Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1116 – This Must Be Gotten Rid Of!

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Chapter 1116: This Must Be Gotten Rid Of!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The Divine Sun Tree’s flame was being blocked by the blue humanoid bug’s maximum defense.

The spider beast attacked almost at the same time. Tens of white threads shot out at the end of its abdomen, becoming intersected webs in the air and charging at the three G.o.d Figurine’s Combat Souls like a trap.

The Divine Sun Tree stretched its branches out again, penetrating the spider webs directly. Golden flames spread on the web rapidly, burning it into ashes.

Meanwhile, the Death b.u.t.terfly flapped its wings before the giant bug formation beasts attacked again.

An invisible death wave spread through the three giant bug formation beasts like a ripple. The blue, translucent bubbles that were covering the three of them began to crack.

The Enchanted Fairy also seized the opportunity to attack as she charged with her palm. A bone-piercing chill swept through the three giant bug formation beasts like an ocean wave. A layer of frost appeared on the blue, translucent bubbles, turning them all white now.

Just when the blue bubbles were almost covered entirely by the white frost, the defense bubbles that were defending their bodies popped.

The blue humanoid bug’s formation collapsed directly as a consequence of the drained Divine Power. Then, the Divine Sun Tree attacked before anyone else could move again.

It stretched its few branches out, burning tens of thousands of bug monsters that had lost the protection of the formation.

The giant bug formation beasts would not be broken so easily if they were to defend themselves at full force. They might even be able to bear the brunt of the three G.o.d Figurine’s Combat Souls’ attack for a few minutes.

However, the blue humanoid bug’s defense bubble was a technique that drained its Divine Power tremendously. Although it had superb defensive abilities, it was extremely taxing on its Divine Power. Moreover, it used the skill to cover three giant bug formation beasts. As a result, it was taking on three attacks every time, which drained its Divine Power even more.

That caused its Divine Power to be completely sapped after the Divine Sun Tree and the rest continued their onslaught. It could no longer maintain the bug formation.

The mistake caused it to be disqualified in the very beginning.

Losing their powerful support, the remaining two giant bug formation beasts were at a loss.

Without the blue humanoid bug’s defense, each a.s.sault from the Divine Sun Tree and the rest would drain a ma.s.sive amount of Divine Power from the two giant bug formation beasts.

That would spell the end of their battle techniques. The spider beast that was supposed to put their opponents under control would have its spider web burned entirely by the Divine Sun Tree whenever it spat its threads out.

On the other side, the red saber-legged monster that was responsible for attacking would be blocked by the Enchanted Fairy’s ice wall whenever it wanted to fight. No matter which direction it was moving in, it would be blocked by an ice wall before it could attack, putting all of its attacks to a halt.

It did not even manage to touch a strand of hair on the three G.o.d Figurine’s Combat Souls at all. Naturally, it was impossible for it to know that the three of them had true G.o.d-level physiques, so they would not be harmed at all even if they were to stand there and allow it to cut them.

The cat-and-mouse game lasted for approximately five to six minutes before the Divine Power in the two giant bug formation beasts’ bodies were finally drained completely.

The three G.o.d Figurine’s Combat Souls struck almost concurrently in the next second the bug formations collapsed. They slaughtered up to 10,000 demiG.o.d-level bug monsters.

After the second test run ended, the galactic hive fell into silence again.

Approximately some ten minutes later, the two affiliate hives seemed to have received an order to retreat. They moved slowly to both sides of the galactic hive.

As the two affiliate hives moved away, three bug monsters flew out of the three holes in the main hive.

Lin Huang’s expression looked rather grim as soon as the three bug monsters appeared.

He could clearly sense that these three bug monsters had a combat strength of virtual G.o.d-level. Besides that, their aura was no weaker than the Destructive Divine Mammoth and the rest. If he was not mistaken, they should be on Virtual G.o.d rank-3.

One of them was etched in Lin Huang’s mind despite him only taking a glance at it. The monster had tentacles all over its lower body, making it seem like an octopus. However, its upper body resembled a spherical, transparent gla.s.s vessel. There was a blob of tissue that looked like a human brain within the vessel.

The second monster was a black bug monster. Its body looked like it was constructed of liquid metal as something flowed all over it slowly like spring water. It gave one the feeling that it was going to collapse into a pile of fluid anytime.

The third monster was a humanoid bug monster. Although it had four lower limbs, apart from its head, its upper body resembled a human man with eight packs and muscles bulging all over. It even had human palms with a black spear in each hand.

Lin Huang had never seen the third bug monster in the monster guide before. However, he could roughly figure out that the monster that looked humanoid with spears in its hands should be the ADC of the battle. However, he could not figure the other two out.

Nevertheless, it was the very first official battle and the galactic hive had chosen three Virtual G.o.d rank-3 powerhouses to fight Lin Huang, which proved how highly it thought of Lin Huang.

The three G.o.d Figurine’s Combat Souls seemed to have sensed how powerful the three opponents before them were as their aura rose to meet their rivals.

The Divine Sun Tree that had the hottest temper attacked first. It charged hundreds of its branches at the three bug monsters.

Before the golden flames could ignite, the tentacle bug monster attacked. It stretched three tentacles from where it was, forming three translucent s.h.i.+eld walls from thin air and blocking the Divine Sun Tree’s branches from extending further.

Golden sparks lit up when the branches collided with the walls of the s.h.i.+eld. However, the three translucent s.h.i.+eld walls stood there without shaking, and they blocked the Divine Sun Tree’s attack just like that.

“Is that a telekinetic technique? It doesn’t look like it though,” Lin Huang could not help but mumble softly to himself upon seeing that.

“That’s a divine skill. It’s a special skill that’s driven by Divine Telekinesis.” The stone tablet’s voice came all of a sudden. “In reality, it’s a little similar to Witchcraft but it’s a completely different cultivation system.

“There are many types and genres of divine skills, including divine word, divine pattern, divine tone… and the normal elemental genre. The divine pattern genre is the most similar to Witchcraft, but the biggest difference is that Divine Telekinesis is the core energy to drive the divine skill. Furthermore, no matter what divine skill type and the genre it is, possessing Divine Telekinesis is the fundamental condition of using divine skills because its nature is related to one’s soul.”

“So, what’s the genre that the tentacle monster masters?” Lin Huang asked rather doubtfully. He did not see the monster writing any words, drawing any patterns, or releasing any sound. This monster did not even have a mouth.

“It masters the divine tone genre. Most human ears don’t recognize most of the divine tone frequency, and neither does it have to be released through a mouth,” the stone tablet explained, “It relies on its tentacles’ rapid vibration and friction to release a specific divine tone frequency.”

“So, I’ll defeat it as soon as I slice its tentacles off?” Lin Huang arrived at that conclusion right away.

The stone tablet was dumbfounded.

“This a.s.sistant that possess divine skill is a nuisance. I must get rid of it first!”

The black metal bug monster attacked even before Lin Huang was done speaking.

As its body began shaking all of a sudden, tens of thousands of black metal chains formed. They were stretching towards all directions ferociously like black snakes that were alive. They covered the entire sky a moment later and charged toward the three G.o.d Figurine’s Combat Souls.

When Lin Huang saw that, a gleam of determination flashed in his eyes. “This is a nuisance too! It must be gotten rid of too!”

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