Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1032 – Implementing New Rules

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Chapter 1032: Implementing New Rules

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Lin Huang’s ident.i.ty was exposed on the second day of the coronation.

He came from Division 7 and was 19 years of age (not calculated according to his actual date of birth).

He was the direct disciple of a virtual G.o.d-level powerhouse, Mr. Fu. Apart from that, he was both a sword cultivator and an Imperial Censor.

He joined the Purple Crow training camp for a short time and escaped by faking his death.

He was not educated, but he was once a teacher at Martial Hunter College’s Sword Dao in the White Capital City of Division 7.

He had a sister whose name was Lin Xin. Ever since she dropped out of a foundation inst.i.tute, she had been missing for close to three years.

According to reliable sources, Lin Xin had a fake ident.i.ty called Ling Xue. She used to study at Martial Hunter College in the White Capital City of Division 7. She graduated with perfect scores and became the college firearms teacher. She went missing again a few days ago.

Looking at Lin Xin’s situation, Lin Huang most probably had a fake ident.i.ty too.

Besides Lin Huang, Lin Xin’s ident.i.ty was exposed too. Even her fake ident.i.ty was exposed since she did not disguise herself.

Because Lin Huang disguised as Lin Xie with another appearance, that ident.i.ty of his had yet to be exposed at the moment.

People were talking about the exposed information on Lin Huang on the Heart Network.

“It seems like Lin Huang isn’t that special apart from being a Virtual G.o.d’s disciple. Maybe Dynasty gave the Virtual G.o.d face, so they appointed Lin Huang as the Emperor.”

“Looking at the record, his sister is even better than him. At least, she’s educated. She even graduated from college with perfect scores.”

“I’ve got a better record than he does. At least, I went to college!”

“He didn’t even go to college. How dare he work as a teacher at the Martial Hunter College? I bet he must’ve gone in through the back door!”

“This newly appointment Emperor is horrible. He even joined the Purple Crow before? And faked his death to escape? I bet he was kicked out for his incompetence!”

Lin Huang did not even look at the comments on the Heart Network as he had been busy the past few days.

Within two days, b.l.o.o.d.y and Grimace worked together and came up with brand new rules and regulations as well as a reward and punishment system based on the systems of other organizations.

Dynasty’s original system was ditched while the new one was based on the Heretics’ system as the framework. Many contents and details were added in after b.l.o.o.d.y and Grimace put almost everything into consideration. Most of the added contents were based on the Hunter a.s.sociation.

Lin Huang wanted to create a neutral organization similar to the Heretics but with a better system. It resembled the Hunter a.s.sociation too but with more freedom and variety.

The new rules and regulations fit Lin Huang’s requirements perfectly.

Apart from the rules and regulations, there was a set of policies, especially for punishments and rewards.

The set of policies was comprehensive too. One of them was the trial zone leaderboard that happened once a month. Those who ranked on top would be given different rewards. The leaderboard was set up to encourage everyone to obtain points in trial zones as much as they could.

Also, b.l.o.o.d.y copied the Hunter a.s.sociation and set up an exclusive mission zone. There would be specialists looking after the mission zone whereby people could accept and even create missions. The more difficult and higher the level of mission, the more effort the challengers needed to put in as well as the more rewards they would obtain.

Apart from that, b.l.o.o.d.y even set up a trading market in Dynasty. There, Dynasty members could trade the extra resources they had with Royal points. They could trade Life Crystals or other items too.

After reading everything b.l.o.o.d.y prepared, Lin Huang provided very few suggestions for amendment before sending the brand new rules and regulations and reward and punishment system to Huang Tianpu.

Initially, Huang Tianpu thought Lin Huang’s new system would be strict. However, he realized there was even more freedom compared to the old Dynasty rules. He only applied some restrictions on killing. Moreover, the details of each rule and regulation were comprehensive whereby almost every possibility was listed. No thinking was needed in applying the punishment in the system since each offense stated the handling details.

If not for the traces of the Heretics and the Hunter a.s.sociation’s rules in the system, Huang Tianpu might have thought that Lin Huang copied this set of policies somewhere.

Meanwhile, Huang Tianpu’s eyes lit up when he saw the reward and punishment system, especially the trial zone leaderboard which rewards were handsome.

He then looked at the mission zone and trading market b.l.o.o.d.y had suggested setting up. A s.h.i.+ver of delight ran up his spine to see that.

He was a little worried that Lin Huang might mess things up after he was appointed. However, he realized that Dynasty would grow even stronger with all the new setup.

He gathered Huang Wunan, Huang Tufu and the other upper echelons of Dynasty for a meeting.

They spent the afternoon reading the new system Lin Huang provided thoroughly. None of them had any objections. All of them nodded and agreed to the new system.

They could not help but exclaim, “It seems like we’ve really found a great Emperor!”

The new system was announced right after the approval of the upper echelons. The mission zone and the trading market were set up immediately too.

As for the points leaderboard, Lin Huang linked Dynasty’s leaderboard data directly and opened another leaderboard from that. The leaderboard appeared in the Emperor’s Heart Ring’s projected page option of all the Dynasty members.

After he was done setting up the leaderboard, he then sent the list of 11 spies and 23 psychos b.l.o.o.d.y had compiled for him to Huang Tianpu.

He attached a note. “The 34 names on the list are all spies. Kill all of them and send their bodies to me.”

Huang Tianpu only glanced at the list and knew Lin Huang wanted to take the opportunity to get rid of the spies and those who had lost their humanity altogether. He said nothing and cascaded the order down.

Before the sky turned dark, the 34 bodies were sent to the Emperor’s Palace.

Lin Huang summoned the Undead Styx and refined the 34 bodies into corpse puppets right in front of the person who sent the bodies over.

The person who sent the bodies was a demiG.o.d. He was Huang Tianpu’s trusted subordinate. After watching that scene, his back was drenched in cold sweat. He told Huang Tianpu about it later on in confidence and the latter only smiled about it.

“Follow what Master Emperor said and spread the news. Tell people that Master Emperor has refined 34 spies into corpse puppets.”

“Spread the news… Wouldn’t Master Emperor come after me?”

“No, he did it in front of you on purpose so that you would spread it out to scare those guys who are against the new system. This is why he only gave me the name list after announcing the new system.” Huang Tianpu knew how Lin Huang thought.

“Understood.” The person who sent the bodies nodded and left.

In less than half a day, the news of Lin Huang refining spies into corpse puppets spread through the entire Dynasty, terrifying many.

“He killed them and even refined them into corpse puppets. This new Emperor of ours is merciless!”

“I’m afraid not all 34 of them were spies!”

“It seems like Master Emperor is determined to implement the new system!”

Lin Huang nodded in satisfaction hearing that the news spread out. “Huang Tianpu and the rest support this with full enthusiasm. With the warning, I think there won’t be many obstacles in implementing the new system.”

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