Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1097 – I Bet Lin Xie Breaks Through This Checkpoint

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Chapter 1097: I Bet Lin Xie Breaks Through This Checkpoint

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As people in the Genius Union were discussing Lin Huang, he had begun his new round of refining G.o.dheads and broken G.o.dheads.

He shoved all six G.o.dheads and 71 broken G.o.dheads that Huang Tianfu had collected for him throughout the month. He only went to sleep after he refined until midnight. He did not push it this time and just maintained his regular daily routine.

The next morning, Lin Huang headed out for breakfast before it was 7 a.m.

The first thing he did after breakfast was to log into the Genius Union when he returned to the Emperor Palace.

Since he logged out at the 71st checkpoint last time, he remained where he was when he logged in again.

According to the very limited records left behind by the seniors, although the 71st checkpoint was a monster stage, the most difficult thing was the same as the Secret Forest on the 55th checkpoint whereby all the players would be shrunk to a thousandth of their actual body size.

Lin Huang, who was 1.83 meters tall, shrank rapidly to less than 2 millimeters as he entered this checkpoint.

Meanwhile, the Ant Tribe was native here, so their bodies would remain the same size.

All of the Ant Tribe members had combat strength of immortal-level rank-9 while their core members were triple mutated legendary-level. However, among the legendary-level monsters, they ranked the highest when it came to strength and defense abilities. Even with an ancient relic, an ordinary immortal-level rank-9 powerhouse might not be able to break their defenses easily.

There were very few pseudo-mythical-level monsters whereby their ratio was approximately one to a million ant monsters. However, since there were tens of billions of ant monsters, there were quite a substantial number of pseudo-mythical-level ant monsters.

Apart from that, there were at least ten mythical-level ant queens. Each of them were more skilled in battle than the Queen Mothers on the 63rd checkpoint.

Those reasons were why this checkpoint was a tough one to break through.

However, all sorts of monsters on different stages was the easiest to Lin Huang. No matter how many there were, he could kill them all as soon as his G.o.d Figurine’s Combat Soul was out. There was no exception.

‘According to the current rule of the Stairway Tree, I’ll pa.s.s this checkpoint right after I kill an ant queen. The chances of obtaining an ant queen’s complete card is almost zero. However, there are up to ten thousands of pseudo-mythical-level ant guardians, so I should be able to obtain some complete cards from there.’ Lin Huang knew that the possibility of obtaining a complete ant queen’s card was low, so he set his target on the pseudo-mythical-level ant guardians instead.

Those ant guardians had ability nothing lower than the ant queen, they were even slightly more powerful than ant queens. Naturally, Lin Huang was happy to take the pseudo-mythical-level cards that were sent to his doorstep.

After crus.h.i.+ng a Double Reward Card, Lin Huang summoned the Destructive Divine Mammoth and the Nightmare Tapir.

All of the ant monsters went into a deep sleep whenever the human and two monsters pa.s.sed by.

Lin Huang did not get the Destructive Divine Mammoth to attack right away. Instead, he instructed the Nightmare Tapir to clear the path. His plan was simple: to kill all of the pseudo-mythical-level ant guardians without a single blunder.

As he was searching for ant guardians on the checkpoint, his log-in attracted many Genius Union members to watch him play.

“The Monster Killer has logged in again today!”

“Is he trying to break through the checkpoint today since he failed yesterday?”

“I think Lin Xie is rus.h.i.+ng into it. He can totally wait for a few months and try again when his combat strength has elevated.”

“Looking at the information left behind by the seniors, the difficulty of the 71st checkpoint has multiplied compared to the 63rd checkpoint. Lin Xie might fail again this time.”

Almost everyone in the Genius Union was pessimistic about his attempt.

After all, there were tons of examples before this. In the history of the Genius Union, only a total of 13 people arrived at the 71st checkpoint. However, only three of them managed to break through the 71st checkpoint and get to the 72nd checkpoint.

However, a handful of the audience thought Lin Huang might be able to make it. Unfortunately, their voices were drowned in the others’ ridicule and scorn.

Lin Huang’s log-in this time caused many of the Genius Union members to log in again.

Some even seized the opportunity to open a bet. Some daring ones even open a 1:100 bet to attract people to place their wagers that Lin Xie would break through the 71st checkpoint.

“I bet 100,000 points that Lin Xie will break through the 71st checkpoint.” A lady in a ponytail walked to the maker who set up the wager to be as high as 1:150. Her long legs and voluptuous b.r.e.a.s.t.s made many men gulp in a mix of l.u.s.t and nervousness.

However, soon everyone saw a handsome man following not far behind her.

“Milady, are you sure you want to bet on him? You won’t be getting back a single point if you lose all 100,000 points,” a gambler next to her reminded out of kindness.

“Are the odds 1:150 here?” Yi Yeyu confirmed with the maker again.

“That’s right.”

“Then, I bet 100,000 points that Lin Xie will break through this checkpoint!”

As soon as Yi Yeyu was done speaking, Yi Zheng walked up behind her. “I’ll bet 300,000 points that Lin Xie will pa.s.s this checkpoint.”

The maker glanced at the siblings and muttered to himself before accepting their transfer, “Idiots!”‘

Lin Huang, on the other hand, had no idea that him postponing his decision to break through the checkpoint had drawn so much attention. He even made the entire betting business of the Genius Union boom.

It was not that the Genius Union did not have such betting before, but it had never escalated this big.

After hanging up the call with Yi Yeyu yesterday, Lin Huang began the new round of G.o.dhead refinement right way. He did not look at the Genius Union forum at all. Naturally, he had no idea about everything that was happening.

After spending over half an hour locating all the pseudo-mythical-level ant guardians, Lin Huang got the Nightmare Tapir to put over 10,000 pseudo-mythical-level ant guardians into a deep slumber quietly.

Notifications from the system popped up one after another as soon as the ma.s.sive amount of ant guardians were killed.

“Congratulations, you’ve obtained complete ant guardian Monster Card (pseudo-mythical-level) x2!

“Congratulations, you’ve obtained ant guardian Monster Card pieces (pseudo-mythical-level) x2!”

After getting rid of the ant guardians, Lin Huang patted the Destructive Divine Mammoth’s b.u.t.t. “You can clear the scene now. Don’t do anything to the ant queen yet. Otherwise, I’ll lose the points.”

The Destructive Divine Mammoth began its killing spree as soon as Lin Huang ordered it. It stomped both its feet one after another, crus.h.i.+ng all the ant monsters.

Lin Huang’s points on the annual leaderboard skyrocketed again! In less than ten minutes, his points experienced a boost by ten billion points, which was the daily maximum.

Seeing that his points had stopped growing, Lin Huang controlled the Destructive Divine Mammoth to kill an ant queen and he tore through the 71st checkpoint of the Stairway Tree.

As expected, there was no complete Monster Card after killing the ant queen. Although he saw it coming, he could not help but feel a little disappointed.

He wasted no time on the 71st checkpoint and headed off to the 72nd checkpoint while sitting on the Destructive Divine Mammoth’s back.

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