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Chapter 104: Killing Wei Shan

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The female captain licked her lips as she saw Lin Huang leave the room, “He is quite the character. I like it.

Chen Wei could not sympathize with Lin Huang for what has happened to his sister and him. He felt pity for Mr. Wei instead, as he was rolling on the ground, groaning in pain. He thought in his heart, “Mr. Lin is young but he’s a ruthless man.”

“Where’s Lily?” Chen Wei asked Mr. Wei.

“In the bathroom.” The female captain answered.

Chen Wei hurried up to the bathroom. After a short while, Lily came out with a robe on.


Just as Lily got out of the bathroom, she wanted to pounce on Mr. Wei but Chen Wei stopped her.

“Lily, he is not your dad. His name is Wei Shan. He is a human trafficker who sells and kidnaps underage girls.”

“You have been brainwashed by this rubbish. You don’t know his actual ident.i.ty. You need help.” The female captain spoke gently to Lily.

“Pull this guy away. He is an eyesore to me. I’m afraid that I’ll accidentally kill him on purpose .” The female captain saw the wounds on Lily’s leg and gave a murderous stare at Wei Shan.

Chen Wei immediately instructed two people to carry Wei Shan to the clinic. He would definitely die if he lost any more blood.

The female captain then called a number and said, “Cleaner, please clean up room No.321 on the ninth floor.”

Lin Huang held Lin Xin in his arms and they went back to their room. He put her to bed and slowly, she regained her consciousness.

She felt dizzy as she opened her eyes and held her head tight. She was so happy to see her brother that she pounced on him.


“Everything is fine. It’s fine…” Lin Huang rhythmically patted her back.

Hearing her brother’s voice, Lin Xin burst into tears.

Lin Huang did not say anything. He let her cry, her tears and mucus on his clothes.

After some time, Lin Xin was emotionally stable once again. Her face reddened, she pulled back and said, “I’m sorry, brother. I shouldn’t have walked away from you.”

“It’s not your fault. Don’t apologize.” Lin Huang rubbed Lin Xin’s head “I’ll look for a doctor to check up on you.”

After a short while, the clinic appointed a female doctor to diagnose her.

“She is fine, she is just frightened. Although she hit her head, there are no signs of a concussion. You can apply a cold pack from time to time and you should be alright in no time.”

“Thank you, doctor.” Lin Huang was relieved.

After sending away the doctor, Lin Xin sat up and said, “Brother, I’ll take a bath and change my clothes.”

“Alright. Be careful, the floor is wet.” Lin Huang nodded his head.

Lin Huang walked to the balcony and called Chen Wei.

“Mr. Lin, is there anything I can do to help?” Chen Wei answered the call very quickly.

“What time is that fellow getting off the s.h.i.+p?” Lin Huang asked directly.

Chen Wei kept quiet.

“After getting off the s.h.i.+p, what happens to him has nothing to do with you. Are you protecting him?” Lin Huang’s sentence was powerful enough.

“Alright. He deserves it. He is getting off at Dongxuan City tomorrow morning at 9.20 a.m. There will be officers from the coalition government waiting for him at the get off point. It won’t be easy for you to finish him off.” Chen Wei told him the exact time.

“I just need to know the time. I’ll plan the rest.” Lin Huang was about to hang up when Chen Wei shouted at him.

“Don’t hang up yet. Regarding Wei Shan, he has a notorious background. He has gotten away with so many crimes. He has connections with members of the royal family. He is a human trafficker. Many of the girls have become slaves and he has trained them to serve people with special fetishes. If you kill him, many people would lose their supply of women and they will come after you…” Chen Wei said.

“It is important that he dies! His survival will ruin the lives of many young, innocent girls.” Lin Huang never wanted to let Wei Shan go. He only left the room because he clearly knew that the female captain who looked like a transcendent was not going to allow him to kill Wei Shan.

After hanging up, the urge to kill grew stronger.

Lin Xin ate her breakfast and played Gun Master in her room. This was around 9 in the morning.

Lin Huang arrived at the deck. He was standing somewhere near the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p’s exit, leaning against the s.h.i.+pboard staring blankly at the clouds below.

When it was about 9.15 a.m., the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p began its descent.

Wei Shan was escorted by Chen Wei and another security guard.

His arms had been st.i.tched up. Wei Shan grinned as he saw Lin Huang at the exit. “There is no use standing here. You will not be able to kill me on the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p or even after. Sending me to the coalition government is useless too. I’ll be out on bail after three days. The only thing you could do is seeing me remain at large…”

Lin Huang kept quiet and took a quick glance at him. He continued looking at Dongxuan City that was getting closer and closer.

Soon, the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p landed on one of the plazas in Dongxuan City. Wei Shan was sent away.

Lin Huang did not follow because he gave up on thinking of ways to kill him.

At the end of the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p’s exit, by the stairs, both of them handed Wei Shan to officers from the Union Government.

Chen Wei’s expression was incredulous.

“You little brat, I’ve told you before, you can’t do anything to me!” Wei Shen turned back and smiled at Lin Huang. “You must remember there is deep enmity between us. One day, I’ll sleep with your sister and send you the video…”

“That day will never come!” Lin Huang grinned.

A white-haired young man suddenly appeared behind Wei Shan like a ghost. There were two golden wings extending from his spine, turning into two sharp blades.

One of the blades penetrated through Wei Shan’s heart and a gigantic golden hook protruded from his back. He was hanging in the mid-air. The floor was b.l.o.o.d.y.

Wei Shan had not died yet. He was terrified, lowering his head to look at his chest and bloodied s.h.i.+rt.

The next moment, another golden blade that resembled a long sword penetrated his head from the back of his head, leaving a huge hole in his head.

“Daddy!” Somewhere near the s.h.i.+pboard, someone gave a shrill scream. Lin Huang saw it was Lily.

Lin Huang was not aware that there was a man in the crowd, dressed in a black suit taking photos of Lin Huang using the Emperor’s Heart Ring.

After a few shots, he walked out of the crowd and called a number, “Wei Shan has died. The one who killed him was a young man. I’ve sent you the photos. Check his background and if there is nothing special about him, kill him.”

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