Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1042 – A Girl Should Be Reserved But Not Too Conservative

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Chapter 1042: A Girl Should Be Reserved But Not Too Conservative

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“You want to go to Division 2?!” Huang Tianfu frowned slightly. He was almost speechless that Lin Huang, who had just been crowned Emperor four days ago, was requesting to go to Division 2 all of a sudden.

“There’s something that I need to settle over there. You don’t have to send anyone to follow me,” Lin Huang responded, “Also, I would need to borrow the Star t.i.tan.”

Huang Tianfu frowned even deeper now. He was really afraid that Lin Huang was going to run away.

Although Dynasty was now Royal’s affiliate again while they had regained all benefits and they were doing even better than before, their fate lay in Lin Huang’s hands after all. As long as he was willing, he could remove Dynasty from the affiliate list of organizations anytime he wanted. That was the reason why Huang Tianfu had been so obedient to him.

Clearly, Lin Huang knew Huang Tianfu’s concern, so he said while feeling helpless with a smile, “Don’t worry that I’ll run away. I’ll leave my Royal Token here and I’ll be back right after I’m done with my business.”

Lin Huang took his Royal Token out and handed it over to Huang Tianfu after he was done talking.

The reason he handed out his ident.i.ty token was simply that he was the only one who could use the Royal Token (anyone could claim owners.h.i.+p of trial token, but a token with an official member ident.i.ty could not be altered). To others, it was no different than a brick. n.o.body could even see the basic information, let alone use it.

Huang Tianfu hesitated and did not take the token. “You don’t have to do this, Master Emperor. Go ahead with your thing. The rest of the Dynasty members and I believe that you won’t leave us behind.”

He declined because he knew very well that it was redundant for him to have the token if Lin Huang was determined to run. Apart from the Royal Token holder, n.o.body else could use the token. The other reason was that the holder could reapply for the Royal Token if one lost it. To Lin Huang, applying a new ident.i.ty token would merely take two to three days.

“I won’t be bringing my sister and Xiao Mo this time since I’ll be back within one or two days. Please take care of them and don’t let any troublemakers enter Emperor City again.”

Huang Tianfu was completely relieved upon hearing what Lin Huang said. He knew that Lin Huang would definitely not run away and leave his sister behind.

“Don’t worry, Master Emperor. Tufu has been getting people to protect your sister secretly.”

“Also, this is a private matter. I hope that no one will see this. Don’t send anyone to follow me,” Lin Huang emphasized again.

“But the Star t.i.tan needs a professional pilot,” Huang Tianfu pleaded helplessly.

“I have my way of flying it. I don’t need a pilot.” Lin Huang’s imperial monster, the Warlord, was a professional mechanic. There were no mechanical items that he could not handle. Naturally, the same applied to the Star t.i.tan.

“Alright then. So, when do you plan to head out, Master?” Huang Tianfu asked again.

“Right now!” Lin Huang had come to Huang Tianfu just to inform him that and borrow the airs.h.i.+p.

Huang Tianfu was speechless at that moment. He removed a pitch-black ring on his right middle finger and handed it to Lin Huang. “This is the Star t.i.tan’s miniature ring. As the Emperor of Dynasty, you have access to activate it. The airs.h.i.+p will expand automatically as soon as it’s activated, so it’s best to only activate it when you’re somewhere s.p.a.cious enough.”

Huang Tianfu reminded him about some matters that he should take note of after handing the Star t.i.tan’s miniature ring over to him.

Lin Huang left Dynasty alone quietly after getting into the Star t.i.tan. He headed to Division 2. No. 2A1 foothold of Fengtian City was the core zone of the entire Division 2. It was even more bustling than the Magical Sky City in Division 3.

After entering the city, Lin Huang found a safe place and summoned Wu Mo from his pet spatial ring.

She could be kept in a pet spatial ring in the form of a bruised corpse as long as she did not fight it.

That was how Wei Shan had entered Emperor City earlier.

Since Wu Mo was summoned, she performed a few hand seals and turned herself into a young, beautiful lady. She wore a white dress and did not even use any disguise demiG.o.d relic. They looked very much like a beautiful couple when she strolled with Lin Huang. Many people could not help but stare at her.

Even Lin Huang could not help but ask, “Sister Mo Mo, is this how you really look like?”

“What do you think?” Wu Mo asked playfully.

“I think so.”

Wu Mo smiled without saying anything. In the end, she still did not answer his question.

Soon, the duo found the Wei Clan on the map.

To prevent the Wei Clan from noticing them, Lin Huang put on a disguise demiG.o.d relic mask to give himself a new face. He then pretended to be a couple with Wu Mo while approaching the area where the Wei Clan was located.

As the biggest merchant in Division 2, the Wei Clan’s castle was sophisticated which, in turn, made it a tourist attraction in Fengtian City.

There were many tourists all around the world visiting on normal days and occasionally, among those tourists were cultivators. It was a luxurious ancient castle that had existed for centuries after all and was not something that one saw everywhere.

Lin Huang and Wu Mo did not spend much effort to blend in with the tourists. Due to Wu Mo’s energetic character, the duo even made friends with quite a number of tourists.

“Young man, listen to your old man. Don’t ever let go of such a great lady or you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.”

“Girl, this guy isn’t too shabby. He’s handsome and he makes you happy. You must seize the opportunity if you like him. A girl should be reserved but not too conservative. Also, when you guys are together, you can complain occasionally but not too much. You will scare men away if you did.”

Many uncles and aunties even tried match-making the both of them. Some even imparted knowledge based on their experience.

Lin Huang had been in the sales line when he was on Earth, so he was a natural when it came to handling people like these.

Wu Mo did not shy away at all. Instead, she asked those aunties questions in all seriousness despite her being so much older than them.

The duo followed the tourists and walked around the Wei Clan’s ancient castle for over an hour. They even took photos everywhere like the tourists did, sometimes even taking photos with other tourists.

In between, Lin Huang was eager to ask about the setting of the coordinates for a few times through voice transmission. However, he swallowed what he was going to say after recalling that Wu Mo had specifically asked him not to do that as the Wei Clan’s Virtual G.o.d might cut him off.

After the tourists scattered while Wu Mo bade goodbye to the uncles and aunties enthusiastically, she chirped to Lin Huang though voice transmission, “All done! We can leave now. Also, someone from the Wei Clan has been checking up on us using Divine Telekinesis. They must’ve suspected us to be dupe tourists. Don’t talk to me through voice transmission at least 1,000 kilometers within the Wei Clan’s home. It’s better to talk after we leave this foothold. I’ll speak to you. Virtual G.o.ds can’t cut me off but demiG.o.ds might be able to do that if you speak to me through voice transmission.

“Next, we’ll go anywhere crowded. We’ll have to stay for at least an hour and leave after the person has completely given up checking on us with their Divine Telekinesis.”

Lin Huang said nothing. Being suspected as a fake tourist was totally within his expectations. The Wei Clan did not care about ordinary tourists but they would look out for cultivators who occasionally visited just for safety purposes.

He opened the map and found a large shopping mall nearby. He then brought Wu Mo there and they began to shop.

They initially planned to shop for an hour, but Wu Mo shopped for over five hours happily. They then left Fengtian City reluctantly and headed to the canyon in the north of Fengtian City.

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