Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1092 – The Amnesia Of Chan Dou

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Chapter 1092: The Amnesia of Chan Dou

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Lin Huang’s expression was rather grim after they were done with breakfast.

Chan Dou’s amnesia was much more severe than he expected.

Not only had he forgotten who Lin Xie was, but he also did not even remember the Heaven Alliance. He could not even remember his teammates Tan Lang, Jian Fei, and Shen Tao who he knew for years.

That was not the most serious one. What was the most serious was that he had even forgotten everything about the Chan Clan.

Apart from knowing that his name was Chan Dou and that he was from the Chan Clan, he did not even remember what were his father and mother’s names or how they looked like. He could not even remember where the Chan Clan estate was.

Lin Huang thought of using a Healing Card on him since his amnesia had been caused by a damaged soul.

He took out a Healing Card as soon as he returned to the Dynasty headquarters. A notification from Xiao Hei’s system popped up after he aimed it at Chan Dou.

“The target is healthy. It can’t be the healing target.”

“What?” Lin Huang was puzzled after seeing the notification. He used another Healing Card, but the same notification popped up.

“Xiao Hei, is there a bug in the Healing Card?”

Xiao Hei fell into silence for a while and soon responded, “I’ve run a check. The card is fine.”

“Then, why can’t I use it on Chan Dou?”

“The card detects no signs of flesh or soul damage on the target.”

“His soul isn’t damaged?” Lin Huang was even more bewildered now. “Then, why is he suffering from amnesia?”

“I’ve no idea. The Healing Card shows that his flesh and soul are currently healthy.”

“If Xiao Hei’s detection is right, Chan Dou might’ve locked himself down, causing his amnesia.” The stone tablet’s voice came all of the sudden.

“Do you mean he might’ve locked his own memory?”

“Yes, the human brain has a self-preservation setting. To avoid certain information from being exposed, he might’ve locked this part of information deep in his memory during the torture,” the stone tablet explained.

Lin Huang thought the explanation made sense. “What you said actually explains why he doesn’t remember important people and things. He only remembers the insignificant things.”

“If he’s really locked his memory, what can I do to recover it?” Lin Huang asked again.

“There’s nothing that you can do. You can only wait for him to release the memory by himself.” The tablet had no other better idea to offer.

Lin Huang was concerned about bringing Chan Dou back to the Chan Clan in such a condition. Moreover, his combat strength had elevated to imperial-level black gold-rank out of nowhere. Lin Huang thought of bringing him back to the Heaven Alliance. He might recall something when he got there, but it was futile to do that now.

“Rest well for the time being. Get your health back and don’t burden yourself too much. Don’t force it if you can’t remember something,” Lin Huang comforted, “I’ll contact Tan Lang, Shen Tao, and the rest these two days and see if they have the time to visit. Maybe you might remember something when you see them.”

“I’ll put you in the room next to Xiao Mo. Just look for him if there’s anything you need. If Xiao Mo is busy, you can come to me directly. You have my number on your Emperor’s Heart Ring. My name is Lin Xie.”

After sorting things out with Chan Dou, Lin Huang talked to Huang Tianfu about Chan Dou for a bit.

In reality, as one of the three Grand Dukes, nothing in Dynasty’s headquarters could be hidden from him. He already found out there was someone else in Xiao Mo’s room the night when Lin Huang brought Chan Dou back, and he knew that the person was the chief of the Heaven Alliance, Chan Dou.

He knew very well that Lin Huang also bore another ident.i.ty called Lin Xie who was the current the deputy chief of the Heaven Alliance. Therefore, he was not surprised when Chan Dou appeared.

Apart from telling him about Chan Dou, Lin Huang had also obtained a new batch of elevation materials, G.o.dheads, and broken G.o.dheads from Huang Tianfu.

After he returned to the Emperor Palace, Lin Huang did not go into closed-door cultivation right away. Instead, he disguised as Lin Xie and contacted Tan Lang who was the closest to Chan Dou.

Tan Lang was surprised to see Lin Huang calling. However, he picked up the video call request immediately. “Lin Xie, it’s been a while. Hope everything is good on your side.”

Tan Lang wore a black trench coat, and seemed to be more muscular than before. He had shaved his beard clean, making him look much younger now. His stiff character turned much gentler upon seeing Lin Huang’s familiar face.

“I’ve been pretty good. You look like you’ve gained weight,” Lin Huang teased while smiling. “Whoa, and you’ve shaved your beard. Do you have a girlfriend now?”

“We just got engaged recently,” Tan Lang confirmed with a nod. “We haven’t fixed the date yet, but I’ll inform you guys when the date is set.”

“Sure! How does she look like? Remember to send her picture to the group chat so that we know how she looks like,” Lin Huang reminded while smiling.

“Sure!” Tan Lang nodded in a straightforward manner. “I’m sure you have something to tell me.”

“I’ve found Chan Dou.”

“He’s… still alive?” Tan Lang asked carefully, afraid to hear what he did not want to.

“He’s alive,” Lin Huang responded.

Tan Lang was relieved to hear those two words.

“But something’s happened to him,” Lin Huang continued, “He’s lost a part of his memory.”

“Is it serious?”

“He doesn’t remember me or you. He doesn’t remember the Heaven Alliance or anything about the Heaven Alliance, including the members. Apart from that, he’s also forgotten anything about the Chan Clan. He doesn’t even remember what his parents’ names are.”

Tan Lang fell into silence for a moment and asked with his head lifted up, “Where are you guys? I’ll go over as soon as I can.”

“There’s no rush. Please contact friends that Chan Dou is more familiar with. Since he doesn’t remember you and me, it’d be great if he can recognize one of his friends,” Lin Huang suggested.

“Sure, I’ll do that. Send me your address, and we’ll try to visit today.”

“The address is Emperor City in Division 1. You guys can come straight to the Dynasty headquarters.”

“The Dynasty headquarters? You’re a Dynasty member?” Tan Lang asked incredulously. He had never heard of a Lin Xie among the Princes of Dynasty.

“Lin Xie isn’t my real name. It’s just a nickname to avoid my rivals.” Lin Huang no longer hid his ident.i.ty and he announced, “My real name is Lin Huang.”

Lin Huang’s disguise faded as he spoke. He looked younger as he regained his original appearance a moment later.

Tan Lang was completely shocked when he saw Lin Huang’s real face. He could not speak at that very moment. After a while, he asked with a dry throat, “You’re the Emperor of Dynasty?!”

Lin Huang nodded silently. “We’ll talk about me when we have time in the future.” He did not explain his ident.i.ty further.

As he hung up the call with Tan Lang, Lin Huang sat on the throne in the Emperor’s Palace and figured that it had been a while since he last logged into the Genius Union.

“It seems like I must drop by the Heaven Alliance before elevating to imperial-level.”

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