Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1025 – Where’s The Underground Boss They Promised?!

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Chapter 1025: Where’s the Underground Boss They Promised?!

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Although the Emperor’s Palace was not as ma.s.sive as the giant Star t.i.tan airs.h.i.+p, it attracted even more attention as soon as it appeared.

Besides the Dynasty members, almost every other organization knew that the Emperor’s Palace represented the Emperor himself. Under normal circ.u.mstances, the palace gates were hardly opened. Even the three Grand Dukes such as Huang Tianpu and Huang Tufu dared not simply step in. The Emperor was the only one who could pa.s.s the recognition and control it.

At the moment, the Emperor’s Palace was hovering midair. Clearly, someone was controlling it and the people could guess who.

“It seems like the Emperor has really been born. Otherwise, the Emperor’s Palace wouldn’t have such a huge event.”

“They brought out the Star t.i.tan and the Emperor’s Palace. The Emperor’s birth is the only explanation for such a huge event.”

“Who will be the newly appointed Emperor? Could it be Huang Wuji? Or maybe the other Princes pa.s.sed the Royal Trials!”

Attendees from all the organizations were discussing among themselves.

The appearance of the Emperor’s Palace made many organizations that had doubts over why Dynasty had such fanfare out of nowhere realize what was really going on — the Emperor was born!

Countless eyes were staring at the Emperor’s Palace gates in antic.i.p.ation to see who exactly the Emperor was.

Everyone knew that Dynasty’s newly appointed Emperor was right behind the gates at that very moment.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang who was in the Emperor’s Palace had changed into a yellow robe with lively golden dragon patterns embroidered on it.

This robe had not been tailored in a rush within these few days. Instead, it was made of the battle armor G.o.d relic that the first Emperor had left behind.

Apart from defensive abilities, the battle armor G.o.d relic had a unique decorative function which was to change the attire to whatever style one wished. It could even be separated into a different top and bottom.

After the recognition process was completed, Lin Huang could not activate the defense system since he had no Divine Power. However, the battle armor’s decorative function could be activated by inserting Life Power.

Naturally, it was not him who came up with the design of the yellow robe. It was Huang Tianpu and the rest who had commissioned a master designer to create it. Lin Huang then activated the G.o.d relic according to the design on the drawing.

On the platform, hundreds of thousands of people soon formed a neat square formation under the monitoring of each division’s person-in-charge. They stood on both sides of the Emperor’s Palace, leaving a berth that was close to 100 meters wide.

By then only were the media representatives allowed in. All of the media representatives were cultivators instead of commoners.

Although they were cultivators, most of them had only heard of Dynasty, the top underground organization. They had never interacted with Dynasty members before. Most cultivators in their right mind would stay as far away as they could when they b.u.mped into underground organization members, let alone Dynasty that was such a ruthless organization. Most people had only heard of them but not seen them.

Therefore, most of them were very curious about this top underground organization.

A couple of media representatives were live streaming. The audiences would be looking at where the camera was pointing.

Many audiences were stunned to see the neat formation. If not for the fact that they were not garbed in military uniforms, many of them would have mistaken the Union Government as performing a parade.

Many of them secretly exclaimed how disciplined the underground organization was.

The media representatives soon began reporting, providing the people who were seeing Dynasty for the first time with a better understanding.

Everyone was impressed by the appearance of the 12 demiG.o.d-level airs.h.i.+ps, a giant G.o.d-level Star t.i.tan airs.h.i.+p, four demiG.o.d-level palaces, and a G.o.d-level Emperor’s Palace.

Many audiences who had little understanding of Dynasty were thrilled to see the newly appointed Emperor after hearing the media representatives’ explanation and seeing the grandeur of the parade.

Not that they liked the newly appointed Emperor who had yet to show himself, most of them were just purely curious. They wanted to see how this legendary underground boss looked like.

Soon, it was 10 a.m.

The installation ceremony finally began officially.

A white glow shot out of the Star t.i.tan and a majestic silhouette landed slowly.

Many Dynasty members felt emotional when they saw the silhouette. All of them recognized the person as soon as he appeared.

As the silhouette stood still in the middle of the airs.h.i.+p platform and the Star t.i.tan’s glow went away, the majestic silhouette’s thick voice soon spread.

“Yours humbly, I’m Dynasty’s Third Grand Duke, Huang Tufu! Representing the three Grand Dukes, I’d like to welcome all Dynasty compatriots here! Welcome, all media friends, for supporting us too.

“I’m sure many of you are familiar with my name but I’m not the highlight of today. It’s someone else. Before welcoming the main character of the day, I’d like to take some time to say this.

“It’s been 659 years since our first Emperor, Master Huang Tianyu, founded Dynasty. However, Dynasty has been dormant since Master Tianyu departed to the great world more than 300 years ago. I hereby announce that our dormant days are officially over from now on! The reason being, we have a new Emperor!”

As Huang Tufu said that, the hundreds of thousands of Dynasty members on the platform shouted while raising their arms, “The Emperor is invincible. Long live the Emperor!”

“Now, let’s open the stage to our main character of the day!” Huang Tufu declared loudly, “Our Emperor!”

“The Emperor is invincible, long live the Emperor…”

As the Dynasty members screamed the slogans repeatedly, the gates of the Emperor’s Palace finally opened slowly. Everyone s.h.i.+fted their focus to the gates.

Three silhouettes who walked out; one walked ahead while the other two followed behind.

The leading young man wore a yellow robe with dragon patterns. He looked very young and handsome.

Meanwhile, the men in yellow vests flanked behind him on his left and right.

On the left was an old man with gray hair and a beard. He was skinny but exuded tremendous power. On his right was a middle-aged man with a sound aura. One could tell that he had been pretty good-looking when he was young, but he looked elegant now.

Naturally, the leader among the three was the newly appointed Emperor, Lin Huang. The other two were Dynasty’s First Grand Duke, Huang Tianpu, and Second Grand Duke, Huang Wunan.

Many of the audience members were stunned when they saw Lin Huang because he was using his own face, so he obviously looked below 20 years old.

The first thought that flashed in most people’s minds when they saw Lin Huang was, ‘Isn’t he too young?!’

Even the countless audiences who were watching the livestream could not help but tease.

“I thought it’s the underground boss’s installation? Did the little kid next door go to the wrong set?!”

“So, anyone who is good-looking can be the Emperor of Dynasty?”

“I must say, this newly appointment Emperor has impressive looks that n.o.body can beat. With his face alone, I think he can rub the faces of all the other organizations’ leaders in the entire continent into the ground.

“The other organizations’ leaders are uncles and aunties. Some are even grandpas and grandmas. Dynasty has finally started a whole new genre. I like this! I hope other organizations will promote this genre too.”

“I’ve got a sudden urge to join Dynasty. Man, what should I do?”

“I share the same sentiment as the commenter above.”

“+100 million to the commenter above!”

“With my heartthrob looks, I think I can be the Emperor of Dynasty too. If I can’t be the Emperor, I should be able to be crowned as Deputy Emperor…”

“F*ck off to the commenter above!”

“F*ck off +100 million!”

“F*ck off +1 billion!”

“F*ck off +10 billion!”

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