Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1026 – Coronation Of The Emperor!

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Chapter 1026: Coronation of the Emperor!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Xin and Xiao Mo sat in the pilot’s cabin of the giant Star t.i.tan airs.h.i.+p and watched everything that was going on down there through a screen.

If one were to ask where was the safest place in the entire Emperor City at the moment, apart from the Emperor’s Palace, it was in the giant Star t.i.tan airs.h.i.+p.

Lin Huang did not get Lin Xin to accompany him to the Emperor Enthronement mainly because there would be media representatives. If Lin Xin showed herself, she would definitely appear in photos and even appeared in the live streams. By then, she might become the target of some jokers from the Union Government.

Dynasty was an underground organization giant. As the underground boss, Lin Huang would definitely attract hatred from the Union Government members who were Dynasty’s rivals.

After all, there were many keyboard warriors on the Internet. They could say whatever they wanted on the Heart Network since it was impossible for Dynasty to kill them. the Emperor of Dynasty was an important person after all, and it would make big news if they managed to dig his ugly past up. If n.o.body managed to find any, it was only a matter of time for them to make one up. It was just something that people did to make themselves happy and famous, so why not?

Meanwhile, Lin Huang did not want Xiao Mo to reveal himself because of the Purple Crow. Xiao Mo used to be a Crow Spirit. Although he experienced a major change in appearance, there was a high probability that the people from the Purple Crow might recognize him.

Lin Huang was fearless of the Purple Crow. After all, he had fought the Crow G.o.d’s projection before. He just thought it would be too troublesome. He was too lazy to handle that, so the less trouble, the better.

Lin Xin and Xiao Mo had their eyes locked on the screen before them. They watched Lin Huang and the two Grand Dukes walk out of the gates of the Emperor’s Palace and stood on the platform at the entrance. The Emperor’s Palace then descended slowly and landed firmly on the airs.h.i.+p platform.

The hundreds of thousands of people present looked at the young silhouette standing on the platform, not for any other reason, but because he was the newly appointment Emperor!

It was Lin Huang’s first time having so many people watching him. He was secretly a little nervous. However, he gave nothing away on his face and hid his emotions well. Moreover, he soon adjusted his breathing and calmed himself down. Apart from the two Grand Dukes around him, n.o.body else noticed anything off.

Seeing Lin Huang’s face, everyone who was watching was shocked by how young Lin Huang was. He obviously looked below 20 years old.

Many Dynasty members were also shocked since they knew how Dynasty’s Princes looked like. However, this newly appointed Emperor was none of the Princes they knew.

Nonetheless, Huang Tianpu and Huang Wunan standing beside Lin Huang were proof. Many of them suppressed the doubts they had. This newly appointed Emperor clearly had the support of the three Grand Dukes. Furthermore, it was impossible for the three Grand Dukes to support a newly appointed Emperor for no reason.

As Lin Huang stood still on the platform, he glimpsed at the people who stood in the first two rows. He saw more than 15 demiG.o.ds (apart from the Third Grand Duke) and at least 100 imperial-level Dynasty Dukes in one glance alone. There were at least 1,000 people on immortal-level and more than 10,000 people on holy fire-level.

Dynasty was really a terrifyingly powerful organization!

As Lin Huang glanced at the people from Dynasty, Huang Wunan, who stood on his right, spoke, “There’s no other reason why we’re gathered here today than celebrating this major event! Let’s witness the birth of our new Emperor together!”

The people from Dynasty began exclaiming in one accord as soon as he was done speaking, “The Emperor is invincible. Long live the Emperor!”

Huang Tianpu only signaled them to quieten down after the people chanted for a while.

Soon, everyone from Dynasty went silent and Huang Tianpu began speaking, “Without further ado, the coronation of the Emperor has officially begun!”

After saying that, Huang Tianpu took out a golden crown that he had prepared ahead from his storage s.p.a.ce.

The crown did not look sophisticated. Instead, it was rather crude. It looked like it was made of vines, the ends of which were made of mini sharp blades.

The Emperor’s Crown was not an ordinary crown but a G.o.d relic. To be exact, it was a soul-type defense G.o.d relic. It could defend a ma.s.sive number of soul-type attacks and weaken the intensity of soul-type attacks.

Just like the royal robe and the giant Star t.i.tan airs.h.i.+p, the first Emperor Huang Tianyu had traded this the Emperor’s Crown at the Royal Market.

Huang Tianpu held the Emperor’s Crown in both hands as he turned around and walked to Lin Huang. Then, he put it on Lin Huang’s head in all seriousness.

Though crude, the Emperor’s Crown did not look absurd on Lin Huang’s head at that moment. It even complemented the yellow robe on his body.

After putting the crown on Lin Huang, Huang Tianpu returned to his left.

Meanwhile, Huang Wunan, who was on Lin Huang’s right, held a short saber with a scabbard with both his hands. He stepped forward and held the saber over Lin Huang’s head while the latter was down on one knee.

The short saber was approximately a foot and eight inches long. It was completely black with 12 vertical golden dragon patterns carved on it. The scabbard, however, was the complete opposite. It was golden with huge black dragon patterns carved on both sides.

Lin Huang stretched both arms and took over the short saber together with the scabbard. Huang Wunan then returned to where he was.

The saber was called the Emperor’s Saber. Although it was also a G.o.d relic, it was more of a decorative item than a practical one.

The first Emperor Huang Tianyu had only traded this at the Royal Market back then just because it looked appealing. He thought it would look great hanging on his waist as an accessory. In reality, he was not a saber cultivator but a combat cultivator. The short saber became an accessory ever since he purchased it. It almost never got out of the scabbard, let alone harm anyone.

Lin Huang was a sword cultivator. Moreover, he already had a G.o.d battle sword relic. He would not be using it even if he elevated to virtual G.o.d-level.

However, looking at the items left behind by the previous Emperor, Lin Huang could tell that Huang Tianyu was definitely a master at showing off.

One with a crown on his head, a yellow robe with dragon patterns and a short saber with dragon patterns on his waist.

Lin Huang faintly felt like he was the king of all generations with all the get-up.

After hanging the Emperor’s Saber on the right side of his waist, he lifted his head up again and glanced at the people.

This time, Lin Huang’s imposing manner was completely different from before.

Many people could clearly sense that his combat strength was only on immortal-level. However, looking at him fully equipped, they felt like they were watching a mighty Emperor who had been sent down to the world.

Lin Xin’s eyes lit up as she watched Lin Huang through the screen in the Star t.i.tan. “Brother is so handsome!”

Even Xiao Mo, who was sitting aside, nodded too. “He looks so cool!”

Following the schedule Huang Tianpu had given him earlier, Lin Huang knew it was his turn to speak after he was fully equipped.

He looked at the people beneath him and his voice vibrated from his chest. It soon spread through the venue.

“Welcome, everyone. My name is Lin Huang.”

“From today and from this moment onward, I’m officially the Emperor of Dynasty!”

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