Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1033 – Dynasty’s Treasure

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Chapter 1033: Dynasty’s Treasure

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After Grimace helped b.l.o.o.d.y with the rules and regulations as well as the reward and punishment system for Dynasty, Lin Huang fulfilled his promise and elevated Grimace with the materials and Advance Cards that he had prepared beforehand.

Looking at the golden egg protecting Grimace, Lin Huang looked at the remaining Monster Cards he had.

“Since Grimace and the rest have elevated, including Kylie, Tyrant and the rest as well as the four Bug Tribe Queen Mothers which are on mythical-level since the beginning, I have 14 summoning beasts that I can’t use at the moment. Out of the monsters I can use, I only have a total of 18 imperial monsters which are Lancelot, Killer, the Evil Dominator, Thunder, the Fiend, the Imp, Warlord, b.l.o.o.d.y, Bing w.a.n.g, the Witch, the two Dark Crescent Snakes as well as the two t.i.tan Boas, the two Ghastly Spider Ladies and the Ghoul Lynx (excluding the thousands of Bug Servants) that I’ve obtained earlier. They’re enough for now.”

Initially, Lin Huang thought he would elevate the Viridian Wolf and the rest to make up the quota if he had insufficient imperial monsters. It seemed like there was no need to do that for the time being.

He only had 15 summoning slots. Naturally, 18 imperial monsters were enough.

However, after he gathered the materials and elevated his next batch of imperial monsters, he would have less than 15 imperial monsters to summon. It would not be too late to consider elevating the Viridian Wolf and the rest by then.

After putting the bunch of Monster Cards in his hand away, Lin Huang looked at his 32 broken G.o.dhead Cards. He had extracted them from the demiG.o.ds he had killed in the third layer of the Abyss Brink earlier.

Initially, he thought that those broken G.o.dheads were useless. He began collecting them since the stone tablet told him that they could be refined into Life Palaces with Divine Fire.

“Old Rocky, how many broken G.o.dheads do you think I need to refine the Life Palaces?”

“I’m not too sure about that since n.o.body has ever refined broken G.o.dheads into Life Palaces before. I can’t advise you if there’s no historical data that I can refer to. However, I think you’ll just have to use the same amount of broken G.o.dheads to refine the same amount of Life Palaces until your body is full,” said the stone tablet after a moment of silence.

“Are you sure there won’t be any issues as a result?” Lin Huang was slightly skeptical after hearing that n.o.body had ever done that before.

“It shouldn’t be a problem theoretically,” added the stone tablet after it was done speaking, “But if something really happens, I can extract those broken G.o.dheads from your body.”

“Alright then.” Although it sounded unreliable, Lin Huang decided to take the risk.

“If that’s the case, the more I gather, the better. Dynasty’s treasure hold must have quite a number of those. I must take a look.”

Lin Huang contacted Huang Tianfu immediately as he thought of this. He requested to visit the treasure hold. Huang Tianfu had no objection and agreed right away.

In less than three minutes after the call ended, Huang Tianfu arrived before the Emperor’s Palace. Lin Huang waved his hand to open the door while Huang Tianfu walked in.

“Aren’t we going to the treasure hold?” Lin Huang was surprised.

“Our treasure isn’t in Emperor City but in an alternate dimension,” Huang Tianfu smiled while explaining, “Master bought it from the Royal Market especially as a coded storage s.p.a.ce.”

Lin Huang was even more astonished to hear that. There was treasure available at the Royal Market?! And it was coded?!

“So, how do we get there?”

“The entrance is approximately 3,000 meters right beneath the throne,” Huang Tianfu explained further, “Master set the entrance beneath the Emperor’s Palace intentionally for safety purposes.”

“I can understand that.” Not only was it coded, but the entrance was also located beneath the Emperor’s Palace, which provided double protection.

“So, how do we get there?” he repeated his question. He understood that but he had no idea how would they go underground.

“Just give the weapon spirit of the Emperor’s Palace your order directly. Tell him that you’re going to the treasure hold and he’ll send us there.”

“I see.” Lin Huang interacted with the weapon spirit immediately. “Send us to the treasure hold.”

The platform under the throne experienced a tremor. Huang Tianfu stepped out and stood on the platform too.

In the next second, the entire platform began dropping rapidly like an elevator.

After over a minute of being plunged into darkness, with a resounding thud, the platform finally landed on a flatland deep underground.

Lin Huang saw ma.s.sive golden doors looming less than 100 meters from the platform.

The doors were completely a dark amber shade and were approximately 10 meters tall but they were locked with golden shackles as thick as a human thigh.

“Do you have the key?” Lin Huang turned around and looked at Huang Tianfu expectantly.

“Under normal circ.u.mstances, we’d need to apply to visit 24 hours ahead. The application has to be sent by the three Grand Dukes with less than three minutes’ gap in between the visits. After the application has been sent, the three of us would receive a different code. The next day after the 24 hours have pa.s.sed, the three applicants would have to arrive at the entrance of the treasure hold at the same time and key in the accurate codes. The dimensional portal would verify our ident.i.ties automatically, and the dimensional portal would only open if our ident.i.ties are accurate. If the number of people, the ident.i.ty verification or codes are inaccurate, the doors won’t open.

“However, since you’re the new Emperor now, all you need to do is show your Royal Token. Your ident.i.ty token has bound all the authority you have with Dynasty. The coded s.p.a.ce is a part of Dynasty too, so you have the authority. The dimensional portal will scan your ident.i.ty as soon as you show your token and your entry will be granted,” Huang Tianfu explained in detail.

“That’s really strict!” Lin Huang could not help but tease. He then took out his Royal Token.

As soon as the token was revealed, the thousands of sigils on the amber doors began swirling rapidly. They consolidated into an eye within the span of two to three breaths.

As the eye opened, a white glow shot out and covered the token in Lin Huang’s hand. The token then hovered in the air automatically.

A moment later, a golden glow darted from the token into the eye. The eye closed slowly as if it was falling asleep.

The amber doors turned to become dazzling gold as if they were fully charged. The shackles that were tied around the doors began fading one after another.

A moment after the shackles vanished, the sigils on the doors transformed again and there were now two arms on the left and the right doors respectively.

Subsequently, the doors opened slowly. They seemed to be pushed by a pair of invisible hands slowly.

As the doors opened completely, the ident.i.ty token turned into a golden stream of light and landed back into Lin Huang’s hand.

“Let’s go!” Lin Huang put the token away and walked in slowly. Huang Tianfu followed closely behind him.

As the duo walked in single file, the doors closed again slowly. The pair of hands solidified on the doors and turned back into the sigils like before while the shackles locked the doors again.

If this throne platform did not stay in this underground s.p.a.ce, n.o.body would know someone had been there before.

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