Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1111 – Suppressed By Great Power

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Chapter 1111: Suppressed By Great Power

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Bug beasts of all forms were rus.h.i.+ng out of the holes on the surface of the hives. All of them had a combat strength of imperial-level purple gold-rank, and there were over 300 hives.

Among the over 300 types of bugs, the first thing that Lin Huang noticed was a batch of giant beetles.

These giant beetles seemed like they had been enlarged up to a hundred times. They looked like heavy armored vehicles with many legs, and one could tell that their defensive ability was terrifying by a glance alone.

In reality, Lin Huang had seen such a beetle in the monster guide before. It was a monster called the Gigantic Armored Beetle. Its defensive ability was so powerful that it could be ranked top ten among all the monsters recorded in the monster guide.

If their vitals were not attacked, the effort of killing such a bug monster might be futile even for an ordinary demiG.o.d. To kill them in one blow, only a demiG.o.d saber cultivator or sword cultivator who had compelling attack ability with a G.o.d relic fuelled with Divine Power might be able to do it.

The second type of monster that attracted Lin Huang’s attention was a colorful flying bug that resembled a long-legged spider with b.u.t.terfly wings. Not only were the two pairs of wings colorful, but so were their body and the hair on its legs that were as tough as steel nails. It looked like a painter had accidentally spilled ten types of colors onto them. What surprised Lin Huang even more was that the colors on their bodies morphed, so it looked like it had a dis…o…b..ll s.h.i.+ning on it.

“I advise you not to let those colorful bug monsters get close to you.” The stone tablet’s voice came all of a sudden.

“Because they’re poisonous?” Lin Huang guessed why the stone tablet said so.

“This bug is called Ten Colors, and it’s a poisonous bug monster. They have up to 1,000 different toxins in their bodies which they’re producing and releasing at all times. Some of the toxins can be spread through the air while some can even penetrate through the pores straight into one’s body. You can never see it coming,” the stone tablet explained, “I suppose you saw that their bodies are always changing colors. The changing of colors is caused by the changing of toxin ratio in their body as they produce and release toxins.”

The third type of monster Lin Huang noticed was a bug beast with four wings that could not be found in the monster guide. It had four oval semi-transparent wings that it flapped thousands of times per second. It would accelerate every time it flapped its wings, lending a great boost in its speed.

Although Lin Huang could fight fairly with imperial-level purple gold-rank monsters now, he could only catch the flapping shadow of the bug beast’s wings with his eyes.

Although the speed of the bug monsters was incomparable with Kylie who was on imperial-level purple gold-rank, they could surpa.s.s most of the flying monsters in the monster guide.

Among the 300-odd types of bugs on the battlefield, apart from the minority of them that were described in the monster guide, most of them did not have any record.

Lin Huang looked far away and realized that he could not recognize over 90% of the bug monsters. A minority of them even had a structure that was beyond his understanding, which made him think they were ridiculous after observing them.

For instance, there was a bug beast that was called the Ugly Thing. It had its a.s.s on its mouth, and seemed to use the same part to eat and excrete. There was another bug beast that had no face on its head, but only had a mouth on top of its head and it lived on other bug monsters’ bodies as a parasite.

Neither did Lin Huang have any idea what were the names of most of the bug monsters there, nor did he know what kind of ability they possessed.

However, none of those were important to him.

His nine G.o.d Figurine’s Combat Souls fought at full force without hesitation. Under the Creation Clock’s slowing down of time and the Shackle Serpent’s sealing, the ma.s.sive number of bug monsters became sitting ducks.

It had been a few minutes since the battle started, but the Undead Styx had completed his elevation to virtual G.o.d-level. Lin Huang summoned him again to join the battlefield.

Although the Divine Sun Tree and the Death b.u.t.terfly did not leave behind any, the Nightmare Tapir, the Enchanted Fairy, and the rest left behind, which then became the Undead Styx’s undead puppets.

Seeing the Undead Styx’s undead army growing to over a hundred million, Lin Huang thought it was wasted effort instead of feeling happy.

He had summoned the Undead Styx to try turning the monsters on the Stairway Tree into undead puppets to see if he could bring them back to reality. Sadly, it was proven to be impossible. The monster on the Stairway Tree would disintegrate as soon as they left.

However, although he could not bring them back, he could use them there directly.

The Undead Styx controlled the undead monster horde to collide with the monsters that were advancing from the hives fearlessly. Even if they were killed in the battle, the Undead Styx would revive soon them. Moreover, he was turning more into his puppets, growing his undead army.

Lin Huang was relieved to see the first round of hive attack being suppressed by his ten G.o.d Figurine’s Combat Souls perfectly.

He was concerned even though he was confident in his G.o.d Figurine’s Combat Souls as he figured that the batch of the monster horde was just too big.

However, he was relieved to see the performance of his G.o.d Figurine’s Combat Souls.

The hundreds of hives released monster hordes one after another. Countless bug monsters came swarming like waves but they were suppressed by the G.o.d Figurine’s Combat Souls again and again.

Time flew by, and three hours pa.s.sed.

The hives went through a tremor almost at the same time, emitting a strange buzzing again.

This time, it did not sound low. It sounded more like the finish of a ringing bell.

Almost at the same time the sound came, all of the hives stopped sending bug monsters out.

Lin Huang lifted his head to look at the sky. In reality, he figured that the last hour might not be easy.

As expected, the hives experienced some changes. The strange buzzing noise lasted for three minutes and stopped completely.

As the noise stopped, the hundreds of hives transformed almost at the same time.

Lin Huang was shocked when he saw a hive that looked like a potato explode from its core. It looked like someone had sliced the potato into half and pulled the two halves of hive open slowly, exposing its center. It was like a potato that was sliced and pulled apart, then stuck with invisible tape.

The other hives were also changing. Some of them were sliced into half directly while some had a giant hollow cylinder in the middle.

The transformation lasted for less than a minute before being completed.

At that moment, Lin Huang sensed the aura that was coming out of the hives. He could not help but appear rather grave now.

“Are they only on demiG.o.d-level? Why do I feel like something’s off?”

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