Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1029 – Congratulations, You’ve Obtained An Affiliate — Dynasty

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Chapter 1029: Congratulations, You’ve Obtained An Affiliate — Dynasty

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Huang Tianpu walked to Lin Huang slowly.

“Master Emperor, about Royal’s affiliation…”

“Alright, I’ll activate the authorization now,” Lin Huang responded.

Ever since the first Emperor died, Dynasty had always been in inactive mode on Royal’s affiliation list.

He took out the Royal Token and clicked on the affiliates’ page. When he found Dynasty on the page, Lin Huang clicked on the ‘activate’ b.u.t.ton.

“Are you sure you want to activate the grade-1 organization No. D000857142? After it’s activated, the organization will become your affiliate automatically.”

“Yes!” Lin Huang clicked on the b.u.t.ton right away.

“Grade-1 organization No. D000857142 — Dynasty has been activated. Congratulations, member Lin Huang, you’ve obtained an affiliate — Dynasty. You can learn more about the affiliate by clicking into the affiliate option on your personal page.”

Just when Lin Huang was done with that, a notification popped up on Huang Tianpu’s Emperor’s Heart Ring all of a sudden.

He opened it immediately to see a notification from Royal.

“Grade-1 organization No. D000857142 — Dynasty, your affiliate, now belongs to Rank-A member Lin Huang!

“Congratulations, Dynasty! Your affiliate’s authority level has been advanced from Rank-C to Rank-A!”

Almost at the same time, the same notification was sent to Lin Huang’s Emperor’s Heart Ring too.

He could not help but arch his brow when he skimmed through the message. “Oh, wow! I can’t believe it’s connected to my Emperor’s Heart Ring!”

In reality, all of Dynasty’s upper echelon received the same notification at the same time when both of them did.

Not only was the affiliate’s authorization activated, but it was also boosted from Rank-C to Rank-A, much to the relief of Huang Tianpu and the other demiG.o.ds. Apart from the three Grand Dukes who knew about Lin Huang’s authorization rank, the rest of the upper echelon were excited to see the boost of an affiliate’s authorization.

“Thank you, Master Emperor, for solving Dynasty’s burning crisis!” Huang Tianpu thanked him immediately.

“Dynasty is my affiliate now. I won’t shortchange you guys of a single credit point in regards to the benefits you deserve. However, I hope that you guys can give all of your efforts. Don’t do anything that I don’t want you to do behind my back.” Lin Huang gave Huang Tianpu an earful again.

Huang Tianpu nodded all the way and left after that short speech. After he left, Lin Huang tapped on the token to project his personal page.

“Member: Lin Huang

“Gender: Male

“Age: 18 (turning 19 after the 8th of August)

“Authorization: Rank-A

“Qualification a.s.sessment: Grade-A

“Combat Strength: Immortal-level Rank-10 (candidate’s cultivation system’s standard)

“Personal Trading Points: 1,632,831

“Affiliate Organization: Dynasty (Grade-1)

“Remarks: You acc.u.mulated more than a million points in the Rank-D Royal Trials and attained a perfect qualification in the a.s.sessment. You’re given Rank-A Royalty authorization!”

The information on the personal page was simple. Lin Huang only glanced through it roughly and clicked the affiliate option open. Another page popped up.

“Dynasty (Owner: Lin Huang)

“Organization Grade: Grade-1

“Organization Authorization: Rank-A

“Member List: Huang Baiyu, Huang Haoyang, Huang Tianpu, Huang Wunan, Huang Tufu…”

Lin Huang studied the details immediately when he saw the organization grade. “The organization grade is only grade-1? How does the grading system work?”

“Organization Grades

“Grade-0: No Virtual G.o.d.

“Grade-1: Has one or more Virtual G.o.ds and less than 100 Virtual G.o.ds.

“Grade-2: Has one or more True G.o.ds. If there’s no True G.o.d, grade-2 is a.s.signed if there are more than 100 Virtual G.o.ds.

“Grade-3: Has one or more Heavenly G.o.d. If there’s no Heavenly G.o.d, grade-3 is a.s.signed if there are more than 100 True G.o.ds.

“Grade-4: Has one or more half-step Lords and above 20 Heavenly G.o.ds.”

“Grade-5: Has one or more Lords.”

Lin Huang was speechless after reading it. “Alright then, so there are no grade-2 organizations in this world at all at the moment if they grade it like that.”

“Huang Baiyu, Huang Haoyang?” Lin Huang proceeded to read. He was surprised to see the first and the second names on the list, but he soon found out who the duo was. “I guess this list goes by one’s combat strength.”

Although he heard Huang Tianpu mention Dynasty having two Virtual G.o.ds, he did not specify their names. Now, it seemed like the duo was Huang Baiyu and Huang Haoyang who were on the list.

Lin Huang began reading the duo’s personal details immediately.

“Huang Baiyu (Real Name: Bai Yu)

“Gender: Male

“Age: 721

“Qualification a.s.sessment: Grade-B

“Combat Strength” Virtual G.o.d-level (rank-3)

“Organization: Dynasty (Grade-1)

“Personal Trading Points: 3,581

“Biography (click here for details)”

“Huang Haoyang (Real Name: Zhou Haoyang)

“Gender: Male

“Age: 811

“Qualification a.s.sessment: Grade-C

“Combat Strength” Virtual G.o.d-level (rank-2)

“Organization: Dynasty (Grade-1)

“Personal Trading Points: 2,317

“Biography (click here for details)”

“They’re really on virtual G.o.d-level!” Lin Huang confirmed his speculation when he saw the duo’s combat strength. However, he was confused. “Why do they have trading points as well?”

He clicked on the points and saw the explanation.

“The owner of the organization will obtain commission points from points affiliate members have obtained in missions or hunts in the trial zones.

“Condition for commission: 5% for Rank-D members; 10% for Rank-C members; 20% for Rank-B members; 30 for Rank-A members (The commission comes from extra points and doesn’t affect the affiliate members’ points)

“Remarks: The points affiliate members have obtained can only be used to trade in the affiliate market and not in the Royal Market. The reward points the organization owner obtained won’t be restricted to the source of the points. The points can be used in the Royal Market.”

Lin Huang’s eyes lit up when he read the conditions. “Not only will I be able to earn points, but I can also get my organization members to earn points for me too! Although the most I can get from each of them is 30%, it’ll be a lot when hundreds of thousands of them add up together. If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be better if I have more organizations under me?”

“If I’m not mistaken, Royal should have a limit on the number of member affiliate organizations.” b.l.o.o.d.y stretched its head slowly to peek out of Lin Huang’s sleeve.

Lin Huang nodded and went back to his personal page. Then, he began reading the restrictions.

Soon, he found the description of the affiliate organization.

“Number of affiliates allowed for Rank-D members: 1; Number of affiliates allowed for Rank-C members: 3; Number of affiliates allowed for Rank-B members: 10; Number of affiliates allowed for Rank-A members: 30.

“As expected, there’s a limit on the number. That’s why the Royalties prefer to train affiliate organizations of a higher rank. The higher the rank of the affiliate, the more points they can earn.”

After reading the description of the affiliate, Lin Huang began reading other restrictions that applied to him.

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