Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1095 – He Hardly Logged Into The Genius Union Anyway

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Chapter 1095: He Hardly Logged into the Genius Union Anyway

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It had been a few months since Lin Huang last logged into the Genius Union. He had logged in back then to nominate Gu Fei as deputy chief.

He remained at the Heaven Alliance when he logged in again, and his name on the leaderboard lit up automatically.

Many people on the Genius Union noticed his log-in immediately. He had been ranked No. 1 on the annual leaderboard after all, so it was hard for anyone not to notice him.

His log-in attracted a stream of discussion.

“Come have a look, everyone. The Monster Killer is back!”

“Did he just recall that there’s a place that gives out points such as the Stairway Tree?”

“I’d like to mourn for the monsters on the Stairway Tree for three seconds in advance!”

“Guys, please inform the monsters on the Stairway Tree not to head out at night.”

At the Heaven Alliance headquarters on the 63rd checkpoint, Jian Fei, who had just logged in a few minutes ago, noticed Lin Huang’s log-in immediately.

Before he could react, Lin Huang had appeared at his office door.

“Come in, I’ve just logged in too,” Jian Fei invited Lin Huang in. “It’s just been a few months and your combat strength has already reached immortal-level rank-9. Your elevation speed is terrifying.”

“Nah, I just happened to have good luck.” Lin Huang sat on the couch and lifted his head to look at Jian Fei. He went straight to business. “Chan Dou has elevated to imperial-level, so he has automatically detached from the Genius Union. It’s time for you as acting chief to a.s.sume your position.’

“This is just a child’s game to you.” Jian Fei shook his head while forcing a smile. He was worried that Lin Huang would fight him for the position of the chief of the Heaven Alliance back them. It was only today that he just realized Lin Huang did not even care about the position.

“Even if it’s just a game, you’ll have to bear the responsibility as a chief and take this seriously.” Lin Huang, on the other hand, was serious.

“I will. Don’t you worry about that. Although I have limited abilities, wherever I am, I know what sort of people to trust.” Jian Fei knew that he was not considered the best in the Genius Union no matter his ability or power. However, he was skilled in people relations.h.i.+ps. Otherwise, Chan Dou would not have nominated him as the deputy chief of the Heaven Alliance back then.

“I logged in this time mainly just to say hi to you guys. I should elevate to imperial-level soon, so you guys should prepare to pick a candidate to replace my position as deputy chief,” Lin Huang told him the purpose of him logging in this time.

“Approximately when will you elevate?” Although Jian Fei had seen this coming, he felt like he came from a different world from Lin Huang when he heard the latter say that.

“A month at the soonest. 40 to 50 days should be enough if it takes longer,” Lin Huang announced his estimated time. He had the feeling that the day the Virtual G.o.d rank-9 G.o.dhead in his body was refined completely would be the day he elevated to imperial-level.

“So soon?!” Jian Fei could not help but exclaim out loud.

Lin Huang smiled without saying anything. He was the only one who knew that he had been stuck on immortal-level rank-10 for months now.

“Make the arrangements as soon as possible. It’s best to pick a suitable candidate before I elevate.”

“Is there anyone that you’d like to recommend?” Jian Fei asked. If Lin Huang recommended someone, the person would have top priority since he or she would be replacing Lin Huang.

The first person who popped into Lin Huang’s mind was Li Jia when he heard Jian Fei’s question. However, Lin Huang erased the name from his list immediately. It would be too risky to nominate a person who even he could not see through to be the deputy chief of the Heaven Alliance.

“No, I don’t know many Heaven Alliance members. Those with whom I’m slightly familiar with have basically elevated to imperial-level. I’ve worked with some whom I’ve met, but I don’t know them very well, so I’m not sure about their characters and abilities.”

“How about I bring Gu Fei and the rest here? Since you’re here today, maybe we could set the candidate’s eligibility terms,” Jian Fei suggested.

“You guys go ahead to discuss this. I won’t partic.i.p.ate.” Lin Huang rejected immediately because he knew such a meeting would take a long time. If he joined them, he might spend his entire day there. “Just send me a copy of the list when you guys are done the discussion.”

“Alright then,” Jian Fei responded weakly.

Theoretically, as deputy chief, Lin Huang must be present when nominating a replacement. However, there was nothing that Jian Fei could do since he wanted to push the responsibility away. Moreover, Lin Huang was the Emperor of Dynasty.

Jian Fei thought about it properly and realized it would not make much of a difference whether Lin Huang was there or not. Since he did not know much about the candidates, he could not voice his opinion. He would only be a pa.s.sive member of the audience even if he were to be there.

“There’s one more thing that I need to tell you. Don’t tell the other the Heaven Alliance members about Chan Dou’s return just yet,” Lin Huang requested that all of the sudden.

“Why?” Jian Fei asked immediately.

“The Chan Clan will find out about it as soon as the news spread. They’ll definitely come to Dynasty for him by then. The Chan Clan is in a mess with internal conflict rife at the moment. It’s fine if Chan Dou hadn’t lost his memory. However, since he’s lost a big chunk of memory, the Chan Clan isn’t a good place to be in at the moment,” Lin Huang explained.

Jian Fei went silent for a moment and nodded eventually. “I won’t tell but Li Jia also knows about this.”

Lin Huang could not help but knit his eyebrows when he heard Li Jia’s name. “I’ll speak to him later.”

After chatting with Jian Fei for a while, Lin Huang browsed through the Heaven Alliance member list online. It showed that Li Jia was offline.

He soon found Li Jia’s number and called him. The tone only rang once before the video call was connected.

Li Jia was sitting on a couch, and he seemed to be inside a huge villa looking at the background.

“Should I call you Master Emperor or Master Deputy Chief?” Li Jia teased while smiling.

“Up to you,” Lin Huang did not care what he was addressed.

“Alright then, Master Deputy Chief. Anything that I can help you with?” Li Jia chose to call him Master Deputy Chief eventually.

“I hope that you tell no one about Chan Dou’s return,” Lin Huang did not bother to beat around the bush.

To his surprise, Li Jia nodded without any hesitation. “Sure, I’ll keep the secret for you.”

Lin Huang, who was prepared to spend some effort convincing Li Jia, fell into silence at that moment. He did not expect his attempt to be so successful.

“Anything else?” Li Jia’s projection in the video call asked while smiling.

Lin Huang thought about it and shook his head. “That’s all.”

He almost wanted to ask how did Li Jia obtain his Divine Telekinesis. However, he dismissed the idea after thinking it through.

After hanging up the call with Li Jia, Lin Huang said goodbye to Jian Fei. Nonetheless, he did not log out just yet. Instead, he climbed toward the trunk of the Stairway Tree through the branches.

He hardly logged into the Genius Union anyway, thus it made sense for him to obtain some points before leaving!

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