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Chapter 1080: Traceless

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In a luxurious suite on the 181st floor of the Star Dome Hotel, Lin Huang was watching the news while sitting on the couch in the living room. On the other hand, b.l.o.o.d.y was calculating the loot in the Emperor’s Heart Rings.

Huang Tufu, who was in the next room, was reading a novel, sprawled on the couch.

This Star Dome Hotel was one of the properties under the Hunter a.s.sociation. The Union Government was a part of it too.

The hotel was merely three kilometers away from the Union Government office. The largest business district in the central zone of First City was just below the building, and it was extremely crowded.

Naturally, the hotel was expensive. Since it was Guan Zhong who had made the arrangements, Lin Huang and Huang Tufu did not have to spend any credit points on it.

Ignoring the ‘Emperor’s Stickers’ topic that ranked No. 1 on Heart Network, Lin Huang looked at the topics that ranked No. 2 and No. 3.

“The incidents of the Wei Clan going missing and the Blessing Trading Company’s explosion had spread through the entire cultivation world since this morning.” Lin Huang noticed that the two topics already had over 100 million views.

Everyone knew the Wei Clan in Division 2 was a clan that had been pa.s.sed down for centuries. They were also the wealthiest family in Division 2, and they even had two demiG.o.ds that were known to the public.

Many cultivators were concerned about the ancient castle of the Wei Clan vanis.h.i.+ng together with the people of the Wei Clan out of nowhere.

The other clans in Division 2 were worried that they might be the next target.

One must know that the incident happened in Division 2’s No. 1 foothold. Theoretically, the foothold should be the safest foothold in the No. 2 safety zone. However, such a thing had happened.

Many people pointed fingers at the few top underground organizations. They verbally attacked the top underground organizations including Dynasty because they figured that only these organizations were capable enough of destroying a clan that had demiG.o.ds, hence leaving no traces behind.

However, none of the top underground organizations including Dynasty responded to the incident.

Even the Union Government had been quiet. They did not even say anything officially, merely confirming that the destruction of the Wei Clan was the truth.

Naturally, Lin Huang knew that the Union Government did not say anything because they wanted to expose what the Wei Clan did after they got rid off G.o.d Bless completely.

However, all the clans in Division 2 had no idea about that. They pressured the Union Government for the sake of their personal safety. ‘It’s still under investigation’ was the only response they got from the Union Government.

As for the Blessing Trading Company in Golden City being destroyed, it would not usually attract any attention from cultivators.

The main thing was that the entire land around the Blessing Trading Company collapsed, causing the terrain to change on a certain level. Clearly, a battle had broken out between powerhouses who were on at least demiG.o.d-level.

Many people knew that the Golden City was filled with shady companies, but never had they thought that there would be a battle between demiG.o.d-level powerhouses.

The two incidents happened on the same day, which made many people’s imaginations run wild.

Some of them said the two incidents might be related, but the speculation was soon refuted because it was a piece of cake for them to find out that the Blessing Trading Company had nothing to do with the Wei Clan at all. They did not even have any business collaboration.

Lin Huang went through some forums and scrolled through social media sites for a while. By then, b.l.o.o.d.y finally calculated everything in the Emperor’s Heart Rings.

“There are a total of 3,022 Emperor’s Heart Rings. We’ve obtained 2.12 million Divine Stones, 11 G.o.d relics, 56 demiG.o.d relics, three G.o.d Figurines, eight G.o.dheads, 17 broken G.o.dheads, and 123 ancient-level relics. There are also up to 10,000 relics of other grades, hundreds of billions of Life Crystals, all kinds of minerals, materials, and miscellaneous items.

“There are over ten types of rare minerals in them. There are six rare metals that are very valuable in the metallic materials.”

“Is there any weapon that I can use?” Lin Huang asked

“There’s one battle armor among the G.o.d relics. There are two sets of telekinetic weapons, five battle swords, and nine battle armors among the demiG.o.d relics. There are three sets of telekinetic weapons, 16 battle swords, and 21 battle armors among the ancient relics.”

After confirming the exact number of loots, Lin Huang put whatever he had gotten b.l.o.o.d.y to sort out back into his Emperor’s Heart Ring.

“There’s something that I need to tell you. I think it’s best that we can find Zhuge Feifan before the Union Government does,” b.l.o.o.d.y could not help but tell Lin Huang through voice transmission. “Zhuge Feifan is the founder of Agency EA and he’s been the president of the agency for hundreds of years. We can say that he’s the person who knows most of the secrets in this gravel world. If we can read his mind, not only can we obtain more information about G.o.d Bless’s Master G.o.d, but we can also even obtain all the secrets of the Union Government throughout more than 700 years directly.”

“That’s the reason why I stayed,” Lin Huang revealed. In reality, he initiated help to Guan Zhong with this intention since the beginning.

The reason why Agency EA had agreed to get Lin Huang’s help was that they were eager to find Zhuge Feifan. The longer Zhuge Feifan stayed missing, the higher the chances of some of the Union Government’s secrets leaking.

Moreover, Guan Zhong and the rest hoped that Lin Huang would return to Emperor City soon. They made the hotel arrangements for Lin Huang when they heard he was staying in First City mainly because they wanted to monitor Lin Huang, preventing him from stealing Zhuge Feifan away from them.

Lin Huang knew very well that although Guan Zhong seemed honest, he was b.u.t.tering him up. However, this guy was definitely not capable enough to be able to be the Vice President of Agency EA.

Although the Vice President of Agency EA held a lower position than the Vice President of the Union Government, his authority might even be higher than the latter.

“Do you have any way to find Zhuge Feifan?” Lin Huang asked.

“It’s not difficult to find him if we expand the search territory,” b.l.o.o.d.y replied, “He’s definitely not far away from An Jing.”

“Looking at his behavior in the projection, he has a special bond with An Jing. He definitely won’t leave First City until he’s ascertained her safety.”

“But there’s no way of finding his exact location. He’s at least on Virtual G.o.d rank-3, so he can monitor An Jing from thousands of kilometers away using Divine Telekinesis. He might be in a cafe thousands of kilometers away drinking coffee while monitoring her with Divine Telekinesis. The range is just too wide.” Lin Huang shook his head, feeling helpless.

“If we don’t mind crossing the line, it’s not difficult to find him. The easiest way is to kidnap An Jing. As soon as something happens to An Jing, Zhuge Feifan will definitely reveal himself.” In reality, everyone had the same idea as b.l.o.o.d.y.

Besides Lin Huang, even the Union Government shared the same idea.

They were not using because there was an unspoken line among cultivators whereby they would not drag an ordinary person into their battle. Every cultivator knew that.

The line was even written in the Union Government’s regulation, and it had become their law.

“We can’t do anything to An Jing unless it’s the last resort.” Lin Huang shook his head after a moment of silence. “Do you have any other idea?”

“I haven’t thought of anything at the moment.” b.l.o.o.d.y shook its head feebly. “There are too many powerhouses in First City, I can’t use my Leech Pods. They’ll find my Leech Pods as soon as I use them. Moreover, even if I could use them, the possibility of finding him is slim. As the leader of the spies, Zhuge Feifan has all sorts of stunning disguise methods. A simple disguise can get him to look like anything he desires if he wants to hide. In a big city such as First City, he’s totally traceless like a drop of water falling into the ocean.”

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