Monster Paradise-Webnovel Chapter 1136 – Bug Tribe Invasion

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Chapter 1136: Bug Tribe Invasion

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Congratulations, you’ve killed the t.i.tan Alligator (demiG.o.d-level) and obtained pseudo-mythical-level t.i.tan Alligator Monster Card pieces x2.”

Lin Huang turned his head to look at the gigantic monster carca.s.s not far away after peeping at Xiao Hei’s notification that popped up.

The t.i.tan Alligator that was up to 10,000 meters long was currently covered in a layer of black goo. A moment later, the goo disappeared from the surface of the carca.s.s like it had penetrated its body entirely. The giant alligator’s three pairs of eyes opened all of a sudden while the six pupils turned pitch black.

In the next second, the t.i.tan Alligator’s body melted and turned into a black stream of liquid, returning to the Undead Styx’s body.

It was the 16th demiG.o.d-level monster that Lin Huang had killed. He had killed all the demiG.o.d-level monsters on the third layer of the Abyss Brink once again. Since he had the Ninetails Lynx to bring him around, the round of slaughtering only took one morning.

His reward throughout the morning was pretty handsome. Apart from the Undead Styx obtaining 16 demiG.o.d-level undead puppets with a Lucky Card and a Double Reward Card, Lin Huang got four complete Monster Cards, two demiG.o.d soul crystals, six demiG.o.d relics, 32 demiG.o.d souls, and 32 broken G.o.dheads.

The four complete Monster Cards were two Soul-a.s.similating Beasts and two White-haired Swordfiends.

The two Soul-a.s.similating Beasts were both pseudo-mythical-level evil spirit type of monsters. They were immune to most physical attacks and were experts in spiritual attacks.

On the other hand, the two White-haired Swordfiends were also pseudo-mythical-level evil spirit type of monsters. They had powerful close-range combat ability whereby they were on par with Lancelot who shared the same combat strength. Compared to Lancelot as a whole, the two White-haired Swordfiends had fewer defense techniques. Their skill slots were filled with powerful battle skills although their battle style was limited to attacking with zero defense.

Lin Huang was pretty satisfied with the probability of four complete Cards coming out of the 16 demiG.o.d-level monsters.

After killing the 16 demiG.o.d-level monsters, Lin Huang was not interested in the remaining imperial-level monsters. He was too lazy to go on, so he stayed where he was, waiting for his attacker to come patiently.

When it was close to noon, two imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouses entered the third layer of the Abyss Brink. One of them was fat while another was skinny.

The fatty had jowls of flab on his greasy face. His tummy was like a ball that measured half a meter in diameter. He was only approximately 1.7 meters tall but weighed at least 300 pounds by the looks of it.

The other skinny guy had a yellowish, skinny face. The cheekbones on both sides of his face were sunken while his arms were so gaunt that there was only skin. They were only the length of a third of the fatty’s arms. Although he was around 1.9 meters tall, he looked like he weighed less than 100 pounds.

“Skinny monkey, don’t you think that they’re overreacting? It’s just an immortal-level rank-9. I can’t believe they’re asking the both of us to catch him. Hmph!” The round fatty harrumphed, underestimating their target.

“Don’t be reckless. I heard that the target this time is the No. 1 genius of the era in this world. You definitely can’t measure such a guy’s ability with his combat strength.” The skinny guy, on the other hand, was cautious.

“It’s just an incomplete gravel world. So what if he’s the No. 1 genius? His ability is definitely nothing compared to our Bug Tribe’s monarch-level talents,” the fatty scorned, “Even if he’s a monarch-level talent, it’s impossible for him to fight imperial-level purple gold-ranks with his immortal-level rank-9 combat strength.”

“A monarch-level talent is comparable with a Protoss’s mythical-level, and it’s equivalent to a quadruple mutated monster. A human who has such quality is a top genius in most great worlds. Indeed, it’s quite impossible that such a person would exist in a gravel world. However, the target that we’re hunting this time is an Imperial Censor. I heard he has imperial-level imperial beasts with him. We’d best be careful,” the skinny guy reminded.

“It’s even easier since he’s an Imperial Censor. Imperial Censors have poor abilities and they depend on their imperial beasts to fight. To handle such a guy, all we need is to capture him before he summons his imperial beasts. With his immortal-level rank-9 combat strength, I’m afraid he can’t even capture our movement. If he has already summoned his imperial beasts, either of us would just need to put his imperial beasts under our control. Even if we’re only able to control them for a second, it’s a piece of cake to capture him. Moreover, he’s just on immortal-level rank-9. How is it possible for his imperial beasts to be our match no matter how powerful they are?” Evidently, the fatty was overconfident in himself.

The skinny guy thought about it and agreed that he might be overthinking. “Alright, we’re on the third level now. Let’s get down to business.”

The fatty nodded and closed his eyes standing where he was. He began performing complicated sigils with both his hands rapidly. Soon, a giant red eyeball which was approximately a meter in diameter appeared above his head slowly.

The eyeball looked half-real, half-fake as though it was a 3D projection. However, it was clearly not a human eye. It was more like a fly’s compound eye. There were dense, mini eyes all over it. If someone who had trypophobia were to see it, the person would definitely have gooseb.u.mps immediately.

Circles of red light spread like ripples on the water around the gigantic eyeball.

The fatty opened his eyes all of a sudden approximately five to six minutes later. He spun his head to look in his two o’clock.

“I found him!”

In the next second, the eyeball on his head disintegrated rapidly. Meanwhile, he leaped and flew toward the direction he pinpointed.

The skinny guy went after him and followed him closely.

The duo flew 5,000 to 6,000 kilometers with the fatty leading ahead. After a while, the fatty said to the skinny guy through a voice transmission, “He’s just over there before us!”

His heavy body descended quickly as soon as he said that. The skinny guy followed him and entered the valley close behind him.

The contrasting silhouettes flew at a low alt.i.tude with one in front and one behind. Soon, they arrived deep in the valley.

The duo saw a young man sat with his legs crossed in a lush, green field. Meanwhile, there was a monster that resembled a tiger with sharp fangs lying next to him. The odd thing was that the monster had a trunk that looked like an elephant’s.

Meanwhile, the young man lifted his head to look at them at that second. He had a smile on his face as if he already knew that they would come to kill him. The duo faintly sensed that this young human was strangely looking at them. His gaze did not seem like it contained the anxiety and insecurity one would feel when he was getting killed. Instead, it looked a little like… disdain?

“Is this guy Lin Huang?” questioned the skinny guy as he frowned, feeling unsure.

“It’s him!” The fatty nodded in determination.

“It seems like he knew we’d come!”

Just when the skinny guy said that through voice transmission, Lin Huang who was beneath them spoke, “You guys sure are slow. I’ve been waiting for you for the entire morning. So, is it just the two of you?” Lin Huang corrected himself all of a sudden just when he was done speaking, “Sorry, I made a mistake. I should’ve asked, is it just you two bugs?”

The duo had a dramatic change of expression when they heard his haughty response. Never had they thought that their ident.i.ty would be exposed by Lin Huang.

They looked into each other’s eyes and saw the terror reflected. However, they attacked Lin Huang at the same time without hesitation in the next second after locking eyes for a moment.

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