Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1093 – Tan Lang’s Visit

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Chapter 1093: Tan Lang’s Visit

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When it was almost past 2 p.m., Tan Lang brought a bunch of people to Emperor City.

Lin Huang heard the news immediately and instructed Huang Tianfu to invite them to the Dynasty headquarters.

Lin Huang greeted them wearing a white t-s.h.i.+rt.

There were a total of 13 people visiting this time, and Lin Huang knew five of them.

Apart from Tan Lang, Shen Tao, Jian Fei, Gu Fei, and the Bug Master Li Jia came along too.

He knew Shen Tao before knowing Tan Lang. Meanwhile, he was familiar with the current chief of Heaven Alliance, Jian Fei and the deputy chief, Gu Fei. About Li Jia, he only got to know him when they went into the Fallen G.o.d Land.

Lin Huang only learned from the True G.o.d consciousness Gong Sun that Li Jia possessed Divine Telekinesis like he did after Tan Lang and the rest left the Fallen G.o.d Land. Not only that, his Divine Telekinesis was even more powerful than Lin Huang’s but he chose to hide it all the way.

Although he only had a combat strength of immortal-level rank-9 and barely looked threatening at all, his ability could not be measured by his combat strength.

However, Lin Huang did not behave differently and he treated him like his friend. He paused when he looked at Tan Lang and the other four of them.

Although Tan Lang had told everyone that Lin Xie’s true ident.i.ty was the Emperor of Dynasty Lin Huang, they found it a little hard to believe when they saw Lin Huang in real life.

“Are you really Lin Xie?” Shen Tao asked looking in disbelief.

“It was a disguise,” Lin Huang said and used disguise skill to transform his face looking like Lin Xie. He then taped open Lin Xie’s Emperor’s Heart Ring and called Shen Tao’s number, “A person can disguise into someone else but I guess you can’t get a fake Emperor’s Heart Ring?”

Each Emperor’s Heart Ring had an exclusive code of its own. Moreover, it would be locked to the person as soon as owners.h.i.+p was claimed. Even if it were unlocked, one could only open the storage s.p.a.ce. As long as the original host was not detected, the Emperor’s Heart Ring network and communication signal would remain shut.

Such a setting on the Emperor’s Heart was to prevent others from using the ident.i.ty to carry out crimes.

For hackers who created fake ident.i.ties such as Yang Ling, he would reformat the ownerless Emperor’s Heart Rings to its default setting whereby everything in the ring would be erased, including the serial number. A new serial number would be a.s.signed which was no different from a brand new one that came fresh from the factory.

Lin Huang could use Lin Xie’s Emperor’s Heart Ring to prove that his ident.i.ty was real.

Initially, Tan Lang and the rest were a little concerned. They thought Lin Huang might have kidnapped Lin Xie and forced him to get them here. Now, it seemed like they had been overthinking.

“Mr. Fu was attacked by virtual G.o.d-level powerhouse before I came to the core zone. It has something to do with the Union Government which knew very well that I’m Mr. Fu’s disciple. Apart from that, I offended some underground organizations such as the Purple Crow, the Saints, the Heretics, and more when I was in Division 7. My ability was too weak for me to be able to protect myself, so I disguised as Lin Xie for safety purpose. Since then, I’ve been using Lin Xie’s ident.i.ty in the core zone,” Lin Huang explained briefly while smiling.

They looked shocked when they heard this revelation. They never thought that Lin Huang would have had such a difficult past.

Not only did he have to avoid the Union Government, but he would also have to avoid the top three underground organizations at all times. If he showed any flaws before he grew powerful, he might have faced disaster.

“Fortunately, you managed to hold on. Now that you’re the Emperor, the Union Government will have to think twice before doing anything to you, let alone those underground organizations.” Tan Lang patted Lin Huang’s shoulder.

Jian Fei looked rather awkward. He was worried that Lin Huang might call him out for being the acting chief of the Heaven Alliance. Now, it seemed like Lin Huang did not even care about being the chief of the Heaven Alliance.

If the Heaven Alliance were to be put on Earth, it could only be considered as the top university. However, Dynasty would be one of the top companies in the world if it were put on Earth. Why would a director from a top company want a place as the President of student affairs in a university?

Li Jia, on the other hand, seemed normal. He behaved just like an ordinary member of the audience enjoying the story just like everybody else. However, Lin Huang had no idea what he was really thinking about.

Lin Huang glanced through everyone, saying nothing while smiling.

Only he knew that he had the confidence to reveal his ident.i.ty. He was not depending on his ident.i.ty as the Emperor of Dynasty, but on his own abilities.

Just like two months ago, the Union Government had to let him go despite knowing that it was he who killed Zhuge Feifan not because he was the Emperor, but they knew his real abilities. If they came after him and ignored the consequences, they would definitely lose a bunch of top powerhouses.

Lin Huang knew that his ident.i.ty was just a name. His ability was what set him apart from everyone else.

No matter how high a person’s position might be, he would lose everything that came with his ident.i.ty when he lost it one day.

Just like the presidents of some countries on Earth, their glory days were just the mere few years during their term of office. Their glory would fade as soon as they were done with their appointment. Some would even continue their lives like an ordinary person and were worse off than a wealthy man.

Naturally, a high position brought many benefits. You would not have to do many things on your own since you can get people to do it for you. A high position could even bring people connections and resources. Many people would come to you for your position to give many advantages. A high position brought huge influence to a person. When a person’s position was powerful enough, whatever the person did or said might gain the world’s attention.

However, no matter how powerful a person was, there was a limit. That was the reason why Lin Huang accepted the position of Emperor. a.s.suming such an ident.i.ty gave him access to Dynasty’s power. He could accomplish what he wanted to do which would take a ma.s.sive amount of time and effort to do in the past like a piece of cake now.”

“Let’s go. We’ll visit Boss Chan now.” Lin Huang was unwilling to dwell on his ident.i.ty and power. He led them towards where Chan Dou was staying.

On the way there, Tan Lang could not help but finally ask, “How did you find Chan Dou?”

Everyone kept their ears peeled as soon as he asked that.

“I suppose all of you have heard about the organization called G.o.d Bless which everyone has been talking about these past two months, haven’t you?” Lin Huang asked.

“I think everyone knows about this recently. Looking at the notice the Union Government sent out, it’s indeed a terrifying organization. They’ve been hiding from this world from over 700 years and n.o.body knew about their existence. Moreover, they’ve so many members who’ve penetrated so many organizations and some even became their core members and upper echelon.” Shen Tao took over the conversation.

The Union Government had published a notice about G.o.d Bless’s existence two months ago, so everyone present was familiar with the organization.

“They were the ones who took Chan Dou away.” Lin Huang was half fibbing when he said that. “Their people attempted to me. I captured them and managed to ask them all about this unintentionally.”

“I spent some time getting into where Chan Dou was captured. I managed to save him, but he had been in a coma and only woke up this morning. After I spoke to him, I realized a big part of his memory was lost.”

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