Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1130 – My Name Is Lin Huang, I’m Also Lin Xie

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Chapter 1130: My Name is Lin Huang, I’m Also Lin Xie

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Xu Qingya had a slight change of expression after seeing the comments on Lin Huang and her. She had been avoiding this topic since the beginning. Never had she thought that this would happen in the live stream.

“There are people who love stirring things up during live streams. Please turn off the comments. Out of sight, out of mind.”

However, Lin Huang waved while smiling as soon as Xu Qingya said that. Although he did not expect this to happen in the middle of the live stream, he was not exactly surprised. “Since somebody brought it up, I’ll seize the opportunity to explain it today.”

Xu Qingya was stunned to hear his response. She never thought Lin Xie would reply to the topic. In reality, ignorance was the best solution to handle such a thing. The more you attended to it, more people would talk about it.

What happened next shocked Xu Qingya to the extent that her jaw dropped.

Lin Huang turned to the direction of the video camera and said in all seriousness, “In reality, my real name is Lin Huang, the very same Lin Huang who is the Emperor of Dynasty. Lin Xie is just my disguise.”

The comments exposing his ident.i.ty stopped flooding the screen as soon as Lin Huang admitted that.

Xu Qingya was completely shocked. The 100 million audience members who were watching the live stream were dumbfounded. None of them expected to see such a major revelation from watching the live stream!

“Wait, what? Did he admit it himself?”

“Lin Xie is Lin Huang, the Emperor of Dynasty?!”

“Was that an illusion?”

“I don’t think it’s April’s Fool today, is it?”

“Mr. Lin, you…” Xu Qingya did not expect that at all. Although she was experienced, she had no idea how to go on with the live stream now.

Meanwhile, Lin Xie removed his disguise and transformed into Lin Huang slowly.

Xu Qingya was confused when she saw that unbelievably young face before her.

“I changed the interview venue to Emperor City last minute yesterday so that I could use this interview to reveal my real ident.i.ty.” Lin Huang turned to look at Xu Qingya. “I’m sorry that I didn’t discuss this with you prior to that.”

Xu Qingya adjusted her emotions quickly. “Mr. Lin, since we’re talking about your ident.i.ty, I won’t avoid the topic. I believe the thing that the audiences who are watching the live stream are most eager to know would be the reason you disguised yourself to join the Genius Union. Could you explain that?”

“I didn’t only start using the fake ident.i.ty as Lin Xie when I joined the Genius Union. In reality, I’ve been using this ident.i.ty from the first day I stepped into Division 3 and before becoming the Emperor of Dynasty. The main reason is that I got into some trouble when I was in Division 7. For my safety and my sister’s, I got fake ident.i.ties for her and myself. For the next few years, we could only use our fake ident.i.ties to live an unbothered life.”

“Can I ask what kind of trouble you are referring to?” Xu Qingya proceeded to ask.

“I offended a few underground organizations directly and indirectly. They include the Purple Crow, the Saints, Leib Lab, and G.o.d Bless that was a hot topic earlier.

“Many people should know about my history with the Purple Crow. I was forced to join their training camp and I escaped by faking my own death. Other than that, I’ve killed more than one of the Saint members. I unintentionally walked into one of Leib Lab’s biological modification bases and killed their people.

“As for G.o.d Bless, I killed a human trafficker who trafficked underaged kids three years ago. I’ve only found out a few months before that the trafficker’s mother was one of the four G.o.d Bless G.o.d’s Messengers.”

“So, you’ve almost offended all of the top underground organizations that have business in Division 7?” Xu Qingya was flabbergasted.

“You can say that.” Lin Huang smiled while saying helplessly, “I don’t know why I always encounter them no matter where I go. The underground organizations have come to me more than once, but fortunately, they’re always the ones who died.

“Before I left Division 7, my combat strength had just broken through to holy fire-level. To be honest, I couldn’t protect myself. However, the people from Leib Lab came knocking on my door. They even went to Hunter College in the White Capital. To me, there’s nowhere in Division 7 that’s safe, so I had to change my name and leave Division 7 far away. I didn’t even dare to bring Xin Er with me because I was afraid that I wouldn’t have the ability to protect her if I encountered danger. Therefore, I got her to a.s.sume another ident.i.ty and she stayed at Hunter College to study.

“Meanwhile, I headed to Division 3 with my new ident.i.ty alone. I came to know people from the Yao Clan a few days after I arrived in Division 3 and got invited to join the Genius Union later on. Most people from the Genius Union should know what happened to me after that.”

Lin Huang shared his past casually. Although he sounded calm, Xu Qingya knew that what he experienced was much riskier than he described.

It was a little hard for her to imagine what kind of experience he had to have for underground organizations that killed mercilessly to come knocking at his door.

Most viewers who were watching the live stream respected Lin Huang for his past since they had no guts to fight underground organizations. However, not only did Lin Huang kill an underground organization member, but he also offended many underground organizations and they came knocking at his door many times. Nonetheless, he managed to survive and even became the No. 1 genius of the new era and the top underground boss.

“Does your sister know about underground organizations knocking at your door?” Xu Qingya could not help but ask.

“She does, but she pretends to be tough because she doesn’t want me to worry.”

“Did she advise you not to offend the underground organizations for your safety?” Xu Qingya asked again.

“No, she knows me well. Firstly, she knows she can’t stop me. Secondly, she agrees with what I’m doing. There are things that you can’t ignore once you’ve encountered them.”

“You guys might not have ever seen what those underground organizations are capable of doing. I’ve witnessed it more than once.

“I’ve seen people from the Saints severing a head and chopping off their genitals, then shoving it into their mouth. They then used a metal rod to pierce through the headless bodies from their lower body all the way to their necks like they’re roasted ducks.

“I’ve seen G.o.d Bless performing genetic modification on living people in their lab. They distorted the people’s bodies, grow many eyes on their bodies, and sprout more heads and even fangs like monsters. They had scales and wings. They turned into monsters that had lost their minds and all they knew was to fight.”

Lin Huang’s description made many loath the underground organizations even more now.

Xu Qingya could not help but raise a doubt that she had, “Since you’ve seen so many evil doings of underground organizations, why did you agree to take the position as the Emperor of Dynasty, Mr. Lin?”

“No matter how powerful a person’s ability is, it’s limited. I’ve been thinking of building an organization of my own when I realized that and Dynasty happened to look for me.

“Of course, I actually had many concerns before agreeing to Dynasty being their Emperor because I personally have a bad impression on underground organizations. However, Tianfu convinced me that although Dynasty is an underground organization now, it doesn’t have to be one in the future.

“I’ve also considered that it would be a good thing if we can turn an underground organization into a neutral organization and stop the wickedness.

“I’ve been working towards this direction with Tianfu and the rest ever since I was appointed. We want to turn Dynasty into a neutral organization. I’ve even executed many members who’ve committed multiple felonies. For someone who has committed crimes before, I won’t let them go on missions on their own every time. There’ll be a supervisor with them.

“We even abolished all of Dynasty’s original regulations and announced a brand new set. You can take photos of the new regulations after this interview has ended. I don’t mind making it public.

“I personally hope that everyone doesn’t deny Dynasty for our past mistakes. Whether Dynasty will really become a neutral organization or not, we welcome everyone to monitor us since so many are watching. We believe that time will tell.”

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