Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1115 – Fight!

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Chapter 1115: Fight!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang saw monster armies being released by the two affiliate hives. All of them had a combat strength of imperial-level, and there were at least a million of them.

“The standard of these cannon fodder is pretty high,” Lin Huang hollered while watching the scene.

The stone tablet had just told him that the affiliate hives were cannon fodder for the galactic hives. Every time when there was a battle, they would be the first batch of soldiers to fight, testing the enemy’s abilities.

However, the testing soldiers already had similar standards as the second last monster horde on the 81st checkpoint. They were just fewer in quant.i.ty. Even Lin Huang had to admit that this galactic hive had a pretty terrifying ability as a whole.

The two Bug Tribe armies that were sent from the affiliate hives had completely different bug monsters.

One had mossy green heavy armor on their bodies, and they looked similar to stag beetles, but they were actually giant beetles that had been enlarged hundreds of times.

The other was a rather mediocre size with a body that was less than two meters long. They had two pairs of translucent wings on their back and a slender body which looked a little like a hornet’s.

As the armies gathered, the heavy-armored bug monsters were the first to attack.

Up to a million heavy-armored bug monsters flapped their gigantic wings madly as they flew to Lin Huang ferociously.

Meanwhile, the batch of four-winged bug monsters stayed where they were.

On Lin Huang’s side, the Divine Sun Tree showed no mercy as it attacked the heavy-armored bug monsters as soon as they moved.

Up to a hundred branches shot out like long whips, stretching tens of thousands meters away. A whole slew of heavy-armored bug monsters was lit in golden flames wherever the branches pa.s.sed by, and they turned into ashes later on.

The Divine Sun Tree attacked so quickly that it rendered Lin Huang speechless.

Before he became familiar with the Divine Sun Tree, he had always thought that plant monsters would have a relatively calmer character. However, the Divine Sun Tree was clearly an exception. It was practically the hottest-tempered one among Lin Huang’s ten G.o.d Figurine’s Combat Souls. In each battle, it would always fight for the opportunity to attack first, including this fight.

The Enchanted Fairy and the Death b.u.t.terfly did not allow it to have all of the fun as soon as the Divine Sun Tree attacked.

White frost and invisible death waves spread and rippled all over.

As soon as the three Virtual G.o.d rank-3 G.o.d Figurine’s Combat Souls attacked, half of the heavy-armored bug monsters were killed. They had no ability to defend themselves at all.

Clearly, the Bug Tribe’s test run failed badly. The vast difference in abilities did not give the heavy-armored bug monsters an opportunity to show their upper hand in their powerful defense before they were killed directly.

Within less than ten seconds, up to a million heavy-armored bug monsters were destroyed. It was so quick that even the galactic hive did not manage to react.

After getting rid of their first round of targets, the Divine Sun Tree had its eyes on the other bunch of Bug Tribe army not far away.

It initiated the attack before even waiting for the hive to react. Up to a hundred branches penetrated the sky, piercing the Bug Tribe army’s camp directly.

Tens of thousands of four-winged bug monsters were lit by golden flames immediately, and they soon turned into ashes.

Perhaps even they did not expect that they would be hurt so badly before their army managed to get out.

The bugs fell into chaos. Ma.s.sive numbers of four-winged bug monsters flapped their wings in the attempt to flee from the fire.

A low buzz was emitted from the affiliate hive all of a sudden. It rippled like water, spreading through the Bug Tribe army. Up to a million four-winged bug monsters seemed to have been injected with tranquilizers as they calmed down immediately and began retreating to the hive in sequence.

However, the Enchanted Fairy and the Death b.u.t.terfly seemed to be reluctant to let the monster horde return. They joined the battle and attacked the bugs one after another.

The Enchanted Fairy waved her white sleeves, forming white frost that turned into a towering ice wall before the hive, blocking the four-winged bugs. A bone-piercing chill spread from the ice wall, transforming all of the bug monsters that were close to the ice wall into ice sculptures.

On the other side, the Death b.u.t.terfly flapped its wings, turning a whole bunch of four-winged bug monsters into ashes immediately.

Seeing that it had a.s.sistants, the Divine Sun Tree was even more thrilled to dance with its hundred branches now. It turned into a golden sea of fire wherever the branches pa.s.sed.

Just like before, the four-winged army was all annihilated by the collaboration of the three G.o.d Figurine’s Combat Souls within ten seconds.

Perhaps they had a slightly weaker defense, resulting in this army being killed slightly faster than the heavy-armored bug monsters before.

The two troops of cannon fodder became ashes, making the galactic hive fall into a moment of silence.

Approximately five to six seconds later, a low buzz came from the main hive. A sea of bug monsters rushed out of the two affiliate hives again.

This round of monster horde was not considered numerous compared to before. There were only 30,000 to 40,000 of them, but all of them had demiG.o.d-level combat strength.

As the three troops of demiG.o.d-level bug monsters swarmed out, they formed three ma.s.sive bug formations.

The gigantic bug monsters that formed one of the bug formations had a slender and red body. Its two front legs were sabers that looked like a scimitar while its six rear legs were long and powerful. One could tell that it was a monster that had an explosive attack from its appearances.

Another gigantic bug beast was an enlarged spider. It had a black sh.e.l.l all over its body and four pairs of sharp saber-like legs. Its stomach was swollen like a pregnant mammal. However, what differentiated it from the previous one was that it had tens of black holes at the end of its abdomen.

There was also a colossal monster with a human female body. However, apart from its body that appeared human, the rest of it was different. Its head was oval-shaped like a football while its skin was a light blue color with many black spots. Its skin seemed to be striped across a bug’s abdomen. Moreover, it did not have human fingers or toes at the end of its limbs. Instead, there were just two black scissor-like insect legs.

Apart from the second beast that Lin Huang had seen in the monster guide, he had never seen the other two out of the three gigantic beasts in the bug formations.

“If I’m not mistaken, this giant spider has a controlling ability to stop the opponents from moving.” Lin Huang had learned about the monster from the monster guide, so he roughly guessed the ability of the second monster which was the spider, “Judging by its body, the first one should be responsible for attacking. I can’t figure out the third one though.”

The stone tablet said nothing this time. n.o.body knew whether its silence was due to its laziness or some other reason.

The Divine Sun Tree attacked as soon as the bug formation beasts appeared.

Up to a hundred of its branches covered the three giant bug formation beasts entirely within the range of its attack while its golden flames lit up all three formations.

However, the three giant bug formation beasts did not die just yet. They worked together to attack before the other two G.o.d Figurine’s Combat Souls struck.

The football head of the blue humanoid bug lit up in a red glow. Blue bubbles that were translucent appeared on the three giant bug formation beasts’ bodies automatically, blocking the Divine Sun Tree’s flames.

Until then, Lin Huang finally realized what the giant bug formation beasts’ ability was.

“So, this is a support system!” He understood the team setting now. “One controls, one supports, and one ADCs. Did they decide to give up on their tanks after realizing from the first test run that physical defense doesn’t work?”

The hive’s decision to change the battle strategy made Lin Huang realize that the stone tablet was right about it. The Bug Tribe was more intelligent than he thought.

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