Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1037 – Why Don’t You Get Out First

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Chapter 1037: Why Don’t You Get Out First

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Wei Shan wore a pair of and walked casually around the store across the Dynasty Court.

He looked many times smaller than his initial body after the disguise. He was only 1.8 meters tall with a skinny frame. He was disguised as someone inconspicuous to avoid people noticing him because he must stay low-key before completing something.

Since Lin Huang killed him three years ago for kidnapping Lin Xin, he had been thinking of taking revenge every second for the past three years. The hatred he bore for Lin Huang grew by the day.

For three full years, his soul had been stuck in a skull. Apart from being able to speak, he almost could do nothing else. He could not drink or eat, move, let alone flirt with women.

His soul finally s.h.i.+fted to this spirit’s body after it was restored a few months ago.

This body was much more powerful than what Wei Shan expected.

He knew that this virtual G.o.d-level body was one of the most precious collections his mother had. He heard it had been excavated from a grade-6 war site.

The G.o.d’s corpse had signs of preliminary decomposition when it was found and was turning into a spirit. Fortunately, his mother disconnected the consciousness by force before it could form entirely. She then made it into a puppet and put it into her collection.

Wei Shan had to beg her many times to use this most powerful item to become his body.

Since obtaining this body, apart from familiarizing with his body every day and doing some check-ups with his mother for the past few months, he had been collecting information about Lin Huang. However, Lin Huang seemed to have vanished over a year ago, so he could not find any information about him. His sister Lin Xin also went missing even earlier than Lin Huang did.

Three days ago, Wei Shan finally saw the face that he had never forgotten for the past three years in the headlines on the Heart Network.

The hatred that had been expanding every second for the past three years finally exploded completely.

Although Lin Huang had become the high and mighty Emperor of Dynasty while his mother advised him to be patient again and again, his hatred and rage crested when he saw Lin Huang’s face. There was nothing else in his head apart from revenge.

As soon as he escaped from his mother’s inst.i.tution, he contacted Old Huang that his mother had hired to be his bodyguard earlier. He had no idea who else he could trust.

Fortunately, Old Huang did not betray him. Instead, he arranged a disguise demiG.o.d relic for him and got someone to put him in a pet enclosure, sneaking him into the Emperor City in Division 1.

However, Wei Shan had no idea that it was not Old Huang who had arranged all that for him. It was someone else.

Wei Shan had been lurking around Dynasty’s headquarters for the past two days since he got into Emperor City.

No one in Dynasty was alerted to his existence since the Emperor had just been crowned and many organizations had a.s.signed many spies around Dynasty’s headquarters. The number of tourists was also a few folds compared to before.

Wei Shan had been squatting at the entrance of Dynasty’s headquarters for two days when he finally saw Lin Huang coming out early in the morning.

As Lin Huang and the rest stepped into the dimensional portal, he used his Divine Telekinesis and soon found out their destination coordinates. Then, he followed them secretly.

‘Two bodyguards, one perfect-stage demiG.o.d-level and one imperial-level purple gold-level. That perfect-stage demiG.o.d-level one guy is tough, but I don’t have to fight him. I’ll just make him stay back. Then, I can kill Lin Huang and his sister as long as I’ve bought myself a moment.’ Wei Shan began visualizing the fight in his head and planned it out quietly. He would attack as soon as Lin Huang and the rest came out of the Dynasty Court.

Lin Huang had no idea that he had been targeted.

After walking around the Dynasty Court, Lin Huang bought nothing else apart from a modified DevilEagle17 for Lin Xin.

He bought a demiG.o.d relic for Xiao Mo earlier, so there was no need to purchase any other equipment.

Lin Huang asked the staff when he arrived at the miscellaneous items counter, “Do you have any demiG.o.ds’ broken G.o.dheads?”

The staff was stunned for a moment and subsequently shook his head. “No. Broken G.o.dheads have very low profit. Our Dynasty Court usually doesn’t take in such a product. Even if our staff has it, we’d sell it to the Lu Clan’s Precious Treasure Pavilion directly. It’ll be sold at a much more expensive price after the Lu Clan has made it into decor while we take a commission from their sales.”

The staff noticed that Lin Huang looked rather familiar after answering him. Subsequently, he saw Huang Tufu standing behind Lin Huang and recognized the duo right away. He almost shouted out loudly while widening his eyes.

“Don’t you dare yell. Don’t alert anyone,” Lin Huang said to him through voice transmission.

“Master Emperor, Master Tufu…”

“We’re just looking around. Go on now.” Lin Huang nodded and turned around with Lin Xin and the rest in an attempt to leave.

“Master Emperor, you can tell me directly if you need broken G.o.dheads. I can get someone to purchase them from other trading companies.”

“I know. I’ve already told Tianfu that. I’m just out walking around and see if there’s any,” Lin Huang nodded. “We’re almost done with the Dynasty Court now. Let’s go to the next one. Which trading company is the closest to the Dynasty Court?”

“That would be the Union Trading Company,” Huang Tufu said immediately, “The Union Trading Company is just close to the Dynasty Court. Their main branch in the Emperor City is just on the right.”

“Let’s go to the Union Trading Company then!” Lin Huang walked to the entrance with them.

Before he arrived at the entrance, the Nightmare Tapir in his body spoke to him through voice transmission, “There’s someone with intense hostility against you outside. You might be attacked as soon as you step out.”

Lin Huang raised a brow. He could not believe that someone would dare to attack him in the Emperor City, even more so when Huang Tufu was just next to him.

He stood where he was and turned his head to say to Lin Xin, “Xin Er, go get me a drink. Get me the one that you told me about that’s tasty. We’ll wait for you at the entrance.”

“Oh…” Although Lin Xin was surprised, she agreed to it right away.

As soon as Lin Xin left, Lin Huang signaled Xiao Mo, commanding him to follow her.

“Let’s go. We’ll wait at the entrance.” Lin Huang and Huang Tufu then walked out of the Dynasty Court.

Lin Huang sensed a killing intent materialize, charging at him as soon as he stepped out of the door.

Huang Tufu sensed something off almost at the same time. He stepped out and blocked the front of Lin Huang.

A black silhouette appeared in a flash in the next second and collided with Huang Tufu.

An explosion blasted out at the same time as if tens of thousands of thunders struck while ripples of energy waves followed. They spread toward all directions like ripples on the surface of the water.

The marketplace had barriers set up, so the people in the marketplace were not affected at all, but it was a different story for the people on the streets.

Almost everyone was killed when their organs exploded as the ripples of energy waves spread out.

Naturally, the Ninetails Lynx pulled Lin Huang into its alternate dimension as soon as that happened.

Huang Tufu looked extremely terrible. The person had attacked so swiftly that he did not have enough time to charge the Divine Power in his body. He absorbed the attack filled with the Divine Power the person had been charging by force.

He only braced the attack for a moment, then his body completely drowned in the person’s b.l.o.o.d.y Divine Power. He then plummeted underground like a cannon.

“This guy is pretty powerful!” It was not difficult for Lin Huang to guess that the person should be a virtual G.o.d-level powerhouse. Although his combat strength was not on virtual G.o.d-level, his ability should be on par with virtual G.o.d-level.

“Get the h.e.l.l out, Lin Huang!” Wei Shan looked around and realized that Lin Huang was already gone. Naturally, he was not naive enough to think that Lin Huang had been killed by the impact earlier.

A silhouette appeared slowly at the entrance of the Dynasty Court.

The young man had a little white cat sitting on the right of his shoulder and a tiger with a long trunk on his left. There was a little elephant whose body was less than two meters long blocking his front.

“Why don’t you get out first?” Lin Huang grinned.

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