Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1056 – Hehehe…

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Chapter 1056: Hehehe…

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“What exactly did you do, brat?” The Master G.o.d sounded rather shocked and mad. Never had he thought that a kid who was not even on virtual G.o.d-level would do something like that in his presence.

He could not understand what Lin Huang had done at all. He could not understand how he managed to transform a Virtual G.o.d rank-9 virtual G.o.d-level puppet to a third-rank True G.o.d. One must know that the gap between Virtual G.o.d to True G.o.d was vast and achieving it was not easy.

However, Lin Huang completed the three-rank boost in less than the span of a breath. It seemed even easier than drinking water. He even doubted that a heavenly G.o.d-level, which was the equivalent of G.o.d sequence-level, could do that.

Lin Huang had no idea what the Master G.o.d was thinking about at that moment. He felt like he was invincible in his brand new puppet.

“This puppet even masters the Champion Strength Rule under the Strength Rule?!”

“A powerhouse can only elevate to G.o.d order-level (true G.o.d-level) when he masters a rule of any kind. Although the card only provides a provisional combat strength boost, it’ll automatically apply a rule that’s most compatible with your puppet to get it to G.o.d order-level instead of merely an upgrade in Divine Power.”

Lin Huang gave Xiao Hei a thumbs-up secretly after hearing its explanation. “Awesome!”

The bruised corpse lifted his head and looked kilometers away after building himself a layer of Divine Power defense. He was looking at the black vortex.

This puppet possessed third-rank True G.o.d combat strength. Although the card could only last for an hour, he was a legit third-rank True G.o.d at that moment.

Meanwhile, the Master G.o.d arrived via the dimensional G.o.d relic. He was merely a projection.

Although his combat strength was also on third-rank True G.o.d, Lin Huang had the confidence to beat him.

He stretched his neck and shoulders to his left and right, revealing a cunning grin on his face.

In the next second, the bruised corpse disappeared from where he was without warning. He appeared next to Grandmistress Wei directly.

He swung his muscular arm at the cold, blue silhouette’s face.

Lin Huang held nothing back. The punch was fuelled with Divine Power as well as the Champion Strength Rule. His entire arm was covered in a layer of ominous red glow as if it contained boundless terrifying power.

s.p.a.ce would be torn wherever the punch pa.s.sed by.

The true G.o.d-level power had exceeded what this gravel world could attain.

His punch had truly rent the s.p.a.ce. It was not the illusion that was caused earlier on. Terrifying spatial turbulence spread from the torn s.p.a.ce, engulfing everything around it.

Even Grandmistress Wei flew towards the crack, unable to control herself.

The Master G.o.d frowned when he saw that. He picked Grandmistress Wei up and flew out. Meanwhile, he swung his other hand at Lin Huang’s punch.

His palm turned cold blue immediately as if it was made completely of ice.

Everything the palm pa.s.sed by was frozen. The ground, dust, wind and even the air turned into white frost.

Clearly, he dared not underestimate the current version of Lin Huang whereby he performed his Ice Rule without hesitation. He did not hold the Divine Power in his body back at all.

The attack this time was at least ten times more powerful than the finger attack that had defeated Wu Mo earlier.

The punch and the palm collided together in the air in a flash.

In that second, red and cold blue glows occupied half of the sky like a clearly divided river.

The Ice Rule that had drowned the bruised corpse easily earlier could not do anything to the bruised corpse at that moment.

Although it was ice and snow, there was nothing that it could do to such a powerful ability.

However, the match that resulted in a tie only lasted less than three seconds.

In the air, the red glow grew and suppressed the blue completely. In the blink of an eye, it drowned the blue silhouette entirely.

Almost at the same time, a blue silhouette shot out like a comet and smashed hard into the ground a couple of kilometers away.

Although both of them had third-rank True G.o.d combat strength, the Master G.o.d’s projection was slightly inferior.

He was just a projection, after all, so his ability was provided by his real physique that was currently in the great world.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang’s corpse puppet was on the peak of third-rank True G.o.d at the moment. He had boundless Divine Power while the Champion Strength Rule definitely provided an upper hand in close combat.

The superiority was clear when it came to the comparison.

Lin Huang’s confidence skyrocketed as he suppressed the Master G.o.d’s projection with merely a punch.

“What kind of Master G.o.d are you? You’re not impressive in the least!”

“You’re seeking for death, brat!”

The Master G.o.d rose from the gravel slowly. Another thing that was rising at the same time was his killing intent that was as sharp as a blade.

He began performing rule sigils with both of his hands a couple of kilometers away.

The temperature was dropping rapidly in the entire land. Within a few seconds, the area within a 1,000-kilometer radius turned into a snowy land.

Dark clouds filled the sky and black snowflakes tumbled down.

Lin Huang frowned slightly when he saw that. He had no idea what the black snowflakes were, but he knew it was definitely bad news.

He stepped into the air and flew towards the Master G.o.d was like a lightning bolt.

However, the Master G.o.d waved as soon as he approached. A giant, crystal ice wall was formed and blocked Lin Huang who swung a punch without even thinking.

The ice wall turned into dust right away.

Subsequently, forming in front of him was the second wall, the third, the fourth… More and more giant walls were formed and connected.

Lin Huang was too lazy to go around the walls. He swung his punch, again and again, turning all the ice walls into dust. He was finally irritated after smas.h.i.+ng many ice walls.

However, the Master G.o.d behind the ice walls was smirking.

Lin Huang just noticed that he had many black snowflakes stuck on him.

The black snowflakes had penetrated his body and began engulfing the Divine Power in his body.

He did not notice that in the beginning, but he now picked it up since his Divine Power started to drain.

“Seems like you’ve noticed that.” The Master G.o.d’s voice came from behind the ice walls. “Each of my Inked Snowflakes will engulf the Divine Power in your body and transfer them to my body. The more Inked Snowflakes stick to you, the more Divine Power will be drained. As long as I stall enough time, all the Divine Power in your body will be drenched. I’ll win without even having to fight.”

Lin Huang scowled when he realized the snowflakes would still engulf his Divine Power even if he covered his body with a layer of Divine Power.

He put a G.o.d relic armor on, but it was futile. The black snowflakes penetrated the battle armor and got to his body.

“It’s useless. The snowflakes will penetrate even if you put a hundred battle armors on,” announced the Master G.o.d proudly.

Wu Mo’s voice came into his ears just when Lin Huang was going to ignore his draining Divine Power and crash through anyway.

“Why are you so dumb? He modified this technique from our Witchcraft Rune. The black snowflakes will penetrate through your soul, but they’ll turn into merely physical corrosion when they get into your body. It’s very easy to break. Just add a layer of spirit defense with the Witchcraft Rune on your body. They won’t be able to penetrate your body by then.”

Lin Huang came to a realization after hearing Wu Mo saying that. He then summoned the Book of Sorcerer Dao and activated a couple of runes. Three layers of spirit and physical s.h.i.+elds were formed on his body. He then put the Book of Sorcerer Dao away.

He stretched his hand out and grabbed a snowflake. As expected, the black snowflake did not penetrate his body.

Lin Huang then crushed the snowflake and grinned at the Master G.o.d who was ten meters away.

The grin gave the Master G.o.d gooseb.u.mps.

“You’d better run now. If I catch up to you, hehehe…”

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