Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1127 – Army–Type Imperial Censor

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Chapter 1127: Army-type Imperial Censor

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Considering that the galactic hive was so ma.s.sive, Lin Huang did not summon it to avoid unnecessary trouble. Instead, he looked into his body again.

The gigantic galactic hive hung in the air, appearing ma.s.sive even in his body.

Lin Huang initially thought it would be difficult for him to claim owners.h.i.+p on it. In the end, the contract was formed automatically when he stretched his hand out to touch it. A flood of information began gus.h.i.+ng into his head automatically.

This galactic hive was merely the lowest level-1 hive whereby it could only contain 100 billion bug monsters at the most. He could sort out the hive’s internal areas as he wished since he was the owner. There were also templates that he could use.

People who did not know better would think that the bug hive was made of a ma.s.sive metal combining silicon materials. Even Lin Huang thought so before this. However, he found out that it was far from the truth after getting the information transfer of the hive. The galactic hive was more like an intelligent s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p whereby its operation was very similar to a stars.h.i.+p. It was even simpler than that. Moreover, the galactic hive even possessed a consciousness of its own.

What surprised Lin Huang the most was that a human-like him could connect with the bugs’ consciousness through the hive, exploring the Bug Tribe’s internal secrets. Naturally, since the hive was on the lowest level, he only had the lowest level-1 authority among the bugs.

To avoid exposing himself, Lin Huang dared not explore further. He merely took a rough look at it and made the hive download the information. He then got his consciousness out of the hive immediately.

He contacted Xiao Hei as soon as he completed the contract with the hive. “I’ve already completed the contract with the hive. Try transferring 20 bug monsters in and see if I can control them.”

“I’ll try.” Xiao Hei spoke again a moment later as soon as he was done speaking, “The transfer is complete. I’ve also given the 20 Monster Cards’ user authorizations to the hive. There are ten different types of bug monsters with two of them each, and all of them are on imperial-level yellow gold-rank.”

Lin Huang peered into the hive immediately and soon sensed the 20 bug monsters that Xiao Hei had sent in.

He tried giving his order through the hive, and the 20 bug monsters rushed out of the hive right away.

The result surprised Lin Huang a little because it had exceeded his summoning authority.

After the 20 bug monsters left the hive, Lin Huang tried giving them a new order again. As usual, the bug monsters did what he ordered without hesitation.

After testing that in his body for a while, Lin Huang snapped back to reality and tried summoning them in the real world.

The bug monsters appeared in the Emperor Palace in the next second. Lin Huang tried giving some other orders again. Once more, the bug monsters remained obedient and did what he ordered.

The bug monsters were extraordinarily tame when Lin Huang did not order them to do anything. It seemed like they treated Lin Huang as their queen because he owned the hive.

They would follow when Lin Huang gave his order verbally instead of giving his order through the hive.

He only recalled all of the 20 bug monsters after testing some experiments b.l.o.o.d.y suggested for more than two hours and confirming that the bug monsters were loyal. He looked into his body again.

“The bug monsters seemed to be loyal from all sorts of tests. At the moment, using the hive as the contract medium seems to be very successful. Xiao Hei, you can transfer the authorization of the bug monsters over now.”


Lin Huang saw purple cards transform into purple streams flowing into the hive as soon as Xiao Hei gave its short response. They were like meteors shooting across the sky. He would see streams of orange and purple intersecting each other occasionally. Those were the pseudo-mythical-level Bug Tribe cards.

After all of the streams penetrated the galactic hive, Lin Huang looked into the hive again and saw dense bug monsters in it.

He got the hive to pick a template randomly and sorted out the bug monsters. A thousand types of bug monsters became organized in the hive. Lin Huang, who had slight OCD, was at ease to see that.

He tried summoning a hundred bug monsters in his body, and his attempt was successful. He then summoned to 1,000 bug monsters, 10,000 bug monsters… All of his attempts were successful when he eventually summoned 10 million of them.

Even when there were so many of them, each bug monster would carry out the order without hesitation as soon as the command was given. They did not slack at all.

After confirming that everything was going well in his body, Lin Huang snapped back to reality and carried out experiments in the real world.

He started by summoning a hundred bug monsters to a million bug monsters. Everything went well. Fortunately, the Emperor Palace had ample s.p.a.ce whereby it could even contain a million bug monsters.

Lin Huang did not summon any more. It was not because he was worried that the Emperor Palace could not contain them, but he knew it was unnecessary.

He put the entire Bug Tribe army away into the hive and released a long sigh. “I’ve finally completed the preliminary construction of my Bug Tribe army!”

Lin Huang became an army-type Imperial Censor after building the Bug Tribe army. Although it was just the preliminary stage whereby he did not put any mythical-level cards in and the bug monster cards’ were limited to imperial-level yellow gold-rank due to his combat strength, there were still more than 30 million of them. They were sufficient to create a monster horde.

Lin Huang was unsatisfied with the fact that the bug monsters only had the upper hand in terms of quant.i.ty. He connected with the hive again and got it to transfer all of the bug formations that he had downloaded earlier into the bug monsters’ heads.

He scanned through the bug formations himself by approximation, but he was not exactly satisfied with the bug formations that the hive downloaded from its level-1 authorization. He shared the bug formations with b.l.o.o.d.y.

“Can you improve these bug formations?” Lin Huang only asked after waiting for b.l.o.o.d.y to sift through them.

“It shouldn’t be too difficult. These were modified from battle formations anyway. They’re just more suitable for a Bug Tribe’s physical structure. If you provide me with the detailed Bug Tribe monsters’ information, I don’t even need these bug formations as a reference and I can come up with bug formations myself.” b.l.o.o.d.y did not doubt its ability at all.

“I’ll give it to you after I’ve sorted them out. As for the bug formations that I shared, use them as a reference if you can. After all, those bug formations have still been in use throughout hundreds of millions of years. There must be something that’s worth learning. Take those that are useful, and toss those that are terrible,” said Lin Huang while smiling.

“I’ll study them. There are differences between theories and reality after all. The stuff that I come up with might not be useful in real battles.” b.l.o.o.d.y nodded. In reality, it was not looking down on the Bug Tribe’s bug formations, but it was just trying to show its ability off.

Lin Huang became busy after communicating with b.l.o.o.d.y. He turned the Bug Tribe’s Monster Cars around and began to memorize their information.

He spent a full day to finally memorize up to 1,000 Bug Tribe monsters’ information and share them with b.l.o.o.d.y.

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