Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1055 – I Think I’m Invincible Now!

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Chapter 1055: I Think I’m Invincible Now!

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Never would Wu Mo have expected the Master G.o.d to leave a dimensional G.o.d relic that was similar to the Crow G.o.d’s Eye in his clone. It even had a higher grade than the eye, so she figured it was a true G.o.d relic.

This gateway built by the dimensional G.o.d relic did not only come with the Master G.o.d’s third-rank True G.o.d attack, but it even provided the tools to create a new clone.

After blasting Wu Mo off with a finger, the Master G.o.d noticed Grandmistress Wei as the ready-made vessel. He then began making his clone by transforming Grandmistress Wei’s body right away.

Although he sensed that Wu Mo was still alive, he did not care and all he did was glance at her direction because he knew very well that she had lost her walking ability. Fighting aside, she could not even run if she wanted to.

He did not even bat an eyelid about Lin Huang who was hiding in the alternate dimension up to 1,000 kilometers away. To a ninth-rank True G.o.d like him, Lin Huang, who was below virtual G.o.d-level, was no different from an ant. Naturally, his existence was deemed nothing compared to making a clone.

Wu Mo spoke to Lin Huang through voice transmission, asking him to run since the Master G.o.d was busy making his clone.

She had lost her ability to fight completely. The collision with the ma.s.sive blue finger had drained all of the Divine Power in her body. She did not even have the strength to get rid of the frost on her body, let alone fight.

Lin Huang was only on immortal-level after all. The Master G.o.d might not even bother to attack him, thus his chances of escaping were very likely.

However, a slight wave came next to her as she spoke through voice transmission via the Leech Pods. Lin Huang appeared right next to her.

“You…” She was very tempted to scream at Lin Huang when she saw that he did not run away and had come to save her instead. “Are you dense? You had the chance to run. Look what you’ve done! We’re going to die here. n.o.body will avenge any of us in the future.”

“He’s already found out about me. Do you really think I can run?” Lin Huang lifted his head and glanced at the direction of the dimensional gateway.

“This brat is right. Although he’s just an ant, he might have the potential to grow. I’d never leave anything behind. He’d be a dead man now had he chosen to run earlier.” The Master G.o.d’s voice rumbled in the air eerily. He sounded like he was chatting with a friend.

Lin Huang shrugged at Wu Mo. “You heard him.”

“It’s my fault. I shouldn’t have spoken to you. If I hadn’t done that, he wouldn’t have found you.” Wu Mo felt a little guilty.

“Stop saying all that.” Lin Huang squatted down. “How are you feeling now?”

“My Divine Power is drained, and my right arm is gone while my body is frozen. Apart from my head, I can’t move most of my body now,” Wu Mo said out loud instead of using voice transmission. She wanted to let the Master G.o.d know that she was no longer a threat. It might be able to buy her some time.

Lin Huang frowned when he heard her admission. He looked down and began thinking. Then, he secretly contacted Xiao Hei. “Is there any card that we can use to solve this crisis now?”

“You can use the Escape Card which can send you out of the opponent’s sensing range randomly within a second, but it’s hard for you to do that if you’re bringing Wu Mo with you. Wu Mo has the opponent’s remnant energy on her, so he can locate her right away no matter where she is.”

“Do you have another suggestion?”

“Nothing else works apart from running away.”

“Your combat strength is too low. The opponent is at third-rank True G.o.d at the moment. There’s no card that can solve the current crisis.”

Lin Huang fell into silence for a moment. Suddenly, his eyes lit up as he looked at the bruised corpse.

“The bruised corpse is on Virtual G.o.d rank-9. Can we use the Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Card to boost the bruised corpse’s combat strength? I remember the card has no restriction on the user’s combat strength.”

“Indeed, the Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Card has no restriction on the user’s combat strength, but it can only be applied on you, your Monster Cards, your clones, puppets, or special items such as the Combat Souls.

“There are two conditions to apply the card on a specific target. One is that the target must have combat strength. The second is that the host must own the target.”

“So, you mean the card is applicable as soon as I own the bruised corpse?” Lin Huang found a solution right away.

Xiao Hei only replied after a moment of silence, “Sure.”

Lin Huang had a plan as soon as he got the answer from Xiao Hei. He looked at Wu Mo again.

“Sister Mo Mo, you can’t use this bruised corpse for now. Please remove yourself from it.”

Just when Wu Mo was surprised by Lin Huang’s request, he winked at her.

She was stunned. Although she had no idea what Lin Huang was thinking, she agreed while nodding anyway. She left the bruised corpse and retreated her consciousness back into the soul jewel by penetrating between Lin Huang’s brows.

Naturally, the Master G.o.d saw that but he did not care. He thought Lin Huang was attempting to run, so he warned him, “I told you that you’ll die even faster if you run. If you stay here obediently, you’ll at least live until I’m done with my clone.”

Lin Huang spread his arms. “I’m not running. I just want to study this corpse.” He pressed his palm to the bruised corpse’s head, inserting his consciousness and Divine Telekinesis.

A moment later, he took over the body and owned it entirely.

Just like Wu Mo said, this body was severely damaged whereby most of it was frozen. Apart from the head, almost every part of the body was unable to move.

“Xiao Hei, is it possible to fix this body?” Lin Huang asked while frowning.

“The sea of Divine Power will replenish this body when the combat strength is boosted. It’ll recover automatically by then.”

Lin Huang was determined after hearing that answer and he gave his order right away, “Use three Provisional Combat Strength Upgrade Cards! The bruised corpse will be the target!”

Three golden glows that only he could see penetrated the bruised corpse as soon as he issued his order.

As the golden glows penetrated the corpse, the frost that covered the body began fading rapidly. Flesh grew on the damaged right arm at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye.

At the same time, the bruised corpse’s combat strength was skyrocketing. It broke through its initial Virtual G.o.d rank-9 to true G.o.d-level in a heartbeat!

However, that was not all. The bruised corpse’s combat strength was still rising after getting to true G.o.d-level.




It only stopped when it elevated to the third-rank.

The entire transformation happened within the span of a breath.

Just when the Master G.o.d noticed the odd aura coming out of the bruised corpse, Lin Huang had already controlled the recovered bruised corpse to stand up from the sinkhole.

His consciousness that was controlling the bruised corpse felt like there was no limit to this body. Lin Huang even had an illusion. ‘I think I’m invincible now!’

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