Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1094 – I’m Sorry, I Don’t Remember You Guys

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Chapter 1094: I’m Sorry, I Don’t Remember You Guys

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Lin Huang told his half fib to the people as they walked. Soon, they arrived at the courtyard where Chan Dou was staying.

Lin Huang had arranged for Chan Dou to stay in the guest room where Dynasty hosted their guests. There were three three-story tall villas in the small courtyard.

The one that Chan Dou was staying in was just next to Xiao Mo’s. Both villas were less than 20 meters away. The two of them were the only ones staying in the courtyard at the moment while the last villa was empty.

Chan Dou was checking the news on the Heart Network when Lin Huang and the rest walked into the courtyard. Hearing Lin Huang’s chatter, he realized that Lin Huang had brought people to visit him. He turned off the Heart Network immediately and walked out of the room, eager to know if he could recognize any of the visitors.

Tan Lang and the rest saw Chan Dou from far away as they stepped into the courtyard. Without a hitch, they accelerated towards Chan Dou.

They walked to him while Lin Huang said, “See if there’s anyone among them that you remember.”

Chan Dou nodded and glanced through the 13 of them one after another. However, he soon turned to look at Lin Huang and shook his head sadly. “I don’t remember any of them.”

“Boss Chan, I’m Shen Tao. Don’t you remember me?” Shen Tao asked with rather stirred emotions.

“Shen Tao…” Chan Dou frowned a little and glanced down to think. Eventually, he shook his head mournfully. “This name sounds familiar, but I really can’t remember anything about it.”

“Boss Chan, do you remember me? My name is Tan Lang,” Tan Lang spoke calmly.

Chan Dou then turned his head to look at Tan Lang. He shook his head after looking at him for a while. “This name is a little familiar as well, but I don’t remember a thing.”

“We first met when you were 16. We went to a mission organized by the Hunter a.s.sociation. I thought I was the youngest one in the mission at that time, but you were two years younger than me. You were less than 1.7 meters tall.

“I look mature, so no senior hunters troubled me. However, you looked like a kid and you were short, so a few senior hunters teased you. They said you were a baby and that you were a burden to them.

“I thought you would tolerate it, but in the end, you beat them up real good. Then, you walked to me and invited me to join your team, to be one of your teammates since I didn’t tease you.”

Tan Lang recounted the story of how he met Chan Dou as if everything had just happened yesterday. Even Lin Huang indulged in the story.

Among all the visitors, Li Jia remained calm from the beginning until the end. He fell into deep thought with his head hanging down after confirming Chan Dou’s condition.

After Tan Lang was done telling the story, Chan Dou looked at him sadly. “Your story sounded like it indeed happened, but I’m really sorry that I don’t recall anything that you just told me.”

Tan Lang nodded, feeling helpless.

“It’s alright if you can’t remember now. Take it easy.” Lin Huang patted Tan Lang’s shoulder.

“If you guys have the time, you can stay for a few days to talk to Boss Chan. You might help him remember something. I won’t keep any of you from doing your own things,” Lin Huang said to Shen Tao and the rest.

“I’ll stay since I’ve nothing much going on lately.” Shen Tao was the first to respond.

“I’ll stay too,” Tan Lang responded immediately.

“Aren’t you busy with your wedding?” Lin Huang asked.

“We haven’t set the date yet. Moreover, this won’t take too long.”

“Alright, keep track of the time yourself,” Lin Huang answered.

“I won’t be staying. I have something to do,” Li Jia said guiltily.

“Those of you who have something to do, go ahead. Don’t feel obliged to stay,” Lin Huang repeated.

“I’m not staying either,” Jian Fei said to Lin Huang.

“Go ahead. I’ll take some time to log into the Genius Union these two days.” Lin Huang did not say anything further.

Among the 13 of them, eventually, only four of them stayed. Jian Fei and the other eight left one after another.

“The four of you will stay at villa No. 3 next door.” Lin Huang pointed at the vacant villa as he spoke, “There are three rooms on the second floor and two rooms on the third floor. You guys can decide on your own. I’ll get someone to send you guys the daily necessities.”

“Sure! Thanks.” Tan Lang showed his appreciation and pulled Lin Huang aside before asking through voice transmission, “What are you going to do about Boss Chan? Looking at his current condition, I’m afraid it’ll take some time for him to recover his memory.”

“I think it’s better for him to stay with me before his memory recovers. At least, his safety is guaranteed at Dynasty,” Lin Huang expressed his opinion.

“Why don’t you just send him back to the Chan Clan?” Tan Lang asked, perplexed.

“Do you think it’s safe at the Chan Clan?” Lin Huang asked.

Tan Lang fell into silence before nodding. “Oh yeah, many things have been going on at the Chan Clan for the past few months. Ever since Boss Chan went missing, none of the younger generation among the lineal descendants have the ability to replace him. On the other hand, three supreme geniuses among the other direct line descendants have been s.h.i.+ning without Boss Chan. The entire Clan is in a mess. It’s fine if Boss Chan’s memory is intact, but in his current condition, he shouldn’t head back indeed.”

Lin Huang then voiced his concern, “It was most probably someone from the Chan Clan who revealed Chan Dou’s whereabouts on purpose, resulting in him being taken away at the black market.”

Lin Huang said that because from the memory of the G.o.d Bless’s G.o.d’s Messenger that he had obtained earlier, someone had revealed to them that Chan Dou was at the black market. That was how G.o.d Bless knew his location back then.

Now that Lin Huang heard about the Chan Clan’s internal conflict from Tan Lang, he figured that the other disciples might have exposed the information.

“Hmm, it seems like he really shouldn’t head home.” Tan Lang frowned slightly. He never thought the people of the Chan Clan would do something like that.

“His combat strength has elevated to imperial-level. He can no longer log into the Genius Union and return to the Heaven Alliance. He doesn’t recognize any of his friends or remember where he used to live,” Lin Huang continued, “In his current condition, it’s the best for him to stay in Dynasty. Of course, I won’t force him to stay if he chooses to leave.”

After the chat with Tan Lang, Lin Huang did not stay at the courtyard. He returned to the Emperor Palace after bidding goodbye to them.

The first thing he did when he returned to the Emperor’s Palace was to take out the materials that Huang Tianfu had pa.s.sed him earlier. He got b.l.o.o.d.y to sort them out.

Soon, b.l.o.o.d.y was finished. “The elevation materials for the two Dark Crescent Snakes and the Warlord are ready.”

Lin Huang nodded and put the materials away. He then began the elevation for the Dark Crescent Snakes and the Warlord.

As he saw the three golden eggs consolidate completely, he did not proceed with his closed-door cultivation to refine G.o.dheads this time. Instead, he sat by the golden eggs with his legs crossed while clicking on the Genius Union page.

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