Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1088 – The Trial Zone Opens

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Chapter 1088: The Trial Zone Opens

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Lin Huang knew that his actions had been exposed as he hung up on Guan Zhong’s call. However, he no longer cared about that.

Guan Zhong and Qian Rui took the initiative to call him to test him, but that already proved that they could not find any reliable evidence. They were not sure if he was the one who killed Zhuge Feifan.

However, him rejecting to carry out the video playback for them was equivalent to admitting he was the murderer.

Nevertheless, he could only decline the request.

If he agreed to do that, Guan Zhong would recognize the bruised corpse right away when they saw the playback. He would be giving the Union Government a piece of solid evidence.

Although Guan Zhong and Qian Rui were sure that it was him who did it, they had no solid evidence to go after him.

In reality, Lin Huang was very careful about this. All he did was to retrieve Zhuge Feifan’s memory and he left no traces behind. Not only did he leave Zhuge Feifan’s body behind for the Union Government, but he also did not even take his Emperor’s Heart Ring away. He only took the G.o.dhead that was insignificant to the Union Government.

The confidence he had added with the fact that he had not left any traces behind gave the Union Government no way of coming after him.

On the Union Government’s side, since they had no solid evidence, they could only let it go eventually.

Time flew by, and three days soon pa.s.sed.

Throughout the three days, apart from celebrating Lin Xin’s official 19th birthday on the 8th August which was on the second day, Lin Huang spent most of his time in closed-door cultivation to refine the G.o.dheads in his body.

The demiG.o.d-level broken G.o.dheads only took a while to be refined under his burning Divine Fire. However, the 13 complete G.o.dheads that he had just obtained recently were much slower to refine.

He calculated the speed of refinement roughly.

A demiG.o.d-level broken G.o.dhead only took one to five minutes to be completely refined. Almost none of them took longer than ten minutes.

However, the Virtual G.o.d rank-1 G.o.dhead took approximately ten continuous hours to be refined.

Meanwhile, the Virtual G.o.d rank-2 G.o.dhead took almost 20 hours while the Virtual G.o.d rank-3 G.o.dhead took almost 40 hours.

The refinement time would double for almost every rank higher.

Lin Huang also calculated the time to refine a Virtual G.o.d rank-9 G.o.dhead. It would take around 2,560 hours which translated into at least over a hundred days even if the person refining it did not sleep or rest.

Throughout the three days, he refined 12 out of the 13 G.o.dheads. However, the refinement speed for the Virtual G.o.d rank-9 G.o.dhead he had gotten from the Master G.o.d’s clone was a painful one.

On the fourth morning, Lin Huang walked out of the Emperor Palace.

Those Dynasty Dukes who had earned the eligibility to partic.i.p.ate in the trial had arrived.

Apart from a handful of them who were working on something else, basically all the imperial-level and demiG.o.d-level Dukes applied.

However, Huang Tianfu only approved less than two-thirds of them. He needed the rest to guard the Dynasty headquarters and branches.

In the end, only 67 of them pa.s.sed the a.s.sessment, including the Third Grand Duke Huang Tufu, Huang Wuji, and the rest of the Princes who had elevated to imperial-level.

Before it was even 8 a.m., all of them had gathered in the meeting room.

All of them stood up when they saw Lin Huang walking into the meeting room.

“Take a seat.” Lin Huang walked onto the podium after he gestured for them to sit.

“The trial zone that I picked for you guys this time is just a grade-1 trial zone in the great world. However, it’s a grade-6 forbidden area in this gravel world. There are a few virtual G.o.d-level monsters. Therefore, please don’t take it lightly judging by its low grade.

“I’ve already gotten Mr. Tianfu to send all of you the information of the trial zone two days ago. Please inform me if you haven’t gotten it right now.”

Lin Huang waited for a while, but n.o.body spoke.

“I believe all of you have studied the information and you should’ve done the preparation beforehand. I don’t need to waste everybody’s time to repeat what’s written in it. Let me brief you on some of my expectations.

“Firstly, no sabotaging! As soon as you enter the trial zone, no matter whether you’re exploring on your own or whether you’re forming a team, please don’t fight your own people!

“I don’t care what kind of conflicts you guys have had before or what disputes you guys come up with in the trial zone. If I find out about it, I’ll kill those who attack their own people! I opened the trial zones and set up a reward system to encourage you guys to grow, not to instigate internal conflicts.

“You guys can solve the conflicts you might have after the trial has ended. Don’t play tricks in the trial zone! You can come to look for me or look for the Third Grand Duke if you can’t solve it, and we’ll help.

“For those who are dissatisfied with your trial results, you can join the second or third trial to prove your abilities!

“Secondly, I hope that all of you survive. Each and every one of you here is a powerhouse with top combat strength in Dynasty. All of you are Dynasty’s pillars of support. No matter who we lose, it’s a great loss to Dynasty, to me, and the Third Duke.

“I hope that all of you can survive each trial, to grow stronger and to walk further together with Dynasty!

“In the trial zone, don’t be blinded by pride. Surviving is the most important thing that you need to do. If you encounter something that’s beyond your capabilities, dodge or run if you have to. Don’t take it forcefully. You guys should know that you guys can obtain more points as long as you survive. Then, you’ll obtain more rewards and become more and more powerful.

“Thirdly, obtain as many points as you can. After you’ve accomplished the first and second points, try your best to reap as many resources as you can in the trial zone. Ignore whether the compet.i.tor is someone from a major organization in the great world. Take what you fight for, and kill when it’s necessary. It’s alright even if you’ll have to kill the Royalties. In the trial zone, the Royalties can be the prey in proper battles as well. Don’t blame anyone if you get killed.”

Lin Huang listed the three points briefly. The people who were listening were resting their minds.

When it was 9 a.m. sharp, Lin Huang opened the trial zone’s dimensional portal with his Royalty authorization.

A golden dimensional portal opened in the meeting room. The 67 partic.i.p.ants queued and walked into it one after another.

When all of them had entered, the golden dimensional portal closed slowly and faded slowly before vanis.h.i.+ng completely.

Huang Tianfu sighed softly upon seeing the trial dimensional portal vanis.h.i.+ng. “I hope for minimum casualties in this trial.”

Lin Huang patted Huang Tianfu’s shoulder. He wanted to say something to comfort him but said nothing after thinking to himself.

“I’m thinking of trading the few G.o.dheads in the treasure for G.o.d relics of the same value.” Lin Huang voiced his request after a moment of silence.

“n.o.body is using the few G.o.dheads anyway, so just take them, Master Emperor.” Huang Tianfu waved his hand.

“Let’s just trade them with items of the same value. They’re the property of Dynasty after all.” Lin Huang felt bad for taking them without anything in exchange. He had already taken a soul jewel for nothing earlier.

‘Isn’t Dynasty your property too?’ Huang Tianfu thought to himself but he dared not say it out loud.

“Throughout the month while the trial is going on, I might be spending most of the time in closed-door cultivation. Please gather as many materials, G.o.dheads, and broken G.o.dheads as you can. I’ll pay you in advance later. Please take note of soul jewels if there’s any around, and inform me if there’s news as soon as you hear it. Don’t worry about interrupting my closed-door cultivation,” said Lin Huang and he projected the blue teardrop soul jewel that he had obtained from Dynasty’s treasure chest earlier.

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