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Chapter 109: The Ruins of the Ancients

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang had his mind occupied with the Xiagong ruins ever since he saw the laptop at the museum. There were not many changes to their schedule during the trip. He would visit tourist attractions with Lin Xin in the foothold during the day and return to the hotel around four to five o’clock for dinner. After dinner, he would practice Army Attack Tactics until 10 at night. He would then look for information about the Xiagong ruins on the Heart Network before he slept at 12.

Five days had pa.s.sed without incident. His Army Attack Tactics  skill rotation was now only 10 minutes per cycle and he had obtained 228 card pieces. He was close to obtaining 400 card pieces to upgrade to level three. There was not much information about the Xiagong Ruins on the Heart Network and the Hunter Network. All he found out was that the ruins were found more than 300 years ago when Division7 was built. Many experts had conducted some form of research on the ruins and found out that there were many things in the ruins of the palace that were not present in other places. The discoveries include decorations which were different from those that were excavated from other ruins and because of this there were various speculations about these ruins on the Heart Network. Some even speculated that the palace was built by the G.o.ds.

Seeing that they had almost visited all the attractions in the city center, he would finally have the chance to visit the Xiagong Ruins. Lin Huang felt obliged at first but he called Yi Zheng anyway in order to get more information about the ruins. However, after the call was connected, it was cut off after two rings. Soon, Lin Huang received a message.

“I’m in the middle of something, let’s talk tomorrow.”

Lin Huang raised his eyebrow. He did not want to bother Yi Zheng, so he called Yi Yeyu instead. On the second ring, his call was picked up. Yi Yeyu was wearing a black dress with expensive jewelry on her neck. Hearing the noise in the background, Lin Huang asked, “Where are you and why are you dressed so formally?”

“Nothing much, it’s just a gathering,” Yi Yeyu shook her head and teased. “So tell me, what kind of trouble did you get yourself into again?” She continued, rolling her eyes mockingly.

“Nothing! Do I look like a troublemaker?” Lin Huang asked.

“You don’t look like it, you ARE a troublemaker!” Yi Yeyu shouted as she remembered what Lin Huang had done a few days ago.

Lin Huang did not say anything in response… Yi Yeyu was a member of royalty. It was normal if she had found out what he had done on the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p. As he thought about it, he realized that it must have been Yi Yeyu who covered for him as the Union Government did not pursue him after he killed someone.

“They’re calling for me. If you have something urgent, say it now,” Yi Yeyu muttered firmly. She thought what she had said earlier was rude so she changed the topic to move on.

“I wanted to ask for your help to find out more about the Xiagong Ruins. I couldn’t get anything informative with my search restrictions,” Lin Huang said, finally telling her his intentions.

“Xiagong Ruins? Many people have excavated the ruins before, why would you want to know more about it?” Yi Yeyu asked as she thought Lin Huang’s request was ridiculous.

“I just wanted to know more about it. I will be going there two days from now. The information would be helpful as I’m acting as a guide for my sister,” Lin Huang said, cooking up an excuse.

“There are professional tour guides there, I don’t understand what’s with you wanting to be a know-it-all to your sister. Alright then, I will do what I can for you after the dinner. It might come late at night,” Yi Yeyu promised him.

After the phone was disconnected, Lin Huang realized that it was 12. He did not wait for Yi Yeyu’s reply and went straight to bed. The next morning, before he got up, he saw a couple of messages on his phone. They were all from Yi Yeyu. She had sent all the information about the Xiagong ruins to him. There were many pages with pictures, so much more than what he managed to find the past few days.

“The Xiagong ruins existed in the ancient epoch, even before the old epoch? The old epoch was 30,000 years ago which meant the time the traveler with the laptop arrived was about 30,000 years ago or possibly even earlier…” Lin Huang frowned at that piece of information.

“Humans below the level of transcendents cannot live for more than 720 years. The longest a transcendent can live is 1,800 years. Although I have no idea how long a demiG.o.d can live, it’s not really possible that one could live up to 30,000 years,” Lin Huang thought, basically confirming that the transcendent had died many years ago. “About the laptop, the traveler wouldn’t bring something that was useless here, that could have been his Goldfinger. Since his Goldfinger was destroyed, his chance of survival would have been really slim…” He concluded.

Lin Huang was disappointed. He always wanted to meet someone who was like him. Although they might not be able to teach him anything, a simple chat would have sufficed to warm his heart to the life he was living in a different world. He then continued to read and found another helpful piece of information. An expert suggested that Xiagong was related to a person called Xia Hao in the Ancient Epoch. There were historical records mentioning a man named Xia Hao that appeared in the Ancient Epoch and he managed to level-up from an ordinary person to a DemiG.o.d within a couple of years.

He was called the No.1 Genius during the epoch. However, he disappeared all of a sudden. Some said he was dead while others speculated that he traveled to another world.

After reading that, Lin Huang was sure that if this Xia Hao really existed in the Ancient Epoch, he was the traveler that he was looking for. Only travelers with Goldfingers could level-up to become DemiG.o.ds within a couple of years.

Yi Yeyu left a message at the end.

“I have tried to look for more information about Xia Hao for you but there isn’t much to go on. There is very limited information about the Ancient Epoch, and the restrictions are even tighter. I’ve sent you all that I’ve found,” she said.

“Thank you, I’ve received them!” Lin Huang replied Yi Yeyu’s messages right after he read them.

“Brother, wake up!” Lin Xin shouted and knocked on his door.

“Alright, I’ll be right there,” Lin Huang yelled back and then got up from his bed.

They arrived at the hotel restaurant 10 minutes later. After getting food from the buffet, they sat by the window.

“How many attractions have we yet to visit within the city center?” Lin Huang asked as he ate.

“We’re only left with one more. It can be done before noon,” Lin Xin said and asked Lin Huang right away, “Will we be staying in the city center for another few days or do we go straight to the Xiagong Ruins?”

“We will go to Xiagong Ruins tomorrow morning,” Lin Huang replied as he was in antic.i.p.ation of what the ruins had to offer too.

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