Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1034 – An Unexpected Gain

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Chapter 1034: An Unexpected Gain

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang was surprised to see how the treasure hold looked like as he entered the amber doors.

The alternate dimension where the treasure hold was located was very different from what he imagined.

He thought Dynasty’s treasure hold was a ma.s.sive warehouse when Huang Tianfu had told him that it was in an alternate dimension. In his imagination, the alternate dimension would be a s.p.a.ce with nothing but all sorts of treasures.

However, what he saw was completely different from his thoughts.

s.h.i.+ny and sophisticated palaces hovered in the air like islands in the sky. When Lin Huang gazed farther away, he saw all palaces but no treasure. It was not hard to guess that Dynasty’s treasures were stored in the palaces.

‘Building palaces in an alternate dimension for storage! How free was this Huang Tianyu exactly?’ Lin Huang was a little speechless about Huang Tianyu’s egotistic behavior.

Naturally, he did not say that in front of Huang Tianfu. After all, Huang Tianyu was not only the first Emperor, but he was also Huang Tianfu’s master.

However, Huang Tianfu seemed to read Lin Huang’s mind, so he explained immediately, “These palaces weren’t built. Master created them in this alternate dimension purely with his imagination. As long as the owner is willing, any storage structure can be created in this alternate dimension but the storage capacity remains the same.”

Lin Huang realized that he was overthinking earlier. He then changed the subject, feeling embarra.s.sed. “There are so many palaces! Are the contents inside all different?”

“Yes. Weapons, tools, methods, elixirs, all sorts of minerals and miscellaneous items are stored separately,” Huang Tianfu responded.

“Which palace stores items such as G.o.dheads?” Lin Huang asked.

“In the Mysterious Item Palace. Some rare G.o.d items and a minority of special items that can’t be categorized are stored in the Mysterious Item Palace.” Huang Tianfu pointed at a palace far away. “Do we go there now?”

“There’s no rush. Let’s just look around since we’re here.” Lin Huang looked at the palace Huang Tianfu was pointing at and s.h.i.+fted his focus to the few palaces nearby.

“It’s your first time here. It’s great for you to familiarize yourself.” Huang Tianfu nodded in agreement.

The duo hovered in the air and soon arrived before the first palace. The huge characters ‘G.o.d Weapon Palace’ were written on the sign above the entrance of the palace.

Lin Huang knew what was stored in this palace just by looking at the name.

“This palace is called the G.o.d Weapon Palace. All the weapons Dynasty has been collecting throughout the centuries are basically stored here. Sabers, spears, swords, halberds, axes, hooks… Basically, every weapon that you can think of are available here,” Huang Tianfu explained, “The lowest grade of weapon that we have in here are demiG.o.d relics. There are also six G.o.d relics. In total, there are over 500 weapons in here.”

“Let’s take a look.” Lin Huang raised a brow when he heard about the collection. A palace alone had hundreds of demiG.o.d relics and six G.o.d relics! Dynasty’s collection was abundant.

“The palace doors can only be opened with your ident.i.ty token,” Huang Tianfu added, “If we were to open it, all three Grand Dukes need to show our Dynasty ident.i.ty token at the same time.”

Lin Huang took out his token and a golden glow radiated from the token and covered the entire palace doors. A moment later, a rumble echoed while the golden doors opened slowly.

He then put his token away and walked in with Huang Tianfu.

The interior of the palace was sophisticated with detailed murals on the ceiling. Clearly, Huang Tianyu had put a lot of thought into this.

Lin Huang could not help but gush over how exquisite the design of the palace was.

However, although it was a palace, its function remained the same. There were different weapons placed in separate rooms in the palace.

Sabers and swords were placed in individual rooms. The rooms for larger collections of sabers and swords were bigger while collections with lesser items were placed in smaller rooms.

Among all the weapons, the sabers occupied the biggest s.p.a.ce. Over 60 sabers were arranged on the weapon racks one after another. There were intersecting paths in between that took up over 300 square meters of s.p.a.ce.

The second weapon that took up the most s.p.a.ce was the sword room. There were over 40 demiG.o.d-level battle swords.

Lin Huang did not stop at the sword room. Just like how he skimmed over the other weapons, he only peeped at the entrance and left.

What made him stay the longest was the room with telekinetic weapons. There were only four telekinetic weapons in Dynasty’s treasure hold, and only one of them was in the form of a flying dagger in which he was the most interested.

Lin Huang glanced through the G.o.d Weapon Palace like he was window shopping. Apart from stopping at the room with telekinetic weapons, Lin Huang only went into the room with the six G.o.d relics.

In that room, there were two sabers, a sword, a spear, a bow, and a giant hammer.

Lin Huang only picked the sword up and took a good look at it in silence before putting it back where it was.

Lin Huang walked out of the G.o.d Weapon Palace empty-handed. He then headed to the G.o.d Armor Palace with Huang Tianfu.

“You can take the telekinetic flying dagger and G.o.d battle sword relic if you like,” Huang Tianfu suggested to him as they walked out of the G.o.d Weapon Palace.

“I can’t use it yet with my current combat strength. Don’t worry. I won’t be shy when I need it and am able to use it in the future.” Lin Huang did not reveal that he already had a G.o.d relic battle and a few sets of demiG.o.d-level telekinetic flying daggers.

Huang Tianfu began to rattle an introduction off again as they walked into the G.o.d Armor Palace.

“There are four rooms in the G.o.d Armor Palace. There’s one room with full demiG.o.d battle armors, one with all sorts of s.h.i.+elds and other defense tools, one with incomplete armors and another room of G.o.d relics. There are three G.o.d relic armors, two G.o.d relic s.h.i.+elds, and over 300 demiG.o.d-level defense tools.”

Lin Huang nodded and began to look through the rooms.

He was not interested in the demiG.o.d battle armors and he merely glanced through the incomplete armors as well. Instead, he stopped at the room with the s.h.i.+elds and other defense tools.

Apart from the s.h.i.+elds, he saw many peculiar little items in this room. There were cloaks, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and even hair pins and hair bands.

The stone tablet spoke to him all of a sudden when he felt dizzy looking around.

“There’s a blue gem on your left. It’s the best item that you can take with you.”

Lin Huang looked down and saw a blue gem that was around the size of his little finger in the shape of a water drop. He picked it up with two fingers and asked Huang Tianfu, “What’s this?”

“We’re not too sure either. We hired a couple of appraisers but none of them knew what this is. We only know that this gem can block all sorts of detective techniques.”

“Do you mind if I take it back to study?”

“You can take it if you want since it’s just sitting here.” Huang Tianfu nodded with no expression on his face. He felt that Lin Huang probably knew what it was but he did not expose him.

Lin Huang spoke to the stone tablet quietly after putting the blue gem into his storage s.p.a.ce, “So, what exactly is this gem? Can you tell me now?”

“It’s a soul jewel that was formed naturally from spiritual energy that aligned with the Spirit Rule. The spiritual energy belonged to a dead true G.o.d-level cultivator who mastered the Spirit Rule.”

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