Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1061 – Dirty Business

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Chapter 1061: Dirty Business

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ignoring Xiao Hei’s notifications, Lin Huang glared coldly at the Master G.o.d’s projection that was turning into a cold, blue mist and vanis.h.i.+ng.

The dimensional gateway that seemed like a black hole was shrinking rapidly. A thunderous deafening roar came from the other side of the black hole.

“I’ll remember you, brat!” Almost at the same time that the voice came, a blue ferocious glow shot out the black hole. The blue glow was extremely fast as it penetrated Lin Huang’s body almost at the same time it detached from the dimensional gateway.

Lin Huang saw a black mark appearing on his chest when he snapped back to his senses.

A giant tentacle made of black fog appeared out nowhere in his body. It looked like a gigantic black boa that attached itself to the blue glow that penetrated his body. It then tugged hard. Soon, the blue glow was crushed and vanished right away.

The Master G.o.d exclaimed from the dimensional gateway that was closing, “What did you do?!”

In a surprise, Lin Huang looked into his body to see what exactly the Master G.o.d had done to him. However, he did not see anything odd in his body.

Even the black mark on his chest had disappeared on its own accord as if it had never been there.

As he snapped back to reality, Lin Huang happened to see the dimensional gateway close completely. It turned into a bronze token hovering in the air.

The bruised corpse stepped forward in a flash and grabbed the token, putting it away in Lin Huang’s storage s.p.a.ce casually. He then s.h.i.+fted his focus onto Grandmistress Wei who was not far away.

Since the Master G.o.d’s projection was dead, the defense around Grandmistress Wei dropped automatically. However, she was still unconscious.

Lin Huang lifted her up by grabbing her neck before he injected a gush of Divine Power into her body to wake her up.

Grandmistress Wei was in despair when she saw the bruised corpse before her. She had no idea that the Master G.o.d’s will projection had been there. The last thing she saw before she pa.s.sed out was the bruised corpse killing the Master G.o.d’s clone.

One must know that the Master G.o.d was her G.o.d. Upon witnessing her G.o.d collapse before her, she lost all strength to fight Lin Huang.

“Look into my eyes,” commanded Lin Huang as he lifted Grandmistress Wei’s chin. As if a pebble was tossed into the water, a ripple spread in her b.l.o.o.d.y pupils.

Grandmistress Wei lifted her head without fighting back, locking eyes with Lin Huang.

She froze in the next second. All she could feel was that she had fallen into a b.l.o.o.d.y sea. She was deep in the water and could not get out of it.

The bruised corpse’s eyes had continuous ripples spiraling within then. In less than two minutes, he retrieved all the information in Grandmistress Wei’s head.

After retrieving everything in her head, the killing intent in Lin Huang surged even more.

Wei Clan had done many dirty jobs for G.o.d Bless. Human trafficking, smuggling young girls, and drug trafficking were just the tip of the iceberg.

Under Grandmistress Wei’s control, every business the Wei Clan had ever transacted became G.o.d Bless’s source of income. They would do anything that could get them money since there was no moral baseline for them at all. Almost everyone in the Wei Clan was involved in dirty business.

‘All of you deserve it,’ Lin Huang condemned secretly peeping at the Wei Clan’s ancient castle that had turned into ruins. He then s.h.i.+fted his focus back to Grandmistress Wei.

In torn clothes, she actually looked pretty attractive. However, Lin Huang was disgusted by her face.

The bruised arm stretched out and pierced through Grandmistress Wei’s chest. A moment later, a G.o.dhead appeared between Lin Huang’s fingers.

At that second, Grandmistress Wei snapped back to her senses. She stared terrified at the black G.o.dhead in Lin Huang’s hand as her vital signs faded.

She heard the bruised corpse talking to her before she lost consciousness completely, “Since little fatty died by your order, you’ll pay for his life with yours.”

After removing Grandmistress Wei’s Emperor’s Heart Ring and picking up the G.o.d relic battle armor and sword, Lin Huang tossed her corpse aside casually.

Lin Huang summoned b.l.o.o.d.y and the Warlord, getting them to summon their armies to clean up the battlefield.

In less than 20 minutes, the two armies swept all of the loots. They did not let go of the buried items in the Wei Clan’s ancient castle which had collapsed.

After putting the loots and the Monster Cards away, Lin Huang got the Ninetails Lynx to release Guan Zhong from its alternate dimension.

Guan Zhong could not help but gulp after glancing at Grandmistress Wei and the Master G.o.d’s clone not far away as well as Lin Huang who appeared unharmed and the bulky bruised corpse next to him.

He was sent into the Ninetails Lynx’s alternate dimension when the Master G.o.d’s clone showed up. He did not see what happened in the battle later on. However, Lin Huang, who stood intact before him, and the dead bodies scattered on the ground proved the result of the battle.

“Master Emperor…” Although he was the vice president of the Union Government’s Agency EA, who was on the same rank as the leaders of many organizations, he could not help but hang his head down in shame before Lin Huang at the moment.

“I’ve taken the loots. Do you have anything to say about that?” Lin Huang looked at Guan Zhong and spoke calmly.

“Nothing. So, the bodies…”

“Since you’re investigating G.o.d Bless, I’ll leave the bodies to you while I take the G.o.dhead. Also, I’ll leave the Wei Clan’s information for you guys. You’ll have to find out the rest on your own.”

“Thank you, Master Emperor!” It was Lin Huang who had killed the people after all. He did not even manage to cheer for him earlier.

Even if Lin Huang took the bodies with him, there was nothing he could say. After all, Lin Huang had the power and ability, hence there was no reason for him to give the Union Government any face.

Lin Huang knew that Guan Zhong must have a high-ranking position in the Union Government since he was a Virtual G.o.d, so he said, “Also, I hope that you can tell the Union Government not to interrupt my next mission.”

“Could you reveal what your next mission is?” Guan Zhong asked immediately.

“I’ll head over to Division 1 to kill the other two G.o.d’s Messengers directly and destroy G.o.d Bless’s headquarters. You guys can’t do anything to them without any valid reason. Am I right? I’ll do it for you guys then.”

“That’s… against the rules…” Guan Zhong looked aghast.

“It’ll be days later by the time you guys are done getting the shreds of evidence. The news of the Wei Clan being destroyed will definitely spread today. If we don’t get rid of G.o.d Bless’s headquarters right now, their people will definitely destroy all the evidence when they hear the news. By then, it’ll be difficult for the Union Government to do anything to them.

“In order to eradicate a cancer such as G.o.d Bless, you sacrificed your time to spy on the Wei Clan for so many years. Isn’t this what you want? You guys just have to turn a blind eye and let me handle this. You guys will only be responsible for cleaning up later. I don’t see why not!

“Furthermore, this is the last time I’ll get involved in this. You guys will handle their divisions after I get rid of the headquarters. I don’t have the time for that.”

Guan Zhong fell into silence for a moment and nodded eventually. “Sure! We’ll do as you say, Master Emperor.”

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