Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1131 – Debate X Attitude

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Chapter 1131: Debate x Att.i.tude

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lin Huang admitted his double ident.i.ties and answered many people’s doubts during the live stream with Xu Qingya.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, most people would be unwilling to accept that the No. 1 genius who reigned the entire era was an underground organization member since underground organizations always had a negative image to the outside world.

Whenever something bad happened in some footholds, everyone would basically a.s.sume that it was done by an underground organization. Moreover, the things that Saint and G.o.d Bless had done throughout the years which were exposed were ridiculously evil. n.o.body should be blamed for hating them.

However, Lin Huang’s honesty in the live stream won the hearts of many.

Firstly, he did not use double ident.i.ties to hide something for his own gains. Instead, he was forced to do that to avoid being killed by his enemies. Secondly, his proactiveness of setting new regulations to give Dynasty a makeover with a lot of effort since he became the Emperor was worth respecting.

Of course, not everyone bought his reasons.

Some said Lin Huang was begging for sympathy while others insisted he set the new regulations just for show.

It was almost a 50/50 divide among those who supported him and those who did not. A stir was created on the Internet.

Moreover, since the live stream, all the forums and social media sites became battlefields for both parties All sorts of threads were posted to condemn each other, and it became a hot topic. It was even more popular than Lin Huang breaking the Stairway Tree record earlier.

Xu Qingya accepted Lin Huang’s invitation to be a guest at Dynasty headquarters after the live stream ended.

Besides quickly snapping photos of the new regulations Lin Huang set, she even took numerous videos of the headquarters as well as interviewing Huang Tianfu and many other members.

After leaving Emperor City, she posted the video on her personal social media account after some editing. She wrote a caption before she posted: “I know that I might be condemned for posting this, but as a news journalist, I must convey what I’ve heard and felt to all of you objectively. This video wasn’t rehea.r.s.ed. I popped some of the questions without preparing ahead. I randomly picked people to interview, and there was no script to follow. That’s all I’m going to say. I won’t give any conclusions. You guys watch and judge.”

In the video, Xu Qingya interviewed more than ten people randomly. Apart from Huang Tianfu, everyone else was normal members.

Xu Qingya almost asked all of the interviewees this question over and over again, “Why did you join an underground organization such as Dynasty?”

The few answers that were included in the video made many viewers fall into silence.

“I’m a sinner. Where else can I go for apart from an underground organization?”

“I killed a n.o.bleman out of impulse and I’ve got a record with the union organization. If I turn myself in, the clan will kill me. The only thing I can do for the sake of living is to join an underground organization. The Union Government and the Hunter a.s.sociation can’t give me a second chance, but Dynasty can.”

“I was a member of a union organization before. The department that I was in was responsible for I’ve killed at least a hundred people before joining Dynasty.

“I still clearly remember that the youngest person that I killed was only five. She was a pretty little girl. The reason she was killed was that her father was a spy and he had some evidence that would harm our organization, so the organization ordered us to kill the entire family, sparing n.o.body’s lives.

“Since then, I began questioning myself if what I did was right. I’ve always thought I did the right thing, that those that I killed deserved it. However, since that case, I began to realize that those that I killed had done nothing wrong at all. The upper echelon gave the order, maybe because he was a political enemy and might have also known some secrets that he shouldn’t have.

“I escaped from the organization and joined Dynasty. Since then, I’ve never been a.s.signed any missions forcing me to kill anyone. Personally, Dynasty is far more righteous than those so-called union organizations.”

The last image of the video where the new regulations that Lin Huang had set after the interviews ended.

The emotions of many of the viewers were stirred for a long time after watching the video. Many of them knew that the union organizations were not completely righteous and might be filthy inside.

However, none of them were willing to look at the issue directly because if they were to deny the union organizations, it would mean that there were no benevolent organizations in this world.

Many of them fell into silence after watching the video.

A minority of them remained to condemn it, claiming that Xu Qingya accepted Dynasty’s bribe to make up the story to clear their name.

However, there were many who supported her, saying that she was brave enough to tell the truth.

There were three categories of people on the Internet in the topic of Lin Huang and Dynasty. The first group of people were supporters. They chose to believe in Lin Huang and they thought he could change Dynasty.

The other group was the judgemental ones. They said Lin Huang and the people from Dynasty were acting and putting up a show to win sympathy, so they were not to be trusted.

The last ones were the silent fence-sitters who chose to stand in the middle and waited for time to tell the victor.

After the interview ended, Lin Huang did not check what was happening on the Internet.

He logged into the Genius Union when it was time he promised to be there.

The first thing he did after logging in was to edit his personal details. He changed his name from Lin Xie to Lin Huang and updated his age to 19.

Apart from that, Lin Huang got the Stairway Tree’s system to scan his face again and changed his profile photo to look like himself.

He only got to the 46th checkpoint on the tree after he was done with that.

Considering that many newbies could not get to the 63rd checkpoint, Jian Fei and the rest discussed and eventually decided to set the welcome party at the Heaven Alliance foothold which was on the 46th checkpoint.

The 46th checkpoint was a human foothold, so there were many online members as well.

Many people noticed Lin Huang as soon as he appeared.

Most of the people from the Genius Union had seen his live stream in the morning and recognized him right away. The entire 46th checkpoint became crowded all of a sudden.

Lin Huang ignored the people gawking at him and walked straight to the Heaven Alliance. There were many newbies in the meeting room when he walked in. Everyone was shocked to see him.

Basically, everyone had seen the live stream in the morning. Naturally, they recognized him right away. However, never had they thought that he would log in without disguising himself, even changing his name and profile picture. Clearly, he was completely burying his fake ident.i.ty as Lin Xie.

A few seconds after Lin Huang walked into the meeting room, the acting chief, Jian Fei, strolled in. He was stunned to see Lin Huang, but he regained his normal expression again immediately. He knew about Lin Xie’s real ident.i.ty much earlier and had seen Lin Huang’s face before.

He told Lin Huang to sit down and they began chatting while waiting for the rest to come patiently.

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