Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1035 – The Sorcerer Goddess Awakens

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Chapter 1035: The Sorcerer G.o.ddess Awakens

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Can you be specific? What does this thing do?” Lin Huang was still clueless even after hearing the stone tablet’s explanation.

“This item is equivalent to a natural spirit-type G.o.d relic. It’s even a true G.o.d-level Spirit Rule G.o.d relic,” the stone tablet proceeded to explain.

“Won’t there be a True G.o.d’s will remnant in there? It’s a True G.o.d who mastered the Spirit Rule, so it should be easy for it to do that, shouldn’t it?” Lin Huang asked rather cautiously.

“No, a soul jewel is made of spiritual energy naturally with the guidance of the Spirit Rule. The item will only be created when the spirit-type True G.o.d is completely dead. In the process of creation, the soul jewel will remove all information of the dead spirit automatically because according to the Spirit Rule, that information is just impure and redundant. The existence of a soul jewel is purely a natural spirit-type Spirit Rule G.o.d relic,” the stone tablet gave an even more detailed explanation.

“This is a dream for many spirit-type true G.o.d-level powerhouses because a soul jewel is a G.o.d relic which is mainly made of Spirit Rules. It’s the best Spirit Rule G.o.d relic out there whereby it boosts their attack and defense techniques by heaps!”

Lin Huang stopped walking all of a sudden when the stone tablet was halfway through his explanation. He felt Wu Mo’s True G.o.d’s blood in his body went through a tremor.

“Master Emperor…” Huang Tianfu was a little surprised to see Lin Huang stop walking.

“Give me a minute.” Lin Huang closed his eyes while standing where he was. He was checking what was happening in his body.

Sorcerer G.o.ddess Wu Mo’s body flew out of the drop of Sorcerer G.o.ddess’s blood in his body.

She said as soon as she saw Lin Huang, “I’m feeling the aura of a soul jewel around.”

“Sister Mo Mo, do you need a soul jewel?” Lin Huang was taken aback.

“Although it’s not something that can restore my combat strength, I can use a soul jewel to host my consciousness. If that happens, I won’t stay in a deep slumber like I always have before. Apart from that, a soul jewel doesn’t only make my soul grow, but I can also use its soul power to fight for a short period of time when necessary. Although there are many techniques that I can’t use as my ability might only be 1% compared to my peak, it should be helpful to you,” Wu Mo explained.

“I’ll give you the soul jewel then.” Lin Huang took the soul jewel out from his storage s.p.a.ce.

In the next second, Wu Mo waved her white sleeve and the soul jewel appeared in her palm.

Her body turned into gushes of white mist and penetrated the soul jewel. The drop of True G.o.d’s blood also infiltrated the soul jewel.

“I’ll use this soul jewel of yours for the time being.” Wu Mo’s chuckle that sounded like a silver bell came into his ears. Clearly, she was very thrilled about not having to sleep any longer.

“Don’t worry about it. Just take it.” Lin Huang thought of making the best out of this natural Spirit Rule G.o.d relic by giving it to Wu Mo since he could not use it anyway. The boss inside his body was once a powerful True G.o.d during the middle era. Although her remnant ability was less than 1%, she was not to be underestimated.

As Wu Mo penetrated the soul jewel, Lin Huang snapped back to reality and opened his eyes slowly.

“Master, is everything alright?” Huang Tianfu asked immediately.

“I’m alright. Let’s carry on.” Lin Huang shook his head and headed to the next room.

After spending a couple of minutes looking around the G.o.d Armor Palace, Lin Huang headed to the third palace with Huang Tianfu.

“This is Dynasty’s Secret Method Palace. To put it simply, it’s a library. However, all the methods and secret skills in here are at least pseudo-mythical-level, so there aren’t many of them. There are only a total of over 200 methods, and only five G.o.d-level methods and secret skills.”

“Are there any sword skills?” That was what Lin Huang was most interested in.

“There are one G.o.d-level sword skill and 17 pseudo-mythical-level sword skills,” Huang Tianfu confirmed.

Lin Huang headed to the section where the sword skills were placed as soon as he entered the Secret Method Palace. He memorized the sword skills in his head one after another.

It was almost evening when they left the Secret Method Palace.

Lin Huang got Huang Tianfu to bring him to the palaces one after another leisurely. He even found two materials that Wu Mo needed along the way. He informed Huang Tianfu and took the materials.

Huang Tianfu said nothing about that. To him, the items that Lin Huang took were nothing compared to Dynasty’s ma.s.sive treasure hold.

Eventually, the duo arrived at the Mysterious Item Palace where the G.o.dheads were.

“There are some rare G.o.d items and a minority of special items that can’t be categorized in the Mysterious Item Palace. At the moment, there are over 200 items with over 70 varieties.”

Lin Huang visited the rooms one after another, but he merely glanced into them without stopping.

He only stopped walking when he saw the room with a few G.o.dheads.

“Only four G.o.dheads?” Lin Huang frowned slightly. “How about demiG.o.ds’ broken G.o.dheads?”

“We didn’t collect those.” Huang Tianfu shook his head and looked at Lin Huang, feeling confused. However, he explained patiently anyway, “We usually pack the broken G.o.dheads we obtained from killing demiG.o.d-level monsters to send to trading companies together with the monster n.o.body wants that. Unlike Virtual G.o.d’s G.o.dheads, all organizations would fight for it every time it appeared.”

“You guys didn’t collect them?” That was out of Lin Huang’s expectations. Initially, he thought broken G.o.dheads were considered demiG.o.d-level items and that Dynasty’s warehouse should have at least 70 to 80 pieces, if not 100 pieces. He was astounded to find they had none.

“Forget it. Let’s call it a day.” Lin Huang could only forget about not getting what he most desired.

The sky had turned completely dark when the duo got out of the treasure hold and returned to the Emperor’s Palace.

Lin Huang looked at the time. It was already past 10 p.m. “You must be very exhausted after walking around with me for the entire day. Go back to rest.”

“It’s my job,” Huang Tianfu a.s.sured while smiling.

Wu Mo peeped after Huang Tianfu left and asked rather curiously, “Why do you need demiG.o.ds’ broken G.o.dheads?”

Lin Huang told Wu Mo about the plan of refining the broken G.o.dheads into Life Palaces like what he discussed with the stone tablet.

Wu Mo voiced her opinion after listening. “It seems like the cultivation system of your era is indeed problematic. You’ve Divine Fire in your body, so refining broken G.o.dheads shouldn’t be a problem. On a certain level, your new way of building your foundation is very attainable. Moreover, if it’s successful, there’ll be a dramatic transformation in your ability. You might be as powerful as a Virtual G.o.d by then.”

Lin Huang was even more determined to carry out his plan of refining broken G.o.dheads into Life Palaces after getting Wu Mo’s affirmation.

He requested to purchase broken G.o.dheads from the black market in Sweep City and the Wanbao Auction. He also got Huang Tianfu to issue an order to collect broken G.o.dheads.

Subsequently, he began browsing all the business section in the forums to see if anyone was selling broken G.o.dheads and other materials that he needed.

It was almost one in the middle of the night. He only went to bed feeling helpless after his effort of browsing through all the forums was to no avail.

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