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Chapter 1077: Sister Jing

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At a small area by the lake in the new eastern district of First City.

“This is his fourth property. It’s just a residential building where ordinary people live. Everyone living in this building is a common civilian. I’ve no idea why he bought this place back then,” Guan Zhong said while leading the few of them into the elevator.

The four of them arrived on the 33rd floor via the elevator. They saw the distorted door of Room 3301 as soon as they walked out of the elevator. The door was scorched black.

Without even thinking, Lin Huang knew that was Zhuge Feifan’s unit.

He stretched his Divine Telekinesis to open the door before the four of them then walked in.

The unit was considered s.p.a.cious with almost 140 square meters. To ordinary people, it was considered a rather neat place. However, it was nothing to cultivators.

Just like the three villas before, everything in this house had been moved out as well. No clothes or shoes were left behind. Everything else including the furniture had been reduced to ashes.

Guan Zhong and Qian Rui found nothing after rifling through the house. They then nodded at Lin Huang who summoned the Book of Sorcerer Dao, projecting what had happened to this house yesterday.

He set the time to 4.12 p.m. again.

Soon, the room seemed to be restored to how it was like through the runes.

What surprised Lin Huang and the rest was that this time, not only were the furniture and the rest projected, but there was also a woman sitting on the couch.

It was a woman who looked around 30 years old. She did not look outstanding but she had a quiet charisma. She was folding clothes languidly on the couch.

Just when Lin Huang wanted to ask Guan Zhong who the woman was, the dimensional portal appeared out of nowhere and Zhuge Feifan walked out of it.

At that moment, Lin Huang and the rest were secretly relieved. They finally confirmed the first location Zhuge Feifan had escaped to. They were surprised to find that he had escaped to this inconspicuous apartment.

Guan Zhong looked puzzled. Given his understanding of his master, it was hard for him to imagine how important this place was.

“Feifan, you’re home!” The woman sitting on the couch greeted him while smiling as if she was welcoming him out of habit. “Why did you come back so early today?”

Zhuge Feifan did not seem to be surprised that she was at his place. He walked to the woman with a complicated expression on his face after putting the dimensional portal away.

“Sister Jing…”

“What’s wrong? Why do you look so troubled?” The woman whom he addressed Sister Jing smiled and stopped what she was doing. She lifted her head coyly and looked at Zhuge Feifan.

“What’s wrong? Did somebody bully you?” Sister Jing stretched her arm out to him and asked softly while holding his hand after Zhuge Feifan did not respond. “Tell me if you were wronged. You’ll feel better.”

“Sister Jing, will you hate me if I’m a bad person?” Zhuge Feifan asked all of a sudden after falling into silence for a while.

She kept quiet for a few heartbeats as she bit her lip before speaking again, “I don’t know if you’re a good person or a bad person, but I know you’re good to me. That’s enough. Even if you’re a bad person to everyone in the world, to me, you’ll forever be the best man in the world.”

Seeing that Zhuge Feifan had fallen into silence again, Sister Jing put the clothes that she was folding halfway aside and got him to sit down.

“Stop overthinking. Let’s eat your favorite boiled sliced pork later.” She stretched her arms out to pinch Zhuge Feifan’s cheeks like she was talking to a child.

Lin Huang and the rest could tell that they clearly had an extraordinary relations.h.i.+p.

Sister Jing was obviously a commoner. Her real age might not even be 1/20 to Zhuge Feifan’s.

However, they looked like a couple since Zhuge Feifan called her ‘sister’ and did not resist her pinching his cheeks.

Nonetheless, Lin Huang and the rest were curious. This woman called Sister Jing appeared very normal. Even to ordinary people, she only looked mediocre and was not pretty in the least. To Zhuge Feifan, with his appearance, wealth and power, he could easily find a woman who was hundreds of times more beautiful than Sister Jing. So, why did he go for such an ordinary woman?

Zhuge Feifan who sat on the couch in silence for a long time finally spoke again, “Sister Jing, I got into some trouble.”

“What kind of trouble? Do you need my help?”Sister Jing asked immediately, “If you need money, I’ve some savings here. You can use it first. Settle your thing and return the money to me whenever you can in the future.”

“Sister, listen to me,” Zhuge Feifan interrupted Sister Jing, “I got into some trouble involving cultivators. n.o.body knows about our relations.h.i.+p at the moment, but they’ll find this house sooner or later. They might talk to you then.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t tell them a thing,” she a.s.sured immediately and added in all seriousness, “I won’t say a thing even if it means death for me!”

“It’s not as simple as you think. They have methods that are beyond your imagination. Some people can even read your mind directly.”

“Read my mind?” Sister Jing realized that Zhuge Feifan had offended people who were out of the ordinary as she heard this. “We can hire an or we can get the Union Government…”

“Those people who are coming after me are from the Union Government,” Zhuge Feifan interrupted Sister Jing again and placed both hands on her shoulders. “I’m not a good person. They’re right to come after me.

“To avoid dragging you into this, the only way now is to erase everything about me in your head. That’s the only way to get you off their list.”

“Erase my memory?” Sister Jing seemed a little lost at that second, but she snapped back to her senses a while later. “Does that mean that… I’ll forget you forever?”

Zhuge Feifan fell into silence for a while before nodding slowly.

Sister Jing held her head down and only lifted it up again after staying quiet for a long time. She looked at him earnestly. “Feifan, will you truly be safe if my memory’s erased? They’ll no longer come after you?”

Zhuge Feifan remained silent. His heart was breaking apart as he looked at the antic.i.p.ation in her eyes, but he nodded eventually.

“Alright then, go ahead and erase my memory.” Sister Jing forced a smile, but tears did not stop rolling from the corner of her eyes. “Erase it and don’t worry about me. I won’t remember you in my head, but I’ll never forget you in my heart.”

“Sister…” Zhuge Feifan pulled the woman into his arms and placed his chin on her shoulder. The tears he had been holding back finally burst out as he smelled the familiar fragrance of her shampoo.

The duo was locked in an embrace tightly just like that. Approximately five to six minutes later, Zhuge Feifan let go of his arms. He had dried off his tears with Divine Power by then.

He wiped the tears off Sister Jing’s face and looked at her with a bright smile. “Sister, meeting you is the happiest thing that has ever happened to me.”

“Me too.” Sister Jing stretched her arms and touched Zhuge Feifan’s cheeks gently.

Zhuge Feifan took a deep breath in and pointed a finger between her brows as she then closed her eyes slowly.

Tears were still pouring from the corner of her eyes, but she beamed with happiness.

“I’m sorry…” As a white glow lit up at his fingertip, Sister Jing’s body soon went limp and she fell onto the couch.

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