Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1068 – The Fourth God’s Messenger

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Chapter 1068: The Fourth G.o.d’s Messenger

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“Memory loss…” Lin Huang scowled. “Can it be recovered?”

“I’m not sure about that. Soul damages are rather complicated. If the memory root is affected, it’s impossible to fix no matter what.

“Theoretically, it can be fixed if it’s just the projection of memory root in his consciousness, but determining how long it would take to recover depends on his body and the level of damage. Maybe a few days if it’s short and decades if it’s long. It could even go up to 100 years.”

Lin Huang fell into deep thought after hearing the stone tablet’s uncertain answer. He gave up the thought of sending Chan Dou home.

He figured there might be G.o.d Bless spies in the Chan Clan when Chan Dou had been attacked back then.

Now that he was in a coma, it would mean that he had lost the ability to protect himself. If Lin Huang were to send him back just like that, Chan Dou would be at risk, so it would be safer to keep him in Dynasty instead.

Lin Huang had made up his mind to place Chan Dou at Dynasty for the time being. He would decide if he should send him home when he woke up. He then asked two guards to come after glancing at the man wrapped in the blanket with a filthy face.

“Clean him up and bring some clean clothes. The fewer people know about this, the better.”

The reason why Lin Huang added the last sentence was that Chan Dou’s face was familiar to many. If too many people saw him, the news might spread outside Dynasty. By then, Chan Dou’s presence in Dynasty would be exposed and it might even cause many to think it was Dynasty who had captured him.

However, the two guards had no idea about that at all. They realized it was a man wrapped in the blanket and he obviously was not properly dressed. They gawked rather awkwardly at Lin Huang.

After getting the two guards to bring Chan Dou away, Lin Huang thought about it and asked Xiao Mo to come.

As he chatted with Xiao Mo for a while, the guards brought Chan Dou, who was cleaned up and dressed, back to the Emperor Palace.

Lin Huang only said to Xiao Mo after getting rid of the guards, “You’ll be responsible for this guy’s safety for the next half a month or so. I don’t trust anyone else to do that.”

Xiao Mo turned his head and looked at Chan Dou who was lying on the stretcher. He was stunned when he saw the man. He asked doubtfully, “Is he Chan Dou?!”

Lin Huang nodded. “You know him too?’

“Of course, I do. He’s one of the Five Princes, the most powerful powerhouse among the young generation. Everyone in our generation knows him, and many of the Purple Crow’s female members are fans of the Five Princes. Many of them are Chan Dou’s fans,” Xiao Mo explained while smiling.

“But I heard he went missing a few months ago. It created a stir on the Heart Network. Why is he in Dynasty?”

“G.o.d Bless took him, but I’ve just rescued him today.” Lin Huang waved his hand as he spoke after noticing Xiao Mo was going to ask more, “We’ll talk about this in the future when there’s time.”

“This guy’s soul is damaged, thus he might only wake up at least half a month later. It’s not entirely safe to bring him back to the Chan Clan. I thought about it and thought it’s better to keep him in Dynasty and figure out what to do next when he wakes up. His ident.i.ty is rather sensitive, so I don’t trust others to take care of him and I’m afraid that the news might leak. I only trust you to take care of him. I’ll leave him in your hands for the next half a month.”

“Sure, I’m on it,” Xiao Mo responded and promised right away.

“Notify me as soon as Chan Dou wakes up.”

“Also, I’ll get Xin Er to cultivate properly during this period of time and we won’t disturb you. Somebody else will take care of her safety,” Lin Huang added.

“It’s alright. I can take up more responsibility.” Xiao Mo saw Lin Huang taking a careful look at him while smiling as he spoke. The entire Emperor Palace fell into a dead silence. He could not help but gulp nervously. “I think Sister Xin should really spend more time on cultivating.”

“Alright, that’s settled.” Lin Huang patted Xiao Mo’s shoulder in satisfaction.

After sending Xiao Mo off with Chan Dou, the doors of the Emperor Palace were shut.

Lin Huang summoned b.l.o.o.d.y and shared the memories he had retrieved from the three G.o.d’s Messengers with it.

It was a little unfortunate that he did not manage to read the Master G.o.d’s memory.

When the Master G.o.d’s clone was killed, its will projection arrived before Wu Mo could read his memory. Later on, when the will projection was killed, it faded into energy and vanished. Wu Mo fell into a deep sleep while the bruised corpse could only read a living being’s mind through their eyes. Therefore, Lin Huang did not retrieve the Master G.o.d’s memory.

Fortunately, there was quite some information on the three G.o.d’s Messengers’ memories. It covered almost every secret about G.o.d Bless.

Soon, b.l.o.o.d.y sorted out the list of spies and shared the complete list with Lin Huang.

Fulfilling his promise, Lin Huang sent the list of the spies in the Union Government to Guan Zhong after adding encryption to it.

Approximately five to six minutes after he sent the list over, his Emperor’s Heart Ring began to vibrate. It was Guan Zhong calling.

As the video call connected, Guan Zhong’s upper body was projected clearly. His expression was rather grim.

“Master Emperor, are you sure that everyone on the list is a G.o.d Bless spy?”

“That’s the complete list I compiled after reading the three G.o.d’s Messengers’ memories. Of course, I only gave you those who are in the Union Government. I guarantee you that all the names on the list came from the three G.o.d’s Messengers’ memories. I made none of them up.” Lin Huang gave a firm answer.

“I know you’re in disbelief that your superior, the president of Agency EA, who is also its founder, is a G.o.d Bless spy. However, I must tell you that this is the truth. The man named Zhuge Feifan has been a G.o.d Bless member since 700 years ago. He received the Master G.o.d’s order directly to become a spy in the Union Government. He founded Agency EA later, which was also the Master G.o.d’s order.”

“I’m sure it’s not hard for you to guess what Zhuge Feifan’s position is.”

Guan Zhong fell into silence for a moment and spat two words out forcefully, “G.o.d’s Messenger.”

“That’s right. He’s the most secretive G.o.d’s Messenger in G.o.d Bless whereby only the Master G.o.d and the other three G.o.d’s Messengers know his name in the entire organization.”

“He’s my master…” Guan Zhong clenched his fists so hard that they were going to bleed.

He had been working with Agency EA for years, so he had read through everything about Lin Huang ever since he became the Emperor of Dynasty. He knew how Lin Huang was like, and he also knew that it was impossible for Lin Huang to do such a thing.

“You guys can verify and check through the authenticity of the list. No matter what, everything that happens next is on the Union Government. I won’t be interfering unless you want me to.”

“I’m happy to kill a G.o.d’s Messenger again. I’ve already killed three after all, and I won’t be at peace if the last one is still alive.”

The reason why Lin Huang did not go after this fourth G.o.d’s Messenger after ending G.o.d Bless’ headquarters was that this particular G.o.d’s Messenger had a sensitive ident.i.ty. There was no way that he could kill him recklessly.

“There’s no need to trouble you, Master Emperor. We’ll handle it on our own. It’s the Union Government’s internal conflict after all.” Guan Zhong’s heart sank. He hung the phone up after some small talk.

Lin Huang could not help but say after sighing as he hung up. “I hope the Union Government will execute this guy as soon as possible so that he won’t be able to do anything disastrous.”

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