Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1079 – Emperor’s Heart

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Chapter 1079: Emperor’s Heart

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Emperor’s Heart

After spending over an hour, they were finally done checking Zhuge Feifan’s remaining five properties.

It was almost 11 p.m. when they returned to the Union Government headquarters in First City.

“Are there any new clues?” Qian Rui asked immediately upon seeing them coming back.

“No, we only saw him packing his stuff and burning the houses down.” Guan Zhong shook his head helplessly. “But he changed a couple more dimensional portals, of which I’ve taken pictures.”

“This guy has so many dimensional portals,” Huang Tufu could not help but ridicule. They had seen nine dimensional portals so far and Zhuge Feifan would change one everywhere he went.

“I’ve sent the pictures. Did you get anything on your side?” Guan Zhong queried Qian Rui immediately.

“We’ve gotten An Jing’s details. Indeed, she’s just an ordinary person. She’s 32 this year and is teaching literature at the Hunter Reserve College in the new eastern district. She has no criminal records and is immensely popular at school. She has excellent relations.h.i.+ps with her colleagues and the students.

“There’s nothing wrong with her ident.i.ty. We still haven’t figured how exactly Zhuge Feifan got to know her for now. Zhuge Feifan must’ve bought the unit in the small area after knowing her.”

“The timeline you mentioned fits. I still remember that it was two years ago when he bought the unit. I was confused about why he would buy a property in such a small area back then. Now that I thought about it, he must’ve done that to woo An Jing.” Guan Zhong recalled when Zhuge Feifan bought the place and he confirmed Qian Rui’s speculation.

“We’ve also found out where Zhuge Feifan and An Jing took the pictures. Three of them were taken in First City, two at Lakeside Park in the new eastern district, and one at Heart Ocean in the central district. The remaining four were taken in different footholds.”

“Where’s An Jing now?” Lin Huang asked.

“It’s the summer break, so she’s been giving extra to her students. It seems like her memory is indeed erased. I haven’t sent anyone to monitor her at the moment because I figure that Zhuge Feifan might be around and he’ll be warned easily.” Qian Rui was afraid to alert Zhuge Feifan.

At that moment, Zhuge Feifan had no idea that his relations.h.i.+p with An Jing had been exposed. He thought that to the Union Government, An Jing was just a regular neighbor, so they would not take note of her. Zhuge Feifan would definitely find out if they were following her.

“I guess we’re off the mission now, eh?” Huang Tufu asked.

“Thank you so much, Master Emperor. You’ve helped us a lot this time. If not for you, we wouldn’t have found out about his relations.h.i.+p with An Jing.” Qian Rui thanked him while smiling graciously.

“Thanks for all the trouble, Master Emperor.” Guan Zhong was also being grateful.

“Hey, what about me?” Huang Tufu looked annoyed from being completely ignored.

“Mr. Tufu, too! Thanks for your hard work,” said both of them while smiling.

“Master Emperor, do we head back to Emperor City?” Huang Tufu glared at both of them and asked Lin Huang.

“There’s no rush. We’ll head back in two days. It’s not every day that we get to come to First City. Shouldn’t we do some sight-seeing since we’re here?” Lin Huang, on the other hand, was not in a rush to head back. “Moreover, Mr. Guan has yet to fulfill the condition that he promised me earlier.”

“What condition?” Guan Zhong was stunned to hear that.

Qian Rui peeped at him, worried that Guan Zhong might have promised to do something that he should not have.

“The complimentary Emperor’s Heart Ring’s unlocking service. Did you forget?” Lin Huang glanced at Guan Zhong with his brow raised.

“Oh, I’ve almost forgotten about that!”

Qian Rui was relieved to hear that that was the condition Lin Huang meant.

“Complimentary unlocking service? Can you count me in? I also have some Emperor’s Heart Rings that need to be unlocked,” Huang Tufu requested immediately when he heard that the service was complimentary.

“Sure,” Guan Zhong agreed right away. There was no difference for him to provide service for an extra person.

“I’ll bring you guys over now,” declared Guan Zhong and he summoned a dimensional portal.

The three of them stepped in one after another and soon disappeared from where they were.

Lin Huang realized they were in an underground cave when they walked out of the dimensional portal.

“Just put the Emperor’s Heart Rings that you guys want to unlock into the tree hollow over there.” Guan Zhong pointed at the giant sphere that appeared like it was made of layers of roots not far away. There were tiny, round holes on the surface.

“So, is this the Emperor’s Heart?” Lin Huang walked up skeptically. He then placed more than 3,000 Emperor’s Heart Rings into one of the holes.

Huang Tufu followed behind and took out a handful of Emperor’s Heart Rings and put them into the other hole next to it. He could not help but steal a peep at Lin Huang. To his shock, he saw a sheer amount of rings that almost filled the entire hole.

“So many Emperor’s Heart Rings! How long have you been saving those, Master Emperor?”

“I basically got them yesterday.”

Huang Tufu was even more shocked when he heard that revelation. He recalled that Lin Huang had not been in Emperor City yesterday.

Did he rob the entire organization?!

Meanwhile, Guan Zhong, who stood tens of meters away, did not find it strange. He had witnessed almost Lin Huang’s entire battle yesterday. Naturally, he knew very well where those rings came from.

As both of them placed the Emperor’s Heart Rings into the holes, roots stretched out of the tree hollow slowly and grabbed all of the rings.

Lin Huang took a few steps back and turned his head to ask Guan Zhong softly, “Approximately how long does the unlocking take?”

“It’ll be done in no time.” Just when Guan Zhong was done speaking, the roots brought the 30-odd rings back to where Huang Tufu had placed them earlier.

Huang Tufu was stunned when he saw that. “That’s it?”

“When they’re sent back, It means the unlocking is done,” Guan Zhong confirmed.

Huang Tufu then extended his arm to pick all of the Emperor’s Heart Rings up. He checked them one after another with his Divine Telekinesis.

A moment later, he put away all of the rings into his storage s.p.a.ce happily.

Perhaps because there were too many, the rings that Lin Huang wanted to get unlocked took slightly longer. However, the roots sent all the Emperor’s Heart Rings back in less than a minute.

Lin Huang picked up all of the Emperor’s Heart Rings immediately, but he only checked one. After making sure that it was unlocked, he did not even look at the rest.

Just when he was ready to leave after putting the Emperor’s Heart Rings away, Xiao Hei’s voice came into his ears. “I sense a Goldfinger in him. It’s very powerful!”

“You mean the Emperor’s Heart?” Lin Huang peeped at the sphere in surprise.

“That’s right. You’re not looking at his real form. This is just a part of him.”

“Are you sure it’s not a mistake?” Lin Huang secretly panicked. If the Emperor’s Heart were a Goldfinger, it would mean there were other travelers behind it.

Lin Huang could not help but put his guard up towards other travelers after learning about the existence of Raiders from Yang Ling.

“It can’t be a mistake. If I’m not mistaken, he must’ve found out about me and the stone tablet by now.”

Lin Huang thought it was too risky to stay all of a sudden. He got Guan Zhong to summon the dimensional portal immediately and stepped into it.

He was finally relieved when the dimensional portal closed.

He had no idea that the sphere made of roots had transformed into a human face after he left via the dimensional portal. The face had complete features and looked like a bearded man.

The bearded man stared at the spot where Lin Huang had just disappeared and mumbled to himself softly, “Why does that kid have two Goldfingers in his body?”

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