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Chapter 1049: Agency EA

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang visualized the Death b.u.t.terfly from the Coffin Carrier’s G.o.d Figurine which was an Abyssal Protoss. Since there were quite a number of True Spirits that mastered the Death Rule, Lin Huang was having a hard time choosing which to visualize.

Eventually, he chose the Death b.u.t.terfly which combat ability was relatively weak because it guarded the Yin Yang Gate. It could travel between the material realm and the spirit realm when it reached true G.o.d-level.

Lin Huang did not know much about the spirit realm. He only knew that it should be the place spirits went to after they died.

Naturally, he had no idea what the death spirit energy Grandmistress Wei was talking about was at all. He could not help but ask the stone tablet when he heard Grandmistress Wei mention it, “What exactly is that death spirit energy she was talking about?”

“The death spirit energy is actually a special spiritual energy only possessed by spirits in the spirit realm. The unique fact about the death spirit energy is that not only does it possess a spiritual attack attribute, but it also contains a death attribute. Most of the living things will be dead as soon as they touch it. The reason how the two Virtual G.o.ds survived is that they’ve G.o.dheads protecting them inside their bodies. Moreover, this Death b.u.t.terfly of yours has a low combat strength. The death spirit energy it can use is on a low level.”

“This lady knows about the existence of death spirit energy and the spirit realm. She must know many things about the great world too,” the stone tablet reminded.

“It proves that she’s in contact with the great world.” Lin Huang nodded, but doubts rose within him at the same time.

‘According to the information we got earlier, G.o.d Bless’s Master G.o.d should’ve been born in this gravel world and he should be in this world at the moment. Why are they still in contact with the great world then? Could it be that Master G.o.d is just like me, a member from some organization from the great world?’

Lin Huang looked at Grandmistress Wei while smiling as the thought flashed in his mind. “You know quite a lot. You even know about the spirit realm?”

“Who exactly are you?! It’s impossible for this gravel world has so many quadruple mutated mythical-level monsters. Even if there are, they wouldn’t be captured by you so easily.” Grandmistress Wei looked at Lin Huang grimly.

“Didn’t you collect every piece of information about me? I’m just a normal person from Division 7,” Lin Huang said while smiling, “Well, about the imperial monsters, I just got lucky. Is it so hard to believe?”

“Even a dummy won’t believe what you said. I think you’re more like an old devil from the great world who took over Lin Huang’s body,” Grandmistress Wei expressed what she felt.

Lin Huang raised his brow when he heard that. He was surprised that Grandmistress Wei could have guessed something right about him.

It was just that he was not some old devil, but a little guy with conduit.

“I’m quite curious about the Master G.o.d you guys are talking about. Which organization is he from in the great world exactly?”

“Why would I tell you such a secret?”

“You don’t even dare to reveal the organization name. It seems like it’s just an insignificant organization.” Lin Huang showed disdain on his face. “Look at our Dynasty, we tell everyone that Royal is behind us. Even the Purple Crow dares to reveal that the Hundred-eyed Dark Crow Tribe is behind them. However, you don’t even dare to mention the organization that’s behind you guys. It only proves that the organization is an unrated organization.”

“I think you guys can consider to join me. I’ll be in Dynasty which is Royal’s affiliate organization. Leave your so-called Master G.o.d behind. What I can give you guys is so much more than what he can offer!”

“Lin Huang, you don’t understand how powerful the Master G.o.d is!” Grandmistress Wei remained firm. “Stop wasting your efforts. I’ll definitely kill you today!”

Grandmistress Wei’s hair began floating as soon as she was done speaking. The aura she had been hiding finally revealed itself. It was Virtual G.o.d rank-3 as suspected!

Naturally, she did not break through to this combat strength herself. Instead, she had gotten it from integrating with a G.o.dhead.

However, it proved that this lady was compelled to be able to integrate Virtual G.o.d rank-3 G.o.dhead successfully.

The housekeeper next to Grandmistress Wei revealed his aura too. He was on Virtual G.o.d rank-2.

Clearly, he had gotten the combat strength from integrating G.o.dhead too.

‘One Virtual G.o.d rank-2 and one Virtual G.o.d rank-3. I guess the coming battle won’t be as easy as before…’

A surprising turn-of-events happened on the battlefield just when that thought popped into Lin Huang’s mind.

The housekeeper in the suit attacked Grandmistress Wei.

The narrow blade in his hand pierced through Grandmistress Wei’s back directly while the tip of the blade pierced through her chest.

However, Grandmistress Wei seemed to have sensed the attack coming in the moment of the attack She managed to dodge the attack from her heart, whereby the housekeeper’s narrow blade was over an inch toward the right.

As the sneak attack took place, the housekeeper pulled the blade out and stepped back immediately.

“Grandmistress Wei turned around in rage and questioned him fiercely, “How could you betray me just to save your own life?!”

“You misunderstood. I didn’t attack you to save my life. I’ve never been loyal to you and the Wei Clan, so I’m not betraying anyone here.” The housekeeper removed the hat on his head while his suit turned into a military uniform gradually. He bowed to Lin Huang from a distance. “Your humble one is Guan Zhong, the Union Government’s Agency EA member. Code name: Housekeeper.”

“I hope that Master Emperor will work with the Union Government to capture the Wei Clan master whether it’s capturing her alive or dead! Of course, it’s best if we can capture her alive. We need information about G.o.d Bless from this lady’s mouth.”

“How do I verify your ident.i.ty? With this uniform that I’m not sure is even legit?” Lin Huang raised a brow. In reality, he knew that the person’s ident.i.ty was mostly true. It was just that he was unhappy by the fact that the Union Government did nothing to the Wei Clan all this time. He could not help but suspect the person’s ident.i.ty.

“You’re welcome to verify my ident.i.ty after we’re done with the Wei Clan,” Guan Zhong said, showing neither inferiority nor superiority.

Lin Huang initially had two virtual G.o.d-level opponents and now he was only left with one. Not only that, he had gotten himself an a.s.sistant now. To him, the situation became more optimistic now.

“Madam Wei, it’s best that you surrender. You’ll be at a loss if we really fight,” Guan Zhong advised her.

“You b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you’ve been plotting against me!” Grandmistress Wei was getting more enraged after hearing his advice.

Lin Huang did not even plan to give her the chance to surrender. He got the Ninetails Lynx and the Destructive Divine Mammoth to attack right away.

The Ninetails Lynx appeared above Grandmistress Wei’s head as it moved. It slapped Grandmistress Wei’s face.

If the attack happened, Grandmistress Wei’s entire face might be disfigured.

Meanwhile, the Destructive Divine Mammoth followed closely behind. He swung his trunk like a whip, so it swept towards Grandmistress Wei who was extremely pale. Although she dodged her vitals from being annihilated by Guan Zhong’s attack earlier, her body was severely hurt by the G.o.d relic. The most she could perform was only 50% of her ability.

Not only that, but she was attacked by two monsters whose ability was nothing weaker than hers. She was also targeted by Guan Zhong like a hiding poisonous snake who would attack her anytime as well as seven terrifying imperial monsters that were just waiting to attack.

Grandmistress Wei felt she had no chance of winning at all.

Guan Zhong attacked again after seeing Grandmistress Wei dodge the two imperial monsters’ attacks clumsily.

He appeared next to her without warning, and the narrow blade added an injury to her left arm.

A ferocious gleam flashed through her eyes upon seeing that she had no chance of even grasping for air as the Ninetails Lynx and the Destructive Divine Mammoth were coming at her again. ‘You guys made me do this!’

A crystal appeared between her fingers on her right hand as the thought flashed by. She crushed the crystal in her hand as she watched the Ninetails Lynx coming.

“Save me, Master G.o.d!”

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