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Chapter 1039: Travel A Thousand Miles to Bestow A Head, A Small Gift May Be A Token of Profound Friends.h.i.+p

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If they were not in the city, Lin Huang was more than happy to watch the Destructive Divine Mammoth’s brutal fight with Wei Shan. After all, a battle between powerhouses that were comparable with Virtual G.o.ds was rare.

However, many buildings collapsed and civilians were killed just as they were at the beginning of the battle. If they went on, n.o.body knew how many more people in Emperor City would die.

Therefore, Lin Huang got the Nightmare Tapir to join the battle to get it over with as soon as possible.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, people who were experts at close combat would be weak when it came to soul battle. Since the Destructive Divine Mammoth managed to strike him within a short period of time, it meant there was a high possibility that he would be controlled by the Nightmare Tapir.

Naturally, the Nightmare Tapir knew that too. It nodded after hearing Lin Huang’s order. It took a step out and swung its trunk while releasing a deafening shriek.

An invisible sound wave spread out up to a hundred times faster than the speed of sound. It reached Wei Shan in the blink of an eye.

Wei Shan had his guard up when he saw the Nightmare Tapir moving all of a sudden. However, the sound wave swept him up in the next second. Halting abruptly, he was unable to move.

“What’s happening? He’s. .h.i.t just like that?” Lin Huang was stunned to see that. “Isn’t this guy a Virtual G.o.d?”

Initially, Lin Huang thought of getting the Nightmare Tapir to join the battle merely to interfere with Wei Shan’s battling rhythm.

However, Wei Shan was pulled into dreamland as soon as the Nightmare Tapir charged at him. He completely lost his battle strength.

“His soul is weak. It just reached imperial-level purple gold-rank,” the Nightmare Tapir explained, “I suspect he took over this consciousness-less body with his soul by force.

“Why is he not moving?” Huang Tufu had confusion written all over his face.

“Maybe something went wrong with his body.” Lin Huang gave a feeble excuse.

At that moment, Wei Shan’s disguise was removed since he fell into the dreamland. He regained his bruised corpse look again.

Huang Tufu was completely shocked when he saw him turning into a monster. “I don’t think it’s as simple as something having gone wrong with his body!”

Even Lin Huang looked lost. “Wait, what?”

He even suspected it might be an unknown side effect of being dragged into the Nightmare Tapir’s dreamland at first.

“This should be how he really looks like. Since I pulled his consciousness into my dreamland, it caused the demiG.o.d relic that he was using to lose its function and it retreated back into his body,” the Nightmare Tapir explained.

“I can’t believe he turned into a monster!” Lin Huang thought it was unbelievable. It was hard for him to imagine what exactly this guy had gone through for the past three years.

As Lin Huang was watching Wei Shan with Huang Tufu, Wu Mo, who was in Lin Huang’s body, peeped her head out of the soul jewel. “Can you give me this monster’s body?”

“Sure, I can’t do anything else to it apart from selling it anyway.”

This bruised corpse was obviously on virtual G.o.d-level. Since the Undead Styx could not resurrect it, there was no reason for keeping it.

“Although this body is much weaker compared to a true G.o.d-level body, it shouldn’t be a problem to use it as a host for a short period of time,” Wu Mo explained the purpose of her wanting the bruised corpse, “I can use it for the time being so that I won’t have to stay in your body.”

“When I’ve gathered all the materials for my own body, I’ll make this corpse into a puppet for you. That will be my rental dues,” Wu Mo declared while smiling. She was a Sorcerer Dao True G.o.d, so making puppets was a piece of cake to her.

“Sure.” Lin Huang accepted that suggestion right away.

Meanwhile, Wei Shan was in a tough fight in the dreamland.

The little elephant could almost suppress him, and now there was another tiger with sharp teeth and a trunk.

Every time the tiger mauled with its sharp claws, it was powerful enough to tear through anything. Although Wei Shan had a terrifying defensive ability, the Nightmare Tapir managed to lacerate deep wounds on his body, exposing his bones whenever he mauled.

There were more and more wounds on Wei Shan’s body as the two G.o.d Figurine’s Combat Souls worked together. The Divine Power in his body was draining rapidly and even the speed of his body recovery had dropped significantly.

Wei Shan managed to hold on for a whole day and night. Eventually, he was out of Divine Power.

“Why is G.o.d doing this to me?! I came back alive after three torturous years just to take revenge on him. Why is G.o.d treating him so well, giving him such powerful imperial monsters?!” He knelt on the ground while complaining about his horrible destiny.

“There’s no other reason than that you deserve to die!” n.o.body knew when Lin Huang appeared less than ten meters before Wei Shan. “Also, allow me to correct you. They’re not ‘some’ imperial monsters. They’re my combat souls.”

The Destructive Divine Mammoth stomped its feet as soon as Lin Huang was done speaking.

Wei Shan’s body turned into dust right away and was blown away with the wind.

While the tough battle in dreamland went on for a whole day, only less than a minute had pa.s.sed in reality.

Lin Huang even took the time to enter dreamland to witness Wei Shan’s final death.

The bruised corpse who was standing there was losing his vital signs quickly. Before Lin Huang managed to put him away, a blue glow shot out between his brows. In the next second, Wu Mo dragged the bruised corpse into Lin Huang’s body.

Lin Huang shook his head while smirking. “She’s so impatient.”

“So, that guy died just like that?!” In shock, Huang Tufu sensed Wei Shan’s vital signs fading all of a sudden too.

He peeped at the Nightmare Tapir and the Ninetails Lynx, faintly sensing that this should have something to do with the two monsters.

He s.h.i.+vered fearfully at Lin Huang. He knew very well how powerful that monster Wei Shan was, but Lin Huang had destroyed him like a piece of cake.

“Do a calculation on how many houses were damaged and how many people died.” Lin Huang had no idea what Huang Tufu was thinking as he turned his head to speak to him, “Compensate those who have families. As for those who have none, arrange their burials.”

“Sure, I’ll get it done.” Huang Tufu obeyed immediately.

If he had merely been fearful of Lin Huang’s ident.i.ty earlier, he was beginning to fear Lin Huang as a person.

He only had a combat strength of immortal-level, but he had techniques to kill a Virtual G.o.d. It was a little hard for him to imagine how terrifying he would be in the future.

“Also, whatever you saw today, just let it be. I don’t want the media to spread the word out,” Lin Huang ordered him, “Exposing my ability is a small matter but Dynasty will become a public target. It’s bad for Dynasty’s development in the long run.”

Huang Tufu figured that he had to think of a way to m.u.f.fle this incident too. If Lin Huang’s true ability was really exposed, everyone would know that Dynasty had an Emperor who had ridiculous abilities. By then, many organizations might collaborate to fight Dynasty because no organization would hope to have a second Union Government in this continent to suppress them.

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