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Chapter 1133: Alien

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was already past 8 p.m. when the welcome party ended.

Just when Lin Huang was ready to log out of the Genius Union, he saw a newcomer walking to him before speaking to him through voice transmission, “I’m Peng Qing from EA. 2. The chief wants me to pa.s.s you a message during this welcome party.”

“Chief? You guys have elected a chief?” Lin Huang was not too sure if he was referring to Guan Zhong or Qian Rui.

“We just did two days ago. It’s Master Guan Zhong.” Peng Qing nodded and walked to Lin Huang.

“It’s inconvenient to speak here. Let’s go to the small meeting room,” Lin Huang said and left with Peng Qing after bidding goodbye to Jian Fei.

Lin Huang asked after locking the door in the small meeting room, “What message did Guan Zhong ask you to pa.s.s?”

“Our tech department has found out who exposed your ident.i.ty during the live stream this morning and on the forum.”

Lin Huang did not ask who the culprit was immediately hearing that. Instead, he fell into silence for a moment before speaking again, “What does Guan Zhong want?”

“This isn’t a business, but a collaboration. We don’t need you to do anything. All we’re hoping is that the Union Government and Dynasty can develop harmoniously in the future without treating each other like enemies.” Peng Qing pa.s.sed Guan Zhong’s message.

“I’ve been saying that Dynasty will be a neutral organization from now on. Tell Guan Zhong that he doesn’t have to worry about that.” Lin Huang did not plan to overthrow the Union Government. Even if Dynasty became much more powerful than the Union Government one day, he never thought of replacing them before.

He walked out of a grade-D foothold in Division 7, so he was thoroughly familiar with the Union Government’s management system throughout his journey here. Although the Union Government was imperfect, it was doing pretty well overall. Lin Huang did not think that Dynasty could do better. Furthermore, he had no interest of becoming the chief of the Union Government.

“The people who posted the comments and thread on the forum are from the same group of people. Am I right?” Lin Huang asked.

“Yes, they’re from the Divine Alliance,” Peng Qing finally revealed the answer.

“The Divine Alliance? The Divine Alliance of the Genius Union?!” Lin Huang was surprised. “Do you have solid evidence?”

“Our tech department got the positioning of the thread senders’ addresses and found the monitor bird and the Surveillance Mosquito around during the time the thread was posted. We eventually found two suspects. Both of them are Divine Alliance members.”

“How do people from the Divine Alliance know about my ident.i.ty?” Lin Huang mumbled softly while frowning a little.

“A few days ago, we just found out that the Divine Alliance has a rather big issue,” stated Peng Qing, ignoring Lin Huang.

“What issue?” Lin Huang asked immediately.

“We got a portion of memory out of the brain of the Master G.o.d clone of G.o.d Bless, and there’s something about the Divine Alliance in it.” Peng Qing paused before continuing “Looking at that part of memory, there’s an alien species behind the Divine Alliance. Moreover, the Master G.o.d clone came to some agreement with them, whereby they have a certain level of collaboration.”

“According to the Master G.o.d clone’s memory, G.o.d Bless would capture supreme geniuses occasionally throughout the hundreds of years to provide the existence behind the Divine Alliance. This included Chan Dou’s being captured earlier which was for this purpose as well.”

Lin Huang fell into deep thought as he listened to this point. He used the bruised corpse to read the four G.o.d’s Messengers’ minds. However, the Master G.o.d’s clone was killed by Wu Mo and he died before they could read his memory. In the four G.o.d’s Messengers’ memories, indeed there was something about capturing Chan Dou and himself. Furthermore, according to the G.o.d Messengers’ memories, they were capturing supreme geniuses for some sort of sacrifice. He had not thought much about it at that time as he thought it was to sacrifice to the Master G.o.d himself. However, now that he thought about it carefully, indeed, it was never clear who they were sacrificing in the G.o.d’s Messengers’ memories. If it were meant to be sacrificed to the Master G.o.d, the memory should have included that clearly.

To make sure that he did not remember it wrongly, Lin Huang sifted through the memories in his head again. He realized that that specific part of memory was really blurry, proving that even the four G.o.d’s Messengers had no idea who Chan Dou and the rest were being sacrificed to.

“So, have you guys found out who exactly is behind the Divine Alliance?” Lin Huang asked Peng Qing immediately after realizing that this part of the information in his head was missing.

“No. The Chief said that the Master G.o.d clone’s combat strength was too high, so it’s very difficult to read his memory. At this point, we’ve only managed to retrieve a small part with everything we can. This portion of memory happens to be related to the Divine Alliance, so Master Chief asked me to inform you about it.”

“Ask your chief if he needs me to help to retrieve the memory. If he does, I’ll take the time to drop by the Union Government these two days.” Lin Huang said that because the Undead Styx had elevated to Virtual G.o.d rank-7 now and had sufficient ability to capture the Master G.o.d clone’s soul remnant to read his memory.

Unlike before, he could only use the bruise corpse’s clone to hypnotize a person to retrieve one’s memory. Moreover, the person had to be alive.

Peng Qing was stunned to hear that but he reacted quickly. “I’ll check with the Chief when I log out later.”

“Sure, is there anything else?” Lin Huang asked again.

“The Chief asked you not to alert the Divine Alliance just yet. We’ll discuss what to do after we managed to retrieve more information. We’re still not sure how many people in the Divine Alliance are involved or how powerful the person behind the Divine Alliance is and where he’s hiding. If we don’t execute a clean-cut first attack, it’ll be very difficult for us to tackle them later on,” Peng Qing shared Guan Zhong’s message again.

“So, don’t you guys plan to give me the two people’s coordinates?” Lin Huang raised a brow.

“I’m sorry. We can’t give it to you,” Peng Qing replied, “In reality, the Chief didn’t give it to me as well.”

“I understand.” Lin Huang nodded. “Is there anything else?”

Peng Qing thought about it and shook his head. “I’ve told you everything that the Chief wanted me to tell you.”

“Sure, thanks for doing that.” Lin Huang patted Peng Qing’s shoulder.

Seeing that Peng Qing had logged out, Lin Huang looked at the Genius Union’s organization leaderboard and clicked on the Divine Alliance page. He took screenshots of the Divine Alliance chief, deputy chief, and more than ten core members’ personal details before logging out.

As soon as he logged out of the Stairway Tree, Lin Huang opened his communication page and sent the screenshots over with a message included. ‘The screenshots are of the Genius Union’s Divine Alliance chief, deputy chief, and other core members’ personal details. Check their current locations for me.’

Huang Tianfu replied within three seconds, ‘Got it!’

He peeped at Huang Tianfu’s reply and turned the communication page off. His eyes traveled over the 16 screenshots he projected before him again.

“I won’t show mercy since they are aliens!”

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