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Chapter 107: The True Ident.i.ty

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was almost 10 o’clock at night when Lin Huang and Lin Xin went back to the hotel. Feng Zhuoran was staying at the same hotel too and his room was just next to theirs. However, Lin Huang did not notice him there at all.

When they got back to their room, Lin Xin fell asleep almost immediately. On the other hand, Lin Huang tossed and turned the whole night.

“I felt people are coming at me, twice. It is not an illusion but how could the feeling just disappear? Did someone actually kill them?” Lin Huang could not figure out what had happened. However, he did not know that he was so close to the truth. He would never have thought that it was related to Leng Yuexin who was at Division3 though.

He emptied his mind and still, he could not fall asleep. He opened the Heart Network, surfing the news updates on the web.

One of the recommended local news headlines published on the Heart Network caught Lin Huang’s attention.

“Recently, the number of cases involving murder committed in foothold No.7B61, Xiagong City has increased. A series of murders have happened in the last four days alone. The death toll stands at 16 on the first day and the total number of deaths until today is 121. Those who had been killed are ordinary people and those who are of an Iron-level. None of the bronze-levels have been killed yet. This incident attracted a great deal of the Union Government’s attention…” it read.

“It has been four days but the murderer has not been arrested yet…” Lin Huang thought. He had doubted the security system of Xiagong City for quite a while now.

Lin Huang started to feel sleepy when it was almost 12 o’clock. He then closed the Heart Network and fell asleep.

In the next room, Feng Zhuoran was sitting on the sofa and dialed a number.

After a short while, a video popped up in front of him as soon as the call was answered. The person who appeared in the video call was Uncle Li and he was the one talking on the phone with Leng Yuexin the other day.

“Dear housekeeper, good evening!” Feng Zhuoran greeted.

“How’s it going?” Housekeeper Li asked.

“It’s going quite well, I guess. I have been wearing a mask these days, there shouldn’t be any problems,” Feng Zhuoran said as he straightened his body, folding both arms across his chest.

“You sound uncertain. Did anything happening?” Li asked as he could read Feng Zhuoran’s mind by his body language.

“Yes, something did really happen. They appointed a transcendent to kill him. However, I scared him off,” Feng Zhuoran replied.

“They asked a transcendent to kill Lin Huang?” Housekeeper Li said and then frowned. “Did this problem really stem from the guy who died or does Lin Huang have some other secrets that we don’t know about?” Housekeeper Li questioned.

“We have checked Lin Huang’s background many times now. There shouldn’t be any problems. I’m guessing something was wrong with the guy who died,” Feng Zhuoran guessed. “I asked the transcendent before but he did not say anything. Seems like he was trying to hide something. The problem is more apparent now,” he said.

“I’ll try to see if I can get any more information. Thanks for your hard work,” Li said and hung up the phone immediately, catching Feng Zhuoran by surprise.

“Housekeeper Li always hangs up the phone so unexpectedly…” Feng Zhuoran said as he looked at the screen turning black all of a sudden.

He dismissed the communication page and started chatting with his friends in his chat groups. It was not necessary for a transcendent to sleep every day. Therefore, he had plenty of time.

At around 1 a.m., Housekeeper Li sent him a message.

“Something is wrong with the guy that Lin Huang killed. His dead body disappeared and all clues linked to this were destroyed,” the message read.

Feng Zhuoran frowned as he read the message. He shook his head and sighed, “Lin Huang…Ah, Lin Huang, who you are messing with…”

A few hours earlier, a crimson light shone into the forest. A black-robed man looked back at the sky behind him and sighed in relief.

“Fortunately he didn’t come after me!” He muttered.

He took off his hat, activated the communication page of the Heart Network and dialed a number.

“How’s it going?” A voice came from the communication device.

“Failed. Feng Zhuoran from the Leng family was there to protect him. He said that Leng family will intervene in this issue no matter what,” the black-robed man said.

“The Leng family…” The guy paused for a moment and said, “Fine, ask them to withdraw the hitmen. It would not benefit us if things get messy.”

“But how are we going to tell Mr. Huang about this?” The black-robed man asked.

“I’ll explain to him. Since the one who died was his distant relative, I think our business is more important. He asked for our help since he wanted revenge but we have tried our best. We would pay dearly if things go south…” Zheng Yuan said and hung up the phone.

The Zheng family was just a middle-cla.s.s royal family in Division7. They were incomparable to the Leng family. However, he could not offend the other party as well. Things were difficult for him.

After having a video conference with a few other royal families for more than an hour, eventually they had decided to give up on their operations. As the initiator of this operation, he had no choice but to report to Mr. Huang regarding the matter.

In his room, he called his number after he closed all the windows.

The call was answered after it rang several times.

“Tell me..” a voice asked over the line. It was the sound of a man, but his age could not be identified.

“Mr. Huang, our operation to kill Lin Huang was obstructed by the Leng family…” Zheng Yuan said, and then told him everything that happened.

He kept quiet for a long while and said, “Alright. There is no need for you and the rest of them to do business in Division7 anymore.”

He hung up the phone after finis.h.i.+ng his sentence. Zheng Yuan was really puzzled.

“What is happening?” Zheng Yuan called back once again but his number had been barred.

At Division2, in a castle that was beautiful beyond imagination, a 30-year-old woman in a purple dress was patting a skull.

“Shan Er, why didn’t you listen to Mummy. You said that you like the little girls and I asked Lao Huang to build such a business for you at Division7. You would have only been in charge of the things that happened behind the scenes and Lao Huang would’ve taken care of everything else. Then, you wanted to be involved in the business and I asked Lao Huang to create a fake ident.i.ty for you, saying that you were a distant relative of the royalty in Division7. With them looking after you, you could’ve been a supplier,” the old woman said calmly.

“It’s fine that you wanted to be a supplier. You were born with a broken Life Wheel and you can’t use your Life Power. You know that you can’t use defensive equipment and relics. You need Lao Huang to protect you all the time. However, you always look for girls when he’s not with you and that was what caused this to happen today!” She shouted, suddenly bursting into a rage.

The eyes of the skull glowed with a blue light. Its jaw moved up and down and the voice of a man was heard. If Lin Huang was there, it would definitely have sounded familiar to him. This was because it was Wei Shan’s voice, the one he had killed.

“Mum, please help me take my revenge on him! After Lin Huang is killed, cage his spirit and make it into a Corpse Slave!” The skull shouted.

“Shan Er…calm yourself. Of course, we must take revenge but you have to be patient. The Leng family is very influential in Division7 and they are somehow related to Division3. I will attract the attention of Division3 if I get too involved in this issue. I will plan your revenge. You have to stay in this spirit fostering bottle for the next three years. Three years from now, when your spirit has become stable, I will look for the body of an undead species. You can then live on as an undead creature,” his mother explained.

“Mum, what’s your plan?” The skull asked.

“Bring her in,” the woman in the purple dress said and clapped her hands.

A girl with pigtails was brought over by a maid. She looked at the purple-dressed woman in fear.

“Lily!” The skull shouted happily.

“Daddy!” Lily immediately pounced on the skull without fear.

“Lily, your daddy will come back to life in three years, alright? Do you want to help your daddy take revenge on the one who killed him?” The purple-dressed woman smiled, looking at Lily.

“Yes!” Lily nodded his head.

“If you want to, be strong, it will be very difficult. You might even die. Are you afraid of that?” The purple-dressed woman asked the girl, with a smile.

“I’m not afraid at all!” Lily shouted and shook her head.

“Alright, I’ll send you to the Phoenix Island for one-year of training. If you are able to survive that, I’ll send you to Division7. Then, you’ll have to kill Lin Huang within one month,” the lady said. After finis.h.i.+ng her sentence, the purple-dressed woman looked at the maid and nodded her head.

The maid left together with Lily. The purple-dressed woman patted the skull again and said, “I guess you’ll be happy to have your daughter execute your revenge.”

“Mum, you’re the one who understands me the most…” The skull said happily and his voice trembled, “Lily, please don’t disappoint Daddy…”

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