Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1027 – Who’s Lin Huang?!

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Chapter 1027: Who’s Lin Huang?!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The birth of the Emperor of Dynasty soon created a stir among the cultivation world.

Dynasty, which had had no Emperor for the past 300 years, had progressed to the top three underground organizations. Now that they had an Emperor, one could imagine how prosperous would Dynasty’s future be.

Lin Huang’s name became the headlines of all the cultivation media on the day itself.

The photos of him with the yellow robe, the crown on his head and a short saber hanging from his waist spread through Divisions 1 to 12 in less than half a day. More than 90% of the people in the cultivation world had seen his face by now.

On that day, the top three topics on all the forums were related to Lin Huang.

The topic that was the most popular was the same question — who was Lin Huang?!

A young man whom n.o.body had heard of was crowned the Emperor of Dynasty and became a legendary underground boss all of a sudden. Countless people were curious. Who exactly was this young man?

A minority of them even wanted to study if they could copy and apply this young man’s way of succeeding to themselves.

Who was Lin Huang?

Not only everyone wanted to know the answer to this question. The next second when Lin Huang announced his name in the livestreams, the intel units of all the organizations began their frantic search, browsing for every information that was related to his name.

From Divisions 1 to 3, many organizations in the three core zones found up to 1,000 pieces of information about Lin Huang within the core zones. They then spent a whole day comparing notes but found out that none of the faces matched Lin Huang’s.

On the next day, the range of the search expanded. It spread to Divisions 4, 5… to Division 12.

The data of more and more people who had the same name as Lin Huang were collected by all organizations.

As all the organizations were busy searching Lin Huang’s ident.i.ty, some friends who knew him saw the related news one after another.

Even if they did not see the livestreams, they would see his name and face plastered all over the place on that day. It was hard to miss.

Almost everyone who knew Lin Huang was shocked to see the news. They doubted if the media had made a mistake. However, seeing that many other media were spreading the same news and that the videos were going viral online, they finally confirmed the authenticity of the news.

Just when the installation ceremony ended, Lin Huang saw a couple of missed calls on his communication page.

It was from the siblings Yi Zheng and Yi Yeyu, and Li Lang and Leng Yuexin.

He was going to call them since he had the time now, but his Emperor’s Heart Ring vibrated suddenly. It was his master who was calling this time, so he picked the video call up right away.

In the video call, Mr. Fu was relaxing on a beach chair while squinting. He asked right away when Lin Huang picked up the call, “My disciple, is Dynasty giving you a hard time?”

“No, they even gave me a bunch of G.o.d relics,” Lin Huang said while smiling and shaking his head. “But I can’t use them just yet.”

“This Emperor thing, you can tell me if you’re doing this against your will.” A ferocious gleam flashed through Mr. Fu’s eyes.

“I’m doing it pretty willingly. If I can be honest, we’re just using each other. They need me to be their Emperor to solve a crisis while I need their power to achieve a goal.” Lin Huang was alone in the Emperor Palace, so he was not afraid that others would overhear what he was saying.

“Solve a crisis?” Mr. Fu was skeptical.

“Master, you remember that I told you about secretly partic.i.p.ating in the Royal Trials a few months back, don’t you? In reality, Dynasty is just an affiliate organization of Royal from the great world,” Lin Huang told him the story of Dynasty and Royal.

Mr. Fu only spoke slowly after a moment of silence, “So, there’s a big, great world out there…”

“With the ident.i.ty as a Royalty, they daren’t do anything to me even if I disagree to be their Emperor, let alone now that I’m crowned their Emperor.”

“Your ident.i.ty is indeed shocking to them. It’s brilliant to have an organization to depend on, but beware, don’t let Dynasty mess you up,” Mr. Fu advised in relief.

“Master, now that I have the ability to protect myself, can you tell me about what happened to the Virtual G.o.ds of this world?”

Mr. Fu lifted his head and glanced at Lin Huang upon hearing the question. “Seems like you’ve found out about something.”

“I only know apart from you, there are many people who’ve elevated to Virtual G.o.ds through the integration of G.o.dhead. That’s all I know.” Lin Huang nodded.

“Since you asked, I’ll tell you everything today.” Mr. Fu sat up from the beach chair and crossed his legs before speaking again slowly, “Indeed, I’m not the only Virtual G.o.d in this world. I’m just the last Virtual G.o.d on the surface.

“Through the past 800 years since the new era began, the change of the cultivation system has boosted hundredfolds of cultivators compared to our time back then.

“The increased number of cultivators also increased the exploration of the ruins by heaps. A sea of resources was excavated, including war remnants, G.o.d’s corpses, G.o.dheads, G.o.d relics and even a small amount of true G.o.d-level items from the ancient times.

“Since the new cultivation system caused no one to be able to kill virtual G.o.d-level monsters with their imperial-level combat strength throughout centuries, many people began looking for ways to break through. Integrating G.o.dheads was one of them.

“Since the first person found out that integrating G.o.dheads could elevate them to Virtual G.o.d, G.o.dheads became a hot item. Countless people followed suit but only a minority of them succeeded while most people died from the explosion. After thousands of people experimented it by themselves, everyone realized that there were many issues with elevating to Virtual G.o.d via the integration of the G.o.dhead.

“First of all, which is the most unacceptable reason, would be that one’s combat strength wouldn’t be able to elevate if they achieved virtual G.o.d-level via integration of the G.o.dhead. No matter how high the compatibility of the G.o.dhead was with the person, it wasn’t a G.o.dhead that one consolidated by themselves after all.

“The second one would be the compatibility of the G.o.dhead with the integrator. Not all G.o.dheads can be integrated, so it’s easy for one to die from an explosion during the integration with poor compatibility.

“Thirdly, the grade of the G.o.dhead affects the success of integration. A G.o.dhead has a total of nine grades from grade-1 to grade-9. Grade-1 has the highest success rate of integration. The higher the G.o.dhead’s grade, the lower the success rate. Due to one’s body and intensity of the soul, the success rate of integration above grade-3 is almost zero. Even very few people have succeeded in integrating with a grade-3 G.o.dhead. From what I know, all the integrators who used G.o.dheads above grade-3 died of self-explosion; none of them survived.

“The fourth would be the will remnant of the G.o.dhead. Many G.o.dheads would have the will remnant of the original owner. Such a G.o.dhead is extremely dangerous. As long as the integration is completed, there’s a high chance that the will remnant might take over the body. However, such a will remnant would usually lie in hibernation mode before it’s activated, so there’s no way of detecting its existence.

“The fifth would be the mutation from a monster’s G.o.dhead. Since many G.o.dhead sources can’t be identified, some people integrate a monster’s G.o.dhead unintentionally as they have a very similar aura to a human’s G.o.dhead. A monster’s G.o.dhead usually has low compatibility with humans whereby it always ends up in death from self-explosion. However, there were a few successful cases. However, all of them had mutations without any exceptions. All the integrators’ bodies would turn into beasts on a certain level. It would even affect one’s soul slowly, causing the integrators to lose their human nature gradually.

“The sixth issue would be that as soon as the foreign integration of the G.o.dhead is successful, there’s no way of removing it or replacing it with another G.o.dhead.

“Because of all these disadvantages, the integration of the G.o.dhead to get to virtual G.o.d-level only blew up for a while and people soon stopped trying. However, many organizations got quite a substantial reward for this experiment when they made over 20 virtual G.o.d-level powerhouses.”

“Only over 20 people succeeded out of the thousands of people who tried?” Lin Huang raised his brow when he heard that revelation. The success rate was incredibly low.

“Apart from the integration of the G.o.dhead, some organizations found another way to make Virtual G.o.ds. They interacted with True G.o.ds from another world and got the True G.o.d to send his will to modify potential cultivators with Divine Power. They would elevate the cultivator’s combat strength to perfect-stage imperial-level purple gold-rank directly and modify their bodies and souls so that they could take in the Divine Power. They would then break through by cultivating with G.o.d-level methods.

“This is just like how Saints and the Purple Crow do it! But it then became a technique for True G.o.ds to obtain a puppet.

“No matter what, there are around 30 people who have reached virtual G.o.d-level with all sorts of techniques. However, their combat strength basically stayed within Virtual G.o.d rank-3. They’re just kids to me.”

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