Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1072 – The Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon

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Chapter 1072: The Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon

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The No. 1A1 foothold in Division 1 was the very first city the humans built outside the Land of Origin since the new era. Therefore, the Union Government named this foothold the First City.

The First City was the oldest city among the 12 safety zones in the human world. It had expanded and developed throughout 800 years, it was the city with the biggest surface now. Its population exceeded 1.8 billion people and it occupied 80 million square kilometers of land. This ma.s.sive city even surpa.s.sed half of the surface area of Earth.

The Union Government’s headquarters in Division 1 was located in the middle of this foothold.

Before 8 in the morning, Lin Huang and Huang Tufu pa.s.sed through the dimensional portal and arrived in First City.

Lin Huang did not stop looking around as soon as they walked out of the dimensional portal.

“I heard there’s a stall that sells pretty good pancakes near First City’s dimensional portal, but I don’t know the exact location.”

“Shouldn’t we get to the Union Government now?” Huang Tufu asked.

“I think the government organization here isn’t opened yet.” Just when Lin Huang was done speaking, two men walked towards him. Both of them had demiG.o.d-level combat strength.

Huang Tufu, who was standing next to Lin Huang, had his guard up as soon as he saw the duo.

“We’re Silver Fox and Viper from EA.4. It’s our pleasure to meet Master Emperor and Mr. Tufu.” The duo introduced themselves as they approached.

Huang Tufu let his guard down when he heard that. He looked puzzledly at Lin Huang, clearly in disbelief that people from the Union Government had come to escort him. The duo who came were two demiG.o.d-level powerhouses.

“So early? What time did you guys get here?” Lin Huang knew Guan Zhong must have sent the duo to pick him up.

“We’ve just arrived too,” responded the gray-haired young man, who called himself the Silver Fox, while smiling when he saw the Viper attempt to speak.

Naturally, Lin Huang noticed that but he did not dwell on it. “Do we go there now? It’s not even 8 a.m. I suppose your office building isn’t opened yet, is it?”

“I think you’re talking about the office building that’s opened to the public. Our real office building runs almost 24 hours every day. We’ll have people in each department at night handle unforeseen circ.u.mstances,” the Silver Fox explained while smiling.

“24 hours every day? That’s dedication right there!” Lin Huang raised a brow. “Bring us there then.”

Seeing the Viper bring out the dimensional portal, Lin Huang could not help but say, “Since you guys are here, I want to ask something. I heard there’s a pancake place that everyone talks about. Where’s the exact location?”

“You must be talking about the pancake place runs by an uncle, Master Emperor. His pancake is amazing indeed.” The Silver Fox pointed at an alley not far away. “Walk into that alley. You’ll see it when you walk about 200 meters to the left.”

“Thanks, I’ll go when I have the time.” Lin Huang nodded in satisfaction after getting the exact location.

“You can buy some now if you’d like. We’ll just wait here. It’s a stall by the street and it’s only available in the morning. The owner is pretty capricious. He runs his business according to his mood. He sometimes closes his stall for a few days when he’s having a bad mood. He would close after 10.30 a.m. even if he’s supposed to be open. You might not see him when you come the next time.”

“Alright then. Please wait for us here. We’ll go over to buy some pancakes. We should try the pancakes since we’re here,” said Lin Huang and he ran towards the alley with Huang Tufu.

A moment later, Lin Huang saw the stall the Silver Fox had mentioned after pa.s.sing the alley.

The stall owner was an uncle who had a beard and looked rather messy. He did not look in the best of health as though he did not get enough sleep.

For some reason, Lin Huang thought of the plump uncle and aunty at the dumpling stall earlier. He figured the uncle before him must be single.

“Boss, give me a pancake. I’d like to add an egg, pork tenderloin, sliced cuc.u.mber, lettuce, pickles. No parsley, no sweet sauce. Make it a little spicy.” Lin Huang was actually full, but he just wanted to try how the pancake tasted like.

“Give me five. I want to go all out since I’m eating.” The gluttony Huang Tufu, who was standing next to Lin Huang, was obviously not full from eating five servings of dumplings earlier. “I want two servings of eggs, two servings of pork tenderloin with sliced potatoes, pickles, bean curd skin, and green onions. Oh, more parsley. Put as much as you can. I want garlic sauce and make it super spicy. Put all of that on all five pancakes.”

Lin Huang thought to himself after hearing Huang Tufu’s order, ‘I’ll stay away from him later.’

Since Huang Tufu ordered five pancakes, it took some time for the order to be done.

The Silver Fox and the Viper came to them since they did not see them return after waiting for a while.

Huang Tufu’s order happened to be ready just when the duo pa.s.sed through the alley. The duo thought that Huang Tufu had packed the pancakes for them. They were slightly touched.

However, Huang Tufu did not give them the pancakes when he walked up to them. They then realized they were overthinking.

“We can go now.” Lin Huang did not plan to waste any more time since they were done buying the pancakes. After all, they had made the two people who were picking him up wait for quite some time.

The Viper summoned the dimensional portal again.

The four of them walked into the dimensional portal one after another. They arrived at the Union Government headquarters building when they appeared again.

Lin Huang did not even bother with mocking when he saw the building that looked similar to a toilet bowl.

“Master Emperor, do you think the shape of the building looks a little like a toilet bowl in the late era?” Huang Tufu honestly said what Lin Huang had in mind.

The Silver Fox and the Viper, who was standing aside, looked horrified when they heard that.

“This is our office building that is open to the public. The office for internal staff is the block at the back.”

The duo brought Lin Huang and Huang Tufu around the toilet bowl building and walked towards the real office building.

However, Lin Huang was even more speechless when he saw the building.

Meanwhile, Huang Tufu spat the pancake from his mouth as laughter consumed him. He cackled to the point that he almost could not stand straight.

“Doesn’t this office building’s shape look like a male…?”

“Eat your pancake,” Lin Huang interrupted Huang Tufu directly.

Huang Tufu recalled that this was the Union Government’s territory as he was interrupted by Lin Huang. He finally shut his mouth. However, he was still stifling his laughter while eating the pancakes.

The Silver Fox and the Viper looked extremely embarra.s.sed now.

The office building not far away was divided into three parts. The section in the middle was tall while the two buildings next to it were spherical.

Looking at the building, Lin Huang could not help but recall a joke he had heard on Earth back then. ‘Isn’t this the legendary Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon? The resemblance is astonis.h.i.+ng!’ Lin Huang only thought to himself and did not say that out loud.

“Follow me. Our Agency EA office is the short building on the left.” The Silver Fox ignored Huang Tufu, who was trying his hardest to hold back his laughter and changed the subject.

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