufu was a Sword Dao expert as well and he had also reached level-6 Sword Dao. Initially, he thought it was impossible for Lin Huang to have a deep comprehension of Sword Dao given that he was rather young. He thought he could seize the opportunity to dole out advice on Sword Dao in order to have a close relations.h.i.+p with the soon-to-be Emperor.

Never had he thought that he would be shocked to see Lin Huang practicing his sword skills for the first time. This soon-to-be Emperor was only 19 years old and his combat strength was only on immortal-level, but his comprehension of Sword Dao was no lower than his. He stopped underestimating him and began discussing Sword Dao with Lin Huang like he was talking to someone of his own level. He even took to practicing with him by suppressing his combat strength.

Meanwhile, Xiao Mo had been sitting in his room with his legs crossed these few days to practice the Unrivalled Combat G.o.d. He did not find it boring at all.

Three days soon flew by.

Huang Tianpu returned early in the morning on the 30th of July.

The hard rock in his throat disappeared when he saw Lin Huang. He had been a little worried that Lin Huang might back out in these few days.

“We’ve done with the preparation. All we have to do now is to wait for the installation ceremony tomorrow. Don’t you want to invite your friends to watch?” he asked since he had not received Lin Huang’s guest list these few days.

“No need. Let’s go.”

Although the siblings Yi Zheng and Yi Yeyu were currently in Division 3, Lin Huang thought there was no need to invite them. After all, he would be an underground organization boss soon while the Yi siblings were born into the Union Government’s military department with a clean record. If they were to work in the military, witnessing the installation ceremony of Dynasty’s Emperor might stain a black ink in their clean records.

Meanwhile, Leng Yuexin and Li Lang were offsprings of notable families. They had no interest in underground organizations, so Lin Huang did not bother to inform them.

He only brought along Xiao Mo and stepped into the demiG.o.d-level long-distance dimensional portal together with Huang Tianpu and Huang Tufu.

When he snapped back to his senses, Lin Huang realized he was in a luxurious palace.

Looking at the palace that was even more sophisticated than those in the movies, the first thought that popped into his head was, ‘How much did they spend building this?!’

Lin Huang was not the only one who was astounded. Next to him, Xiao Mo was in complete shock. It was the first time in his life seeing such a grandiose building.

“The first Emperor designed this. We’ve done almost nothing to it ever since I moved in.”

“Master Emperor, your palace is the one in the east.” Huang Tianpu pushed open a window with a smile and pointed at an even more majestic palace hundreds of meters away. “That’s the Emperor’s Palace. It’s a legit G.o.d relic.”

“That’s crazy luxurious!” Lin Huang could not help but exclaim out loud as he looked at the tall palace that was close to 50 meters away.

On the other hand, Xiao Mo was so dumbfounded that he could not speak.

“Unless there’s a special occasion, the Emperor’s Palace is usually closed. Only the Emperor can access it,” continued Huang Tianpu, “Let’s take a look.”

Huang Tianpu opened the palace doors as he spoke while escorting Lin Huang and Xiao Mo into the Emperor’s Palace.

There were two imperial-level purple gold-rank guards standing at the palace entrance.

The duo bowed courteously when they saw Huang Tianpu. “First Grand Duke, Your Highness!” They then secretly observed Lin Huang, clearly very curious about this newly appointed Emperor.

Lin Huang glanced at the two guards too. They had a solid aura. He figured they might have powerful abilities when they fought people of the same combat strength.

“There were usually no guards before this because there was no Emperor while the Emperor’s Palace is a G.o.d relic itself,” Huang Tianpu said honestly.

“In reality, there’s no need for guards.” Lin Huang nodded while smiling.

“They look like guards since they’re asked to stand at the entrance, but their real responsibly is to take care of the Emperor’s needs. Just tell them whatever you need and they’ll arrange for you. They’ll inform me if there are things that they can’t do and I’ll handle it.”

“Can we go into the palace now?” Lin Huang asked since he saw the door being closed.

“Yes, this G.o.d relic has a weapon spirit. The palace doors will open automatically as soon as you take your Royal Token out,” Huang Tianpu acknowledged, “The main control of the Emperor’s Palace is on the throne in the palace. You’ll have to spend some time registering your ident.i.ty.”

Lin Huang took the Royal Token out after he heard that. As told, the door opened automatically right away.

Huang Tianpu stood still at the entrance for a while and only followed behind them after Lin Huang and Xiao Mo entered.

Gazing around, Lin Huang felt that the interior of this palace was many times bigger than what he saw outside.

He saw almost neither the end of the building when he looked left and right nor the ceiling above his head. All he could see was a dark sky and countless stars.

It gave Lin Huang the feeling that it was not a palace, but more like a micro world.

“Master traded this Emperor’s Palace at the Royal Market. I heard he integrated many s.p.a.ce Rule pieces into this. It’s a relic close to true G.o.d-level. This s.p.a.ce is almost endless when talking about its capacity,” Huang Tianpu explained with a proud grin upon noticing Lin Huang looking around.

Lin Huang’s eyes lit up when he heard the explanation.

A relic that could integrate rule pieces indeed was a relic close to true G.o.d-level.

Lin Huang walked ahead and soon saw the throne Huang Tianpu was talking about. It was located on a pure golden platform.

There was a staircase covered in a red carpet leading to the platform. There were a total of 36 steps on the stairs.

The entire platform was close to 20 meters long, and five to six meters in length and width.

The throne was placed in the middle of the platform, over a meter away from the highest step. The throne was completely golden while the surface of the chair was so huge that even a three-meter tall muscular hunk would not feel suffocated sitting on it. The back of the chair was almost three meters tall and the sigils all over it formed a unique pattern.

There was a sunken decorative wall behind the throne. It was approximately ten meters tall like a city wall. The sunken wall was in an arc shape surrounding the throne while the rest of the wall stretched all the way to the end of the platform.

Lin Huang walked all the way up the stairs to the platform. He sat on the throne as if he belonged there. “This throne is pretty majestic but it’s a little too big.”

“You can change the size of the throne. This size is suitable for the ceremony tomorrow. Master Emperor, you can adjust the size as you wish after that.”

Lin Huang nodded and inserted his consciousness into the throne for the palace to recognize him.

After confirming Lin Huang’s ident.i.ty as a Royalty, the weapon spirit of the Emperor’s Palace did not repel him at all. Instead, it took the initiative to register him and completed it in less than three minutes.

Due to the restriction of authority, Lin Huang did not get Xiao Hei to seal the Emperor’s Palace into a card yet because as soon as the palace was sealed into a card, he would be not able to summon it.

Huang Tianpu only spoke after noticing that Lin Huang had completed the recognition process. “Master Emperor, there’s something that I’m not sure if I should inform you about in advance.”

“Although we didn’t invite any other organizations out there for the Emperor installation ceremony tomorrow, there’ll still be some media representatives coming.”

“So, the news of me being Emperor will still be known to the outside world?” Lin Huang’s frown deepened when he heard this.

“If you really don’t want to expose your ident.i.ty, you can put on a mask to hide your face. We will keep your ident.i.ty a secret.”

“You’re only telling me this now on purpose so that I’ll agree to take the position, am I right?” Lin Huang asked Huang Tianpu while stared at him.

“I did it because it’s the last resort. I’m willing to accept the punishment if you’re going to punish me, Master Emperor.” Huang Tianpu looked down immediately.

“Forget about the punishment. I hope such a thing won’t happen in the future.” Lin Huang waved and only spoke again after a moment of thought, “There’s no need for a disguise. It’s only a matter of time that my ident.i.ty will be exposed. Me revealing my ident.i.ty myself is better than being exposed. At least, I’m in control.”

“Your sister…?” Huang Tianpu started.

“Bring me to her. We’ll bring her to Division 1.”

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